Understanding Heart Murmurs, Aortic and Mitral Valve Problems

Understanding Heart Murmurs, Aortic and Mitral Valve Problems

(upbeat music) – I think sometimes it’s helpful to pause and go over terminology because although I’d love
to think that your doctor talks to you in English all the time, sometimes he talks to you in jargon. So let’s lay down some of the jargon. What’s a murmur? A murmur is simply turbulence of flow that the doctor can hear
with his stethoscope. Now what’s that? If you take your garden hose outside, you got the garden hose running. You put your hand on that hose, you probably don’t feel anything. If you were to kink that, you feel that shuddering in the line, that’s turbulent flow. That’s something in the system which is disrupting normal laminar flow, causing, if you will, eddy currents, and the turbulence that is
transferred into shuttering. Now if you could get your
ear on that garden hose, you’d hear it. And that’s all a murmur is. All a murmur means is turbulent flow. (heart beating) (heart beating loudly) A loud murmur is not necessarily
worse than a quiet murmur. It just indicates that there
may be a problem present. Or the disturbance in flow may be so minor that it’s inconsequential, ok. As far as valves are concerned, we already mentioned the aortic valve. A normal aortic valve has three leaflets and they block the flow of blood from regurgitating back into the heart. The mitral valve has two leaflets and they are called the anterior leaflet and the posterior
leaflet, very simply put. If a valve is stuck shut, the common term for that is that it is
stenotic, or has a stenosis, does not open all the way normally. If a valve is leaking, it can be called insufficient, because it isn’t sufficiently
stopping the flow, so it is insufficient, or sometimes because a
flow that has been ejected is regurgitating back through the valve, it’s called a regurgitant valve. So you may hear someone
talk about aortic stenosis, aortic insufficiency,
or aortic regurgitation, the latter two being the same, mitral stenosis, mitral insufficiency, or mitral regurgitation,
both of which are the same. And they come in degrees of severity. Let’s take one step further
with the mitral valve because the mitral valve is
a very complex structure. I’ma give you a crude analogy. If we have a circular train tunnel, and I take two parachutes and
tack the periphery of those up against the walls of the train tunnel, and I’ve got hold of the
strings of that parachute, and wind comes towards me, they’re gonna fold back
against the wall of the tunnel and the wind’s gonna come through. Cool. If the wind’s going the other way, and I hold tight, those parachutes are
gonna meet in the middle and airflow is gonna stop. Now that mitral valve,
because it’s complex, can leak for all sorts of reasons. If the tunnel is much bigger than the chutes are, they’re not gonna meet in the middle, no matter how hard I hold, they’re gonna leak. If I don’t hold, if I let go of the cords, which are called the chordae
tindineae of the mitral valve, that valve’s gonna leak. If the cords break or rupture, that valve’s gonna leak. So it can leak for all
sorts of different reasons. It can leak because where it’s anchored gets too big, the chordae tindineae break, or the muscle that’s holding
the chordae tindineae gets loose, or the mitral valve itself gets destroyed by some disease process that
causes it to shrink back. So you’ll hear your doctor talk about aortic stenosis,
aortic insufficiency, mitral stenosis, and mitral insufficiency, but they may have different causes, they’re various causes of
each of those disorders. (upbeat music)

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  1. i was born with a murmer n my heart valve's dont close all the way blood flows back into my heart where the blood is supposed to flow out and when i was younger around 4 or 5 i told my mom my heart was beating to fast and i wasmt running or nothing i was watching tv and i felt my heart n i told my mom she took me to the ER and they said i had to see a specalist for my heart and they said i have blood that stays in my heart that will not flow out. is this life threatning for any activity sports anything?

  2. Hi. my name is Tina. I was born with only 2 Aortic Valve & I have a Heart Murmur. My heart Dr. said, he just needs to keep a eye on it, but every time I go see him (my heart beats fast & my oxygen drops).It happens when I walk anywhere; clean my house; & it's really bad when I go up stairs. I just want to know what you think.he has me on Verapamil 360 mg. Thank You!

