Upper Neck Pain or Back Pain? Simple stretches for instant relief [UPDATED VIDEO]

Upper Neck Pain or Back Pain? Simple stretches for instant relief [UPDATED VIDEO]

This is an update of the video I created about
two years ago that now has over 700,000 views and 700 comments.
Hello livelies, hope you are doing well today. So a few years ago, I did a video on upper
neck and upper back pain. I had no idea that what I was creating was going to be such
a major hit. I mean, of course it’s amazing and I love
it, and I am still very grateful for it, but in the last two or three years, not exactly
sure when I recorded it, I have gotten a ton of feedback; I have gotten some negative
comments for sure. Mostly positive comments and also some really good feedback
So I wanted to re-record this video and update it with the new knowledge that I have, and
help you relieve your upper neck and upper back pain.
All you need is a small pair of dumbbells. Really it is not necessary. It is helpful,
but I don’t want that to be an excuse for you.
So let’s do this upper back and upper neck stretching and strengthening video that will
help relieve any sort of pain
you have in there.  
Ok! So, how did you like that video? How are you feeling?
I really want you to take a little physical inventory of how your body, how your upper neck or how your back feels right now.
As I was saying throughout the video you have to make sure that you tune into your
body. This is a video that I am making for a lot
of people; I don’t know you specifically. So if you feel any pain like “not good” pain,
then maybe this isn’t the video for you. Maybe you should seek out some professional assistance,
where they can actually touch, manipulate, and help you with the sort of issues that
you have back there. So I would love to
hear how you are feeling in the comment section
below. How is your neck and back feeling? Maybe if you saw the other video, I’ll link
below as well, you can see what is different with how you feel.
Remember, drinking water is a huge component of not having tight muscles.
So make sure that you drink your water. Write
these workouts down. Favor this video, like it and then you can come back to it anytime
you are feeling the stress rise up in your life, and you want to relax your upper back
and your upper neck. Alright, as I say in every video if you are
not having fun, it is your own damn fault. Alright, I will see you next week. Bye!

100 Replies to “Upper Neck Pain or Back Pain? Simple stretches for instant relief [UPDATED VIDEO]”

  1. Merci Nicole ,ces le meilleur exercice que j'ai trouver pour soigner mes douleurs et je les recommande.bravo

  2. awesome video. instantly got rid of my pain. i often go to the net for stretch routines but yours is the best for my pain.

  3. totally loved this video. I have had upper back pain from work for the longest time and this helped it in minutes. No more pain for me!!

  4. I'm going to do this video every day for 2 weeks and see if it makes a difference. There are many positive comments which makes me hopeful that it will. Doing this stretching for the first time I had lots of cracking and popping which shows me how tight my muscles are, no pain though 🙂 I will update in 2 weeks. Great video!

  5. This video really helped me out! I've been soooo sore and tense in my neck and upper back and haven't found any exercises that actually help. Obviously the pain hasn't gone just by doin one session with this video but i can really feel a nice stretch and relaxation of tension already! Thanks so much for making this, good luck with your life Nichole! much love xx

  6. I have been suffering from upper back and neck pain for a week which makes it Uncomfortable to sleep. I am doing other exercise​s but always was scared of waking up with pain. I just did your suggested exercise and i feel loosen muscles quickly and confidence also. god bless you and thank you for the solution.

  7. Hi Nichole. My stress settles in my neck and upper back, especially between my shoulder blades. This video is fantastic!! Thank you so much!! I was wondering if you had any exercises and/or stretches to relieve plantar fasciitis and tight hamstrings? I can touch my toes after hanging a while but I tighten up so very quickly. Thanks again.

  8. Best neck exercise program I have ever done Nichole! As long as I remember to do them, I am relatively pain free. Thank you!

  9. Tuned in for the first time and I loved it!  It really opened up my shoulders and my neck range felt nice and loose.  Thanks and I will be watching for you!

  10. Thanks. Just had one session so too early to tell how much this will help but felt less stiff afterwards. Will make this a regular routine.

  11. Hi Nichole…Thank you so much for the help with my neck problem. I just discovered your video, and now I work with it every day. It helps me so much. I've had neck problems for many years due to the work I used to do, and this is helping me better than the chiropractor.

  12. I just posted a comment and my husbands name posted by mistake. I'm Lila, but not sure how to change it on here.

  13. Great video Nichole. I felt great after it and it wasn't a long, drawn out work out. Something quick that makes you feel better is the way to go. Should this be done more than once a day or just one time a day?

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  15. Hi that was a great stretch. I'm suffering from gruesome neck and shoulder pain from a reckless taxi driving almost cost me my life.

