Types of Muscle in Human Body – Study of Animal Tissue – Biology Class 11

Types of Muscle in Human Body – Study of Animal Tissue – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter study of Animal Tissue in that we are setting topic types of muscles do you all know that in our body there are three kinds of muscles stairated muscles non stairated muscles and cardiac muscles let’s study a little bit about them today. Stairated Muscles now I’m going to talk about the Stairated Muscles tell the muscles that are attached to your head to your trunk they’re firmly attached to those organs they control the voluntary actions in your body one Genie is something which can be stopped at our Ornish Stairated Muscles basically possessed distinguished light and dark pants whereas your untalented muscles form the coupling of your visceral organs like kidney the conducting vessels or blood vessels they contain spindle shaped cells and also there is a protein called actin and myosin present in 10 and finally your cardiac muscles now cardiac muscles are basically found on your heart of myogenic structure they are elongated and cylindrical in shape types of muscles now the first type of muscle which we’ll be studying today is the styloid muscles all you simply send them skeletal muscles now they are firmly attached to your skeleton in your head region trunk as well as the limb region they control the voluntary muscle movement in your body while it is something which you have a control on now the study of muscles basically the possess of distinct light or dark pants or you simply set alternative light or dark pants another kind of muscle is the smooth muscles now smooth muscles are basically located in the visceral organs for example your uterus and you kid me now basically smooth or you simply say it as non-standard muscles contain spindle-shaped sense they also have actin and myosin proteins present in them hence there are no striations seen in them when I say sterian these are nothing but border or a skinny thin line plastic or eroding substance now the next kind of muscle is your cardiac muscle when I talk about cardiac muscle your gets to drive cardiac means something related to heart now cardiac muscles are basically formed in your heart region they are elongated cylindrical and non tapering towards the end cardiac muscles are basically the best myogenic then you are dependent on the Nova system for stimulation students in this part of the chapter we came across about different kinds of muscles I hope you are very clear about this concept thank you

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