UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

[MUSIC PLAYING] -10 years ago, Shaun Smith was
fighting a war against a rival drug gang. To win, he introduced urban
terrorism to the British underworld. Victims were firebombed with
homemade napalm, attacked with grenades, and sprayed up
with machine guns. In retaliation, his enemies
tried to blow Shaun up with a car bomb, the biggest explosion
on mainland Britain between the fall of
the IRA in ’77. Shaun Smith was known
as an enforcer. Today, after five years in
prison, he is trying to modify those skills by working as a
debt collector in the straight [INAUDIBLE] economy. -I only do it with
a fucking smile. -Often Shaun’s debts fall into
the gray area between the legitimate economy and the
underworld, a lucrative market potentially worth 150
billion in Britian. This is a typical debt for
Shaun, a dispute between a businessman and a gangster
over 300,000 pounds. To recover the debt, Shaun has
brought backup and a dog unit. But just in case things gets
out of control, off camera there is a notorious gangster
with a history of firearms and extreme violence. -Sexual abuse is an unspeakable
taboo in the underworld. However, male rape is commonly
used as a weapon by gangsters to enforce a debt. This is a less well known form
of underworld violence, which acts as a powerful propaganda
tool, over and above the physical and mental suffering
it causes. -The lads know they’ve got off
lightly with a telling off, because a slap is nothing
compared to the extremist tendencies Shaun was capable
of in the past. -Shaun Smith was an extremist
who specialized in spreading terror for no rational gain. But the hidden costs of
this guerrilla war haunts him to this day. -Since filming this, Shaun hit
the jackpot, landing the biggest deal of his career,
a one million pound debt in Portugal. Payoff was a much needed
all-expenses holiday in the sun. After all, going straight hadn’t
turned out to be the quiet life he’d once
dreamt of. Nat is still working
with his brother. He’s clean, and no longer
self-harming. He’s also busy training for his
pro boxing comeback, his last shot at the title. Tony is still on the run. His family fears if he comes
back, he may go on the missing list forever. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. The camera crew shouldn’t of let him tear open a wound…. they asked him to show it but they shouldn’t of let him do that, they didn’t need to see that. Nor should they encourage it, that can be infected now and it would of caused further damage. Anyone suffering may also think it’s not a big deal since he seems okay…

  2. All these people in the comments calling these men are cowards and saying that they would never be intimidated by them. These men knowingly go and knock on the doors of gangsters with violent histories who probably have illegal weapons… and get money from them. These are nice guys, they'll talk to you, they'll help you get something figured out, but when push comes to shove, they don't f*ck around. They're not out to hurt you, they're out to collect a debt and get paid.

  3. A debt collector once threatened my family. I told him that if he wasnt careful I'd cut his family up and feed them to him. Then I told him his home address and children's names and asked if they would prefer his kids broiled or sauteed. I told him how much I would enjoy cutting his family up and how excited I was to feed them to him. Never head anything about that debt ever again. I wish some worthless pethedic retarded garbage would come to my house I have a sound proof room in the basement and a new bone saw I'm eager to try out. LMAO

  4. The guy in this doco you would not want to cross as he looks a nutter and psycho is Nat T. You can do bodybuilding and look hard but you can see the don’t cross my path with Nat T in his eyes.

  5. Oh yea that time when a machine gun sprayed everywhere in bootle and napalm was used and … yes it was all over the news wasn’t it like hungerford or raol moat was ….. I’m mean it wasn’t . Can we do Harry Potter next or Beatrix potter 🥴

  6. Why in gods name would anyone go to this nut cases shithole of a gym when you could go to a decent one where the owner doesn't force you to hand over money from your illicit sales. Just the sight of that place depresses me

  7. I feel bad for him. He's obviously not a bad person, he was just dealt bad cards. With lads like these, you need to be rough, otherwise they will run over you, and from what I can tell, most of his life he's been dealing with lads like these and life molded him. Also, I hope the guy who got abused is doing better in his life currently.

  8. If there is one thing that debt collecters need to understand. IT WAS NEVER YOUR MONEY BUT THE BANKS, AND THEY ROB EVERYONE.

  9. Dudes fucking other dudes up the ass isn't debt collecting that's being gay. People do that to others because of a debt should be fucking hung in the middle of town. Disgusting fucks

  10. In other words you only call Sean & his boys if you have money to begin with… if you don't you might as well not bother calling him… LMAO…

  11. A bully who bullies the bullies. We need more of those people. They understand that people who arent afraid to use violence dont listen to reason, that comes after you slapped that reason into them.

  12. No wonder your not a millionaire mate, you’re a fucking dweeb 😂😂
    No wonder you’ll threaten someone’s life over a bit of gear and force em to give ya a grand back 😂😂
    Fucking cowards aren’t tough at all, their losers

  13. "Shaun introduced urban terrorism to the British underworld. He sprayed up houses with machine guns, tortured people and used homemade napalm to firebomb his enemies."
    – only gets five years in prison –


  14. @TheMajic101
    you sound like the type that jumps onto police harassment videos defending police when they are harassing people for practically nothing. welcome to the real world buddy.  the houses that they go to, the police know about these people, but don't mess with them. they are sent because they are "hard" enough. they are just dept collectors.

    they say they go to gangsters house who own illegal guns, etc. the police also know that gangsters live in these houses but don't mess with them… they turn a blind eye to the illegal guns, etc. stop defending police when the are harassing people over nothing things.

  15. @TheMajic101 These commie (social worker) sissy looking police would start crying if a gangster joked that he was gunna hit them. These police pick on the weak.

  16. Shaun. You look like the Real Mccoy. A Stand Up Guy. Real Shame you had to say did anyone watch Corrie last Night. couldn’t carry on watching it after that, (for some reason)can’t you edit it that bit out? 😉 ✌🏻

  17. what you see on camera is not all he does for living in America we call them right hand man for the Mob boss and that is what he is the other man you won't no who he is but fuck him over and you get a knock at the door in middle of night and it over or pay up and shut your mouth or the whole family pays the price

  18. This guy isn't all that!! Arabs run Liverpool, the Indians Pakistanis Blacks and triads all pay tribute to Arabian mafia!!!

  19. I don't know if it's just me but I find there accent to be comforting haha don't know why I'm Canadian crazy how different each other's accents are.

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