Vitamins, Minerals and Protein and Fly Control in Cattle Nutrition

Vitamins, Minerals and Protein and Fly Control in Cattle Nutrition

Hi I’m Mike. The day to day requirements for cows aren’t
many. They need food, they need water, but that
doesn’t mean that as the one in charge of them, that’s where it ends. My job is to make sure the cows have what
they don’t even know they need, and much like a toddler you sometimes have to tell
them eat their vitamins on Our Wyoming Life. Welcome to Our Wyoming Life a few years ago
my wife Erin and I quit our corporate jobs in radio to come back and help on the family
ranch. The learning curve has been huge and now that
is just our family left here along with Erin’s Mom. That curve has gotten tighter and tighter. Before we came here, our meat came on a Styrofoam
tray from the grocery store, now we raise our own. Veggies were purchased in the produce section,
now if we need broccoli, we go out and pick it. Our entire life was turned upside down, it’s
now hectic, stress filled and sometimes no matter what decision you make, you know its
going to be the wrong one. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Please take a second and subscribe, join us
as we explore the ranch life and escape the ordinary. You wouldn’t think that cow would be high
maintenance but like your teenage girlfriend they are hard to please. The grass on the other side of the fence is
always greener, or sweeter and the more time I spend with them, I am convinced that I am
the adult in our Mike – Cow relationship. I guess that’s the way it should be, having
any animal make it your responsibility, whether it’s a single goldfish or hundreds of cows. Heck, even that guy from Jurassic Park had
to take care of those dinosaurs, although he didn’t do that good of a job of it, but
I guess if a cow gets loose its not going to eat ya. As with any animal, the first step in taking
care of them usually lies with nutrition and that’s where we start today. With the youngest cows on the ranch, the bottle
calves. The bottle calves are the delinquents of the
ranch. Each of these 4 calves were taken from their
mom for one reason or another and became my responsibility. 3 of their 4 were the second calf in a set
of twins. Mom cows have a tough time keeping track of
two calves and sometimes even feeding them, so we adopted them and promised mom we would
raise them right. Although I do get a lot of the “you’re
not my mom” vibe from them. Each day they require attention, food and
water to start. Today they are getting just a little bit of
grain to mix in with their regular diet of food pellets they receive. They are now on average 4 months old, they
are weaned from the bottle and now it’s time for them to grow. The pellet they receive is called range and
grow. It contains everything they need including
vitamins and minerals that their moms may not be getting on the pasture. More on that later though. Just know, they may be secluded from the rest
of the herd, but they have each other and are the best fed cows on the ranch. Their water tub is also cleaned and refilled
daily. You may have noticed flies, with livestock
come flies. Some years are worse than others and this
is the second bad fly year we have had in a row. The increase in moisture this summer has led
to increased breeding and, if you remember your biology, that leads to more flies. With the calves, we combat flies with a spray
on fly control and each calf gets a dose. With our work done for now with the calves,
its now time to head out to the moms in the pasture. Today we are going to be adding supplemental
vitamins and minerals to their diets. The grass on pasture is what it is and I know
its low in protein and other trace minerals cows need to be healthy. There are 7 trace minerals cows require, Cobalt,
copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc. Some areas of the country are known to be
lacking one or several of these minerals. In the great plains, selenium is almost absent
from the soil, as can be copper and cobalt so feeding trace mineral blocks is a great
way to combat these deficiencies. In addition, we are going to be putting out
lick barrels, 250-pound tubs of crude protein to supplement the cows forage, it also contains
trace minerals and when fed on a free choice program the cows may move toward blocks or
tubs but either way they are getting what they need. Currently the cows are spread out over about
400-500 acres, soon they will be moving to a new pasture that measures over two thousand
acres where they will finish up their summer, when they get down there they will get spread
out but even now, they are spread pretty thin, some are here, some are there and some are
everywhere. This is a good thing, because when start putting
out supplement the word will spread and cows will be here soon, so we better get to work. Choosing where to feed supplements can work
two ways. Usually we feed where we want cows to move,
new pasture or areas where they haven’t grazed. Today we are using these treats, which is
what cows treat them as, to move them back into an area that they have already eaten. This may not make much sense. But what this are needs is fertilization,
and rather than have me, move and spread manure in this area, I’m letting the cows do it
for me. As they move across the pasture to get to
their treat, they help me out, saving fuel and time. Watch your toes, these 250 lb barrels are
heavy and somewhat awkward, rolling them off the bed of the truck is the fastest way for
me to feed them. The cover comes off and the cows that are
early for the party are already getting to work on them. And it is a party, remember I said word would
spread. Well its doing that now and although not all
the cows will head this way right away, a number of them will and will rush to be first,
second or even third in line. Some cant even be bothered to go to the gate
and cross the fence in their own special way. Remind me to keep an eye on her. A cow that jumps fences, is always a headache. With the last of 1000 pounds of supplemental
protein going out, now the lick blocks can go out also, trace minerals including natural
salt blocks that the cows just love. As with the calves, fly control is in these
guys future as well but because we can’t spray every single cow and calf out here we
have a couple of different methods. At branding, each calf received a fly tag
to keep the flies away. In addition to protecting the calves from
flies, the tags also rub off on their moms and give them some relief from biting flies. In addition, we are going to be filling up
fly bags today. Fly bags hang from a frame, and now this isn’t
a swing set for cows, it’s just a large frame that I repurpose to hold a fly bag. Its filled with and insecticide powder that
will come out of the bottom on the bag as cows move underneath it. Coating herself in the powder is another free
choice activity that a cow can do. Those that do figure it out, receive the benefit,
those that don’t, well don’t. Here’s a hint, figure out which direction
the wind is blowing before you fill a fly bag. Or wait for a calm day, which around here
might leave you waiting a while. It is surprising that even lush pastures that
look green may still only contain 6 to 8 percent protein and a mature beef cow requires at
least 10 so having a way to make sure that your cows are taken care of nutritionally
is right up there with making sure they have that food itself. As with most things in ranching, there are
different trains of though on this, some say lick barrels are too expensive and a waste
of money and although we don’t have them out all the time, when we do it offers cows
many ways to get the vitamins and minerals they need. Like a giant flintstones vitamin, without
the food coloring. A few years ago, I didn’t know and really
didn’t care about cattle nutrition. Cows ate grass and that was it, but now I
have crammed my mind so full of it that I probably over think it, but at least I think
about it, and now so do you. Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe
and check us out on Facebook for more that never makes it to YouTube. The next project on the list is the new pig
area, as new baby pigs are arriving very soon and they need a place to live. We will tackle that on the project list on
Tuesday. So until then, have a great week and thanks
for joining us in our Wyoming life.

