Victor Martinez’s Massive Quad Day (Leg Workout)

Victor Martinez’s Massive Quad Day (Leg Workout)

Victor Martinez here I’m about to give
you my leg workout please pay attention to the form number sets and why I train
the way I do let’s do this we’re gonna start biking usually about five minutes
because I do so much cardio on non leg days don’t do cardio on leg days hate to
take away from the leg workout I don’t have my toes under the straps because if
I put my toes under the straps this is what happens look put my toes under the
straps I’m pushing with the front of my feet I don’t like pushing with the front
of my feet I like warming up my quads too I push with my heels five minutes
again it’s not real cardio this is just warming up we start getting that blood
flow in my quads start off usually with leg extensions
and leg curls back to back again I like warming up in front of my knees back of
my knees quads hamstrings all at once try not to let the weights touch same way
as I would do barbell curls or anything else constant tension squeeze at the
bottom do the pause problem is when you go heavier usually try to get a spot so
you try to do on your own that hold alone can actually tear your hamstrings stretching is part of your regimen
you know most people usually in a rush be somewhere they don’t stretch the adduction
inside again working out quads so a lot of working muscles and tendons so
there’s one you don’t stretch you can actually pull it one of the things when
you always start using double legs like squats both legs leg press hack squat
tend to favor one side more than the other so I’d like to flare up each leg
individually in the beginning therefore creating the non-compensation on one
side you would think going all the way down
deep squatting misconception on that because your back is against the force
though or not let you move in the natural position so you go too low that
butt comes off or that weight is bearing down on you ooh pobrecito the lumbar everyone’s favorite the squat I don’t
go down in the bucket because same thing knees hips lumbar you name it most
people that I know squatted in the bucket before not doing it this days
because obvious reasons so I want to keep doing this so it’s enough to feel
the quad enough to be able to walk the next day a little soreness but walking healthy
let’s do it you notice I’m not thrusting forward and
squeezing my glutes why because you don’t want to hump when you’re squatting
you’re focusing on the quads should be only quads you’re hitting the glutes
indirectly you’re hitting your hams indirectly there’s an exercise for
glutes it’s called kickbacks it’s called hip
press you don’t want to hip thrust with the bar on your back because the weight
and gravity is under you you’re gonna create a lot of lumbar hip problems in
the future or the weight is bearing down on your back and down your spine into
the lumbar leg press I go closer but not too close
just enough to hit the outer quad other times I will go wide four sets close final exercise for quads
I’ll try to combine this with leg extension for every two set of hack I
will add one leg extension in my foot positioning again can’t get enough sweep
that’s what I lack and I try to focus the most I don’t like to bounce off my knee
I like to push off my quad okay guys that was the last set for my
leg workout for today thanks for watching muscle and strength be sure to
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95 Replies to “Victor Martinez’s Massive Quad Day (Leg Workout)”

  1. Good quality stuff.
    Tomorrow is my quads day… Today it's delts and traps lol I'm already feeling the pain thinking about tomorrow

  2. Why is it when muscle and strength put up stuff on fb it say I not allowed to view it or something like that I used to get to view it and I do love the stuff you did put up thanks .

  3. My DOMINICAN BROTHER love this one … great job guys 💪💪💪💪💪💪🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️👍👍👍👍🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️💪🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️👍💪🏋️‍♂️

  4. This Man…The Way He Train.. The Way He Explains..You Just Have To Watch And Pay good attention To learn..Victor it's an Expert That's it ❤❤

  5. Do, Victor? even compete anymore?… oooooohhh, I just love his signature; front double bi pose.. 💪😀👍 I miss Vic on stage💯

  6. Warming up your knees with leg extensions, what? And then also fully extending your legs to put as much pressure on your not yet warmed up knee joints? I know the machine is called "leg extensions", but you are not supposed to take that literal. To everybody who values their knee health > Don't fully extend your legs wile doing leg extensions and don't do leg extension to begin with to warm up your legs. And before you respond to this comment, telling me to shut my mouth for criticizing somebody like victor, do some research. If not for my sake, do it for the sake of your own damn knees.

  7. Hey guys , I am doing a 30 day workout challenge, I did 4 days bench press of 200LB , go check it out on my channel , already seen result on my fitness journey

  8. Hi martinez, your free squad you sit and your hams are not parallel to the ground, i wonder does it hit the rectus femoris, could you give me tips to hit rectus femoris pls. It is very hard for me to hit it. What exercise could hit the femoris.

  9. I remember when I squatted traditional got barely any growth then hack squats and variations in leg press. Legs blew up.

    Hmm? Simple leg press and hack squats work legs not tax your lower back and the rest of your body.

    Yhis reminds me of dumbasses that bench press and work their core at the same time -_-

  10. He's such an OG. This video has way more quality information than the fitness youtubers who throw a bunch of crap and bad jokes and get hundreds of thousands of views. Well done

  11. Glad you training smart VIC… wats up from washington heights/ kingsbridge riverdale BRONX,.. OH AND ARDEN TOO DYCKMAN 👍👍 yeah i see all these idiots at my gym training with other people and squatting to the point that their butt is almost touching the floor…..not knowing sooner or later their lower back L5..L5S1..L4 will eventually blowout but i always squat ( not half squat) just far enough parallel as to not let that buttocks look like its gonna hit the ground but then again i been training since 1990 so im 48 and look better than my 20s due to sooo much experience and trial and error…YO VIC YOU STILL GOING TO EVA'S ON 8TH ST…I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE IN A MINUTE…IF YOU ARE, ARE YOU STILL ORDERING THE BOBS PLATE…BROWN RICE, GRILLED CHICKEN AND LENTILS??? 👍👍

  12. I can´t stop to see Steroids when I see this man. It is soooo fake. Ok, he has energy, but it is cheating.

  13. Thats why his legs lost mass and muscle. The 1/4 reps . But at the age of 40 plus its diff to stay parallel and use full range sometimes.

  14. Full range of motion is proven to get more gains then half reps. It’s far more safer to practice on getting lower by working on ankle and hip mobility and slowly start adding weight. Takes years of practice and leaving The Ego at the door

  15. I love how he explains how to keep lifting into your years I find a lot of programs of how to skyrocket your squat and deadlift what I don’t see a lot of is how do you do that for 10 to15 years without a major injury examples..going to depth in squats there’s workouts for those muscles

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