  3. My doctor referred me to the cardiologist I had seen over 3yrs ago who told me heart murmur and recommended nothing for it. My doctor states she thinks she hears it a little louder and scheduled another appointment with cardiologist again as she suggested I take daily baby aspirin. I told her I didn't want to take anything and that I have had this murmur diagnosed when I was a teen and am still alive(turning 70yrs in 5 mos.) I am eating and drinking nutribullet juice with the pulp (per her request) and organic veggies and fruits as I eat some fish every 3 weeks or so, use virg olive oil, some coconut oil; all for over 4yrs. Any suggestions, please? She also sent me for appt to scan left breast which had been done over 3yrs ago; per most reputable cancer spec, she saw nothing there. This is stressful, planning to go keep appts. praying for no bad results.

  4. When I was born I had to have a c-section because my heart was failing each second so they did and emergency c-section I have heart murmur and at night and day I never take full breaths it sucks because your breath get short

  5. I had this when I was a baby my mother said I almost died twice! I'm 13 now I still thank God for saving my life

  6. If you somehow feel this come to the American heart association. It's only 10k but we want what's best for you. Where is this for free? Nowhere so stop the bullshit

  7. am fity one an i went to my doctor for check up i have diabetis high blood presure an my heart was racinng so fast

  8. 🌟 PLEASE can those who upload these AmAzinG vids, take an hour a week to read comments ppl have left you🙏
    It would be greatly appreciated!

  9. i was born with stenosis or at least i think so because when i was a baby i had a 70% narrow aorta and they put a stent in to enlarge it and when i was like 11 years old i went for a check up at a local dockter and they told my parent that i should get a surgery as soon as possibable and she said i had a Stinosis but i dont know wich valve haha but they cut it open and now im 19 and i have to go for a Third opperation to get a sinthetic valve in its place so yea its this year for me :/

  10. I was diagnosed with a murmur and my cardio said I was fine but I have a lot of pain when my heart gets out of rhythm to any else that has one does that happen to you?

  11. I just went to the hospital and they said It sounds like I have a small heart murmur my chest has been killing me and I told my dad and he said he thinks I had a heart murmur when I was a toddler

  12. What if the heart beats so hard that it rocks you in a rocking chair just wondering by it happened to me and it beats hard now and again the doctors said I have a murmur type thing I don't quite remember what they said

  13. I had aortic valve replacement almost 1 year ago oparetion. Now I have pre menopause. I have also pulsatile tinnitus. Hearing your heart beats in the night annoying.

  14. I have a heart murmur and only discovered I did when I was at MEPS enlisting for the army I’m going back to get it checked but they said most the time it is nothing
    I have been a mostly healthy person all my life so I can’t see myself having any significant problems but we will see

  15. Hi,I'm 14 years old I want to ask can I do sports with hearth murmur ? I was diagnosed when I was like 2 years old.After that I am going every year to my cardiologist on control.I was said years back (like 8 years ago) that I should not do sports because it's hard for me.But with years I started to overcome it and know I feel a lot better.I can run and sweat no problem.I would like to train boxing but I don't know if I should or not.My stamina is higher than most of other kids.

  16. I was born with a heart murmur, I didn't start getting chest pains until the age of 8 and I just remember being in so much pain and I could barley breath because if I even tried to take breath I would feel a very sharp pain in my heart, it felt as if someone was stabbing a knife into my heart or as if I was having a heart attack. Does this typically happen if you have a heart murmur? I still get chest pain to this day, sometimes I go years without feeling the chest pain but then there are also weeks where I feel the sharp pain multiple times a day, is there any way to prevent these chest pains from occurring or anything that can cause them to happen more frequently?

  17. I had 2 heart murmurs in one day, at the age of 10. The first time I went to the ER asap and it was only a small one. About an hour later after getting home from the ER, I had another one, and was yet again rushed to the ER by my mom. Only this time, it was much bigger. I was in the hospital for a day that time. I was only 10 at this time. Here I am 2 year later know there are some holes in my heart, know it can happen again. I am very thankful that I survived this disaster.

  18. I had a heart murmur as a baby.

    Years later, it was gone. Now I'm a teen and I need to get it checked in a couple of days.