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  1. Mike every try loose mineral with garlic in it, I've been using it for fly control on my operation. not a 100% it works but my pink eye incidents seem to be less and less. Thanks for the video. Your cows look in great shape.

  2. Thanks for the video and information Mike. Where do you truck your hay in from thanks makes the cost so high?

  3. I love your channel, and I love you guys! I've been a farmer down here in northern Colorado my whole life, so your content really hits home for me. Right now, I'm working at a dairy, here in Pierce, and we are milking 6,000 head, 3 times a day. I run a Cat 950K loader during the fall/winter season. And I pack the pit with a 9520 John Deere for harvest. We put 1rst, 2nd, and 3rd cutting Haylage, in the pit, and bale our 4th cut. We do around 1,200 acres in Hay, and a little over 4,000 acres in corn silage. So I know what the farming life is. I get real excited when I see that you've posted a new vid.. and sometimes, I'm even a bit late for work, because of them. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your stuff, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next video! So, hug your family for me, and keep doing what you do. Take care, be safe! Best regards, Kevin 🙂

  4. Hi Mike , Another great video which I always look forward to watching . Pretty sad news down here in Australia which I know you can empathize with we are have a horrific drought here and the poor farmers and their live stock are suffering badly . There has been alot of funds raising from the community and the goverment has finally released a financial scemes offering to help our farmers but its to little too late. The Aussie spirit is shining through in helping our farmers by giving them donations and feed for the livestock too but that is very lkmited now too it is just a horrible and sac time which unfortunately is not uncommon down here . Coukd you please say a prayer for our farmers which would be gratefully appreciated.
    Take care and blessings to you all .-

  5. We keep salt and mineral blocks out all year and protein tubs out in the winter. The cows do better by adding the tubs to their diet. We also feed grain and cattle cubes. Seeing your cow jump the fence made me think about a cow my sister once had, she would jump a fence anytime she wanted. My sister named her Crazy Jumper, but called her CJ. She could raise some big calves.

