Uterus – Anatomy, Definition and Function – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Uterus – Anatomy, Definition and Function – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Uterus – Anatomy, Definition and Function
Human Anatomy | Kenhub Hello everyone! It’s Matt from Kenhub, and
in this tutorial, we will do a quick overview of the anatomy of the uterus. The uterus or
womb which you see highlighted in green on this image of the female pelvis is a hollow,
hormone-responsive reproductive sex organ in the female pelvis that measures approximately
8 cm in length. It lies dorsocranially on the bladder. It is surrounded by circumjacent
connective tissue called the parametrium which is part of the visceral peritoneum. The peritoneum covers the uterus almost completely
except the ventral part of the cervix and it forms 2 recesses: ventrally, the vesicouterine
pouch and, dorsally, the rectouterine pouch or Pouch of Douglas. On either side of the
uterus, the peritoneum folds over itself and forms a double layer called the broad ligament.
The uterus is divided into the cervix, isthmus and corpus. The cervix lies adjacent to the
isthmus subperitoneally, meaning it is not covered by the peritoneum and it connects
the uterine cavity to the lumen of the vagina. It is approximately 2.5 cm long. The cervical
canal has 2 orifices – the internal orifice which is the opening into the uterus and the
external orifice opening into the vagina that is covered with vaginal epithelium. The isthmus is about a 1 cm long narrow passage
connecting the cervix and the body of the uterus. The corpus or body lies intraperitoneally
and has a triangle-shaped lumen through its connection to the isthmus and both fallopian
tubes. In most women, the corpus is bent forward against the cervix at the isthmus known as
the antiflexion, and the long axis of the uterus is inclined towards the vagina known
as antiversion. The shape and size can vary depending on age, number of pregnancies, and
hormonal status. The base of the uterus is called the fundus. The uterus is supplied by the uterine artery,
a branch of the internal iliac artery and the uterine branch is of the ovarian artery
which is a branch of the abdominal aorta. The venous drainage of the uterus is carried
out by the uterine venous plexus shown here in green into the internal iliac vein. The
sympathetic supply of the uterus is derived from the inferior hypogastric plexus. Parasympathetic
supplies derived from S2 to S4 sacral nerves. All vessels and nerves run through the lateral
ligaments, a broad duplication of the peritoneum connecting the lateral wall of the uterus
with the pelvic wall. The uterus plays an important role in human
reproduction. It is the organ where the implantation and nourishment of the fertilized ovum takes
place. Through muscle contraction, it helps push the baby out at the time of delivery. This video is more fun than reading a textbook,
right? If you want more videos, interactive quizzes, articles, and an atlas of human anatomy,
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  3. you have confused me man…..they say Isthmus is the part of the uterine tube(fallopian tube) not a part of uterus……can someone explain that?i am confused#big time

  4. very informative but it would help more if the parts are pointed out i.e. arrows , throughout the lecture that way you somewhat know what it what
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  5. Your description on uterus is good. But it is not clearly understand with using these pictures.

  6. it's informative but you are pointing the particular parts that are being explained and it's confusing.plz change this nxt time #fan_ofyur_work 😊

  7. Hey everyone! Glad you joined us for this video on the uterus. Was there any part of the video you'd like us to cover in more detail? Let us know! Now, continue learning by taking this quiz on the uterus and ovaries: https://khub.me/ooh8u Enjoy!

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