  16. I have chronic neck pain from whiplash from 20 yrs ago. Some days I wake up fine, others I can barely move from the pain. This morning was one of those. I just tried this video but it hurt so much ! When I was done, I repeated it. I'm so happy with the results. Thank You!

  17. I actually took two Excedrin then did these exercises over half the pain was gone. So im rewatchin and performing again to c if the rest xan go away. Thank you nicole🤝

  18. Thank you so much for this video. I just tried it and I feel amazing. I have tried lots of different things for my neck and shoulder and had almost gotten to the point of thinking I was going to have to live with the pain. Until this video. After going through it once, I can feel the blood flow and my neck and shoulders release. This is honestly a life changer for me. Thank you so much.

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  20. Ok wow my back responded really great to these exercises thank you so much I was in the middle of terrible spasms and this cleared it right up

  21. This video is so helpful.  I suffer with really back neck pain and headaches.  I have been in bed with pain all week.  Just did this video and I feel so much relief.  Thank you so much.  I will continue to do these stretches often.

  22. it really felt good- it does not take long… will schedule it in the mornings. Thank you for taking your precious time for all of us. We appreciated it!!!

  23. Been doing this for 2 weeks since have been having upper back pain due to bad posture at my desk. The pain has subsided completely since I've been doing these exercises every day for 2 weeks now. I feel my back is getting stronger, looser and my posture is definetely improved. Thank you for posting this video! I am sure many will find this helpful, especially persons who work at a desk everyday.

  24. I ride the bike, hard. Then I come home, do this warm up. Then I hammer the weights. Once yah get used ooh it, it's great and always gimme deconfidence that I won't hurd nothing, excep' maybe the ego!! But tha's buul-it proof. Nuff Z……………………

  25. It helped relieving the pain a bit but there’s still pain that doesn’t go away. I tried massages in spas and they never work as well, I am in constant pain every day, and daily tasks are becoming harder because of this issue.

  26. I use this video almost every day or when my back/neck hurts. It relieves immediately. You saved my life

  27. Thanks its my first day trying this after two days of serious back n neck pain. For a second there i thought my back was broken. But doing these exercises has restored hope. I did your first video first, then on to the second one, wow im feeling a bit more confident now . Feels much much better.

  28. Thanks, this is the initial try and I do feel a little better. I think it will be better with more practice. I appreciate the help as I live in daily pain. Eddie

  29. I got hospitalized because of that cellphone muscle. After 1 week I found this. After trying it out just now. I feel so much better. like 98% better. thank you so much for this!

  30. So I had to pause several times to do more of the other stretches longer, but this really did help me!! It helped with my neck and shoulder blades!!! Thanks!!!

  31. I NEVER comment on YouTube shit. But I have to give credit where credit is due. This shit WORKS! I stretched this morning and somehow pulled something or pinched something or…something. I looked online and I read that I should check out videos tailored towards neck and back pain. This is the first video I saw so I clicked on it. I did the exercises ONCE. ONCE! And I feel sooooo much better. This chick is the truth fr!

  32. Wow! I've had a sore back and a stiff neck for over a month now…I tried these exercises, and they gave me almost instant relief!

  33. I was enduring lower back pain while attempting to sleep at night. I feel that my hips will step out of position when I rest on my side. On this particular back pain guidebook, "fonon fetching site" (Google it) it is performed the trick. Will no longer waking up several times at night with back problems…

  34. I love this video! Tried other vids already, but this one is the best so far. Just need to do more sets. Thank you!

  35. Completely amazing! I was hurting all day at work, like terribly sudden pain depending on how I moved, and couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't hardly turn my head. When this video started I thought there was no way I could do the movements. I muscled through the first one and was feeling better and even more and I completed the rest. I will repeat and use anytime I have this pain. Worked wonderfully Nichole!

  36. After Two days of employing this back ache guide t.co/WTXBDAmgiK , I discovered which it made my condition far better. It is a great treatment method and also prevention for back pain. It has effectively met my anticipations. It is quite effective after using it a few times.. .

  37. my neck and back was EXTREMELY stiff last two days. it was taking me a good 5 hours to get my back and neck moving. after this. it now just takes 20 mins. thanks.

  38. I am 66 yerars old and my neck and upperback are sore every morning. After following the video I always feel better. If I miss a day I can really feel the difference.

  39. Right after using this legs treatment solution “fetching myma space” (Google it), I now have so much more confidence and last week I donned a short shirt for the first time in years! It’s literally changed my life. I have always wondered about surgery, but with the program, you don`t need to worry about surgical procedure any more..

  40. I also had to do the swim noodle roller and rolled my back out and something was out of place and went back in. You can do that one in bed even.

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