Vegan High Protein Recipe – 50g | Bodybuilder

Vegan High Protein Recipe – 50g | Bodybuilder

It’s your body Dungu, vegan builder welcome back Today I got a recipe for you lot I want to show you lot how to build them vegan gains quick recipe, 30 minutes, but tasty, highly packed in protein I’m talking over 50gs on that plate I’m combining lentils with some plantain or as my jamaican friends will say it plantin or as my other friends will call it, a huge banana but it’s actually a plantain let the water boil while the water is boiling you can dice up your yam your plantain and your sweet potato for you guys who are not familiar, when you’re cutting this at was at this moment Jackson knew he fucked up interesting fact about yam right there’s a tribe in nigeria that have the highest record of twin births in the world and scientists have made a link between the amount of yam that they consume and twin births I know some of you guys really want twins if that’s the case you have to be eating yam the lentil jar red cup, if you aint got a red cup, use a normal cup, you know we party with our vegan food so that’s why it’s a red cup one my ratio is 1 cups of lentils to 3 parts water you put all that in all of that good stuff we’re going to leave that to boil for a bit leave the lid slightly open what’s going to happen is the foam from the lentils is goign to boil over lentils is goign to boil over so you want to just keep it open and keep your eye on it so you dont end up with a messy kitchen in the meantime you can dice up the onions you can use these or use spring onions, i prefer spring onions spice these up with ginger add some ginger in the mix, you can spices these up with some okra quinoa use that as rice, same rations, 3 to 1 put that in your put and give that a little rinse you should soak these but if you cant soak them, just use it put the onions in about 10 minutes in and it starts to puff off like such this is when it’s getting that nice creamy consistency and we got the quinoa and it’s almost finished boiling too probably about half way through pepper, ad some to it defo getting nice seasalt original here not rich for the Himalayan salt yet add few tea spoons of that you have to season according to taste the curry powder that I like to use, I have to look at the ingredients if there is anything that i don’t understand anything longer than my nigerian name then anything with a e number, i aint buying it gotta make sure it’s nice and all-natural, that’s the curry powder ive got there mix that all in, the thing with lentils yeah they are buff tasting, but when you cook it depending on who you are it don’t look too prettiest I don’t know if you agree with me just a bit of dry thyme not too much add it all in i personally dont eat oil but you can put a coconut oil or olive oil , that adds extra taste to it i forgot to add mushrooms serve and enjoy if im at home eating this, the whole plate is full you make your let all levels you know ove r40 grams of protein guys, enjoy, check out these other videos

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  1. No words longer than my Nigerian name Loool. Your too funny. Your camera man must love working with you, always getting food! Nice vid Dungu

  2. 🤗😋This video made me so hungry! 👏🏼Great video love! Keep the great content coming! Can't wait to see what you do for St. Patrick's day! 🍀💚

  3. Quinoa bag £2, lentil bag £1 (£5 in bulk), plantain (3 for £1), yam £2, mushroom £1, sweet potato £1. Total £8 that will last you several meals/ potentially days.

  4. hey as you are Nigerian i find hard to understand certain words… can you put the ingredients in the description please?

  5. hej dungu im trying out my new vegan hemp protein … does it matter how much water i put in the protein shake for the absorbtion? or does it absorb good anyways ? … because i hate thick protein shakes with water it goes down so smooth

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