  6. I saw an ad this morning b4 your video for glasses usa and sometimes I don't see any ads , when I see an old owl video there have been ads …. 39 k subs yeah !!! keep on haying I know circle boring on a tractor with no cab and no radio very boring…. oo hoo squealers coming we used a 2 or 3 foot plywood by 4 foot to move with a handle in it to move pigs

  7. On the first of Animal Science 114 in college, my professor re-stated things I guess I had known my whole life but never thought of in that context. What they said was that for output of any biological system to be maximized (weaning weight, reproduction, feed efficiency, etc.), four things have to be maximized (health, nutrition, management, and genetics). This video does a great job of showing people that cattle don't just get "some of this and some of that" for feeding programs. I know for a fact that a good mineral program can make a difference. Thanks Mike for showing folks who may not know that cattle producers spend great amounts of time and A LOT of money figuring out and executing proper nutrition programs to maximize that part of the equation. I saw a creep feeder in one of your pastures, what is your operation's creep feeding program?

  8. In Central Ontario Canada we use to say 1 acre per cow will last all summer. How very different it is in Wyoming.

  9. i have lots of old stories about cows and fences. the one i remeber most was a cow that got her head through the bottem of a slide. (no idea how the slide got in the pastur in the first place) she spooked and then the whole heard took off right through the fence. had to get horses and helpers to rope her and take the slide off. then move back into the pasture and rebuld the fence. what a day that was. i laugh now. you bring back lots of memeries. thanks mike.

  10. How long can you keep cows in one pasture? …I mean, is there a cow per acre per week/month formula? Or is it when one field appears to be eaten up you move them then. -Thanks!

  11. That jumper reminds us that, when you get right down to it, fences are just suggestions to their inhabitants.

  12. I tried giving my heifers loose minerals, but they wouldn't touch the stuff. So I tried the hard mineral blocks and they LOVED them! By the way, you should enter that one cow in a jumping contest or something! That was a beautiful jump! Anyways, awesome video!

  13. I think I have a solution for your hay problem you said that you have two kinds of hay that are planted. Use the seed spreader on the atv to spread alfalfa seed and the alfalfa has good yield. We do this on our farm it works. Please respond thanks and please consider this idea.

  14. Great video on
    min and vitamins I agree on luck tubs being expensive but in some operations it just works better we use both loose and tub mineral and think both are overpriced but I've tried mixing my own minerals just dosn t work as well thanks for the video

  15. That jumping cow was unusual to see. I wouldnt have thougt it possible. No wonder you brand them in case they vanish off your farm. You certainly seem busy out there. Pity you dont have some farm workers to help out.

  16. I find the mineral tubs and lick blocks work way better at getting the cows what they need than those mineral sleds where they have the different minerals in powder form. Hard for me to assume the cows are just supposed to freely know what they need and stay away from the ones they don’t.

  17. Haveing studded animals I know some animals can benefit others such as birds eating the grit off the rhinos nose. Now this might not work in the pastor but in the corals you might move the caffe from coral to coral and let the chickens go in to the empty one about a two days behind the cafes. As they scratch the manure they then eat the larva in the manure also pooping them self this also can cut feeding cost and increpes egg production.

  18. Definitely the voice of a professional broadcaster. I have been involved in a row crop operation in Eastern NC most of my adult life. I don't have allot of experience with livestock. In addition to row crops I'm a contract poultry grower. Good luck with the challenges of farming/ranching.

  19. When ever we have had cows/beef we've always had minerals of some type. Those lick tube as I call them, are one of the things they love so I know the cows like them. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and video👍😊😊❤️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  20. I saw cow porn. HA HA. I needed a laugh today after losing my horse. My family and I love your videos. You guys are great.

  21. Once a fence jumper! My little town in Arizona has went from 1500 to almost a million. I'm going to have to find me place up in your neck of the woods. Great video

  22. Mike just a hint put your fly bags close to your water sources more cows will use them that is what I have figured out due to them all go there once to twice a day

  23. Do you know anything about showing cattle at the fairs if you do can you give me some tips I’m going to show in a few days and it’s been a long time since so if you have any tips please leave a comment and like to wish me luck well goodbye and 🙏 😊

  24. All my animals get loose minerals. Gosts get selenium blocks also.
    What breed of pig are you going with? I total missed except 10 min. of Wed. Night talk.

  25. I'm a firm believer in those lick tubs. Our cattle love them I have seen a big diffrence in our calfs since we started feeding then 2 yrs ago.