  19. Good day! My husband was diagnosed with ❤Valve Desease, after his Angiogram test last oct.16,2018 at HeartCenter Hosp.& advised for Open heart operation Mitral Valve repair, this january 2019…. We refer to other cardiologist, acc. to him, he will give more time if the condition of my husband will improve, bcoz he lost so much weight…the medicine was the same as given by his 1st doctor….for now, my husband improve a lot, he can walk normally, he can eat and he gained weight gradually…God is Good! My question po is, " Is there a possibility that my husband will not undergo ❤operation?" Thank u po!God bless!

  20. I am living with mitral regurgitation for five years and my condition is now at severe stage and my murmur was first detected when I was 14 after having a bad chest pain and i was referred to a cardiologist and I am now 19 years old and will soon have an operation for the treatment and turning 20 soon. I had so many tests in 2017 and 2018 to decide on my treatment and my last test was MRI.

  21. i have murmer congentinal, i had surgery at 6 and then at 31, i didnt put the metal valve. so its still leaking but not as heavy, so now after 4 yrs , its leaking a bit more. so do i need metal valve? do i must do TE checkup in order to decide better?

  22. Will hopefully go to the dr soon, however all of the sudden my heart will start pounding super fast and I find myself breathing heavy. Does it several times a day. I am anemic bu idk if that means anything

  23. I am sorry to repeat myself but I do not possess the pathologies of my mum's.i was told to have a too good a heart by a doctor who wanted me eliminated once. Poor mum.

  24. Sometimes I feel my heart swell up and feel like it pushes out of my chest and then goes normal. Almost like flexing a muscle. What is the meaning behind this?

  25. Can someone plzzz help?
    my left arm has been hurtimg lately and i get pins and needles sometimes the pain is also in my neck and my upper back. My chest feels pressured sometimes and aches. I have been going to the toilet(feaces) more often and burping a lot. I also hear my heart in my ear which is really loud sometimes and gets worse wen i lie dowm. Also i feel my pulse in random places in my body. Im a 15 yr old female btw. Does anyone know wat is wrong with me?
    Plz hellpp

  26. This was so helpful! I appreciated that it wasn't complicated and busy. It was straight to the point and very understandable. Thank you for helping me study, and get a clear, well-rounded grasp of heart murmurs!

  27. Aging is the biggest disease. If we can fix that than we likely wouldn't need any haphazard surgeries to make adjustments to live a little longer at the expense of going above and beyond what the body was designed for.

  28. I am trying to understand the specific reason behind WHY WE WORKUP A ASYMPTOMATIC DIASTOLIC MURMUR AND NOT ASYMPTOMATIC SYSTOLIC MURMUR. Would appreciate any suggestions or clarifications.

  29. I'm 17, I have a popping sort of noise coming from left side of chest (so heart area) which is loud enough for others to hear when near me. I do experience discomfort. The noise only occurs when sitting or lying down …

  30. I had this when I was a baby but they thought it was gone but it's not my lips and fingers turn blue and i often have trouble breathing 😭

  31. i had this for quite a while when i was younger i grew out of it im very thankful cause if i had it longer i could have died

  32. Hello everybody, i need your advice,I get chest pain..2 months ago..I went to doctor he told me when I was born I have heart murmur, and my doctor advise to me to go for surgery..And I explain to him I can't do it..he gave me life time medicine (Concor Cor 2.5mg) now all most am takeing this medicine 10days..but the pain in my chest still same..And am out of mood.. please what you well advise to me..

  33. I’m worry about my friend. She has a heart murmur and she might died from it 💔😭 I can’t lose a friend that young she only 13💔 Any advice I really need it she my only friend 💔💔😭😭😭😭

  34. How much difference would it make in my life if I had my murmur fixed? I have 2 holes in my heart from when i was born but over the years I'm running out of breath easily and getting chest pain but my doctor hasn't said anything. If I got it fixed would I have more energy?

  35. Have you, or someone you know, undergone the TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) procedure? We are conducting a study in conjunction w/ a research team @ Harvard University. If so, you still have time to help us reach our goal by September 30th. We are evaluating the patient outcomes and durability of devices. Please complete this survey, thank you in advance! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TAVR_patient?sm_source=[sm_source_value]&sm_campaign=[sm_campaign_value]

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