  26. Do you get milk for the calves from the mother or use something else? My wife and I have goats and if you are interested my wife has plenty of goat milk. Also, as I have said, I am a truck driver and I see a lot of places where people harvest hay, and it sits for seems like years. Would this hay still be good?

  27. Mike this is awesome video so educational for those that have no idea 🙂 high five from down under as always

  28. Here’s how hard it is to get rid of flies. During the first Gulf War I was tasked to Displace and Relocate well West. We drove down sand roads for almost 24 hours, we stopped for fuel, if you couldn’t get done with personal need during that stop, to bad. When we got to our location there was nothing around us for 200 Miles. We got there in the middle of the night so we just set the guard and slept where we fell. The next morning we broke out chow and the Dad-blam Flies followed us. All I could think of was a million of the critters holding on the bottom of the truck, in the wind, yelling at the other Flies, “You can make Buzz Bomb, hold on man” “Oh no, Blue Bot, just couldn’t hold on, and he had 5,000 kids” They don’t have regular Flies there, they were absolutely maddening.

  29. here is what someone was doing theirs horses wintertime dringin tell you all..if you dont want start learn finish langue 😃😃

  30. do you find you have more "wow these cows are very dumb" or "wow these cows are smarter than you think" moments on the ranch?

    also i always wonder what cattle ranchers 150 years ago did with things like vitamin deficient grass since im sure those viatmin bricks didnt exist then or most other aids you have in properly raising cows.

  31. Yep, trace mineral blocks , fly spray, fly rub, water, grass and try to worm twice a year…Then they turn all that to milk, fertilizer, leather, and steak…………………………….. Drought here N Missouri is getting very concerning and dishearting….but, its like the old fable says Farmer/Ranchers are the most Faithful cautious optimist on the planet…

  32. If the mineral supplement is a powder form have you thought about putting it in a trough so more cows can access it cheers

  33. Great Job! Learning so much from you! Ive talked to alot of farmers, and i never hear them talk about nutrition or fly control!

  34. It's pretty ironic that you say you feed in a area to get it cover with manure. Then you feed fly control that kill the fly larvae the problem come in the fact that it also kills the dung beetle. With out them your manure just sits there with no benefit to the grass in anyway. It just dries out and crumbles up. No flies but no fertilizer. A cow patty on my ground will just be a empty shell in 12 hours gone before the fly larvae can mature no flies and the manure where it will do the most Good.Pestides are usually not your friend mother nature has the answer to the problem you just need to let her show you

  35. Are the lick barrels molasses based? We used to have liquid molasses type stuff brought in and pumped into feeders that the cows would lick. Really helped with the cows we had out in the woods pastures.

  36. Really found what I was looking for. Having a farm is my idea for retirement. My parents are veterinarians and I have the feeling for the cattle and farm live.

  37. Great video as usual mike. Keep up the good work and educating us. I still learn something from every video that I didn't know before I watched it.

  38. When you get time can you please give me a summary of your feeding routine. How much? How often? How do you change it with the seasons?

  39. Are the black and white cows and bull calf’s and adults black Herefords if not what are they? Also great video

  40. People didn't believe me when I told them I've seen a cow go over 9 wire like a gazelle. You have it on film. 😆

  41. How long do your fly bags last. I tried one this year and it only lasted about 45 days. We have about cows head using it

  42. I see you sell cattle in belle fourche but u can't buy smartlic tubs that are made there. Also you can buy smartlic tubs with fly control in it. Also the vetgun is a viable flycontrol we caked ours and shot them with the vet gun which is damn near 90% kill on horn flys.

  43. Hi again! Your cattle look great! Some don't realize you get back out what you put in! Whether it's care time feed whatever are some ways you have some control. Wow you best keep your eye on that cow. Soon she might be the cow who jumped over the moon! Lol lol Love those licks and the critters really enjoy them too. Funny when you said you were in radio because the first couple times I heard your voice I thought the same. That guy should do radio! Lol Tomorrow is the big dinner and I'm cheering for your success and complete enjoyment for all! As always thx for sharing Mike…

  44. Thanks, Mike. I have been away from YouTube for a few weeks just being busy with my own "stuff". Glad to see that all appears good on your farm. I will try to tune in more as the weather turns.

  45. We used Crystalix in a cattle feeding study when I was in college… years ago. lol How is it working for you? It did great in out study.

  46. @Mike at 5:37 you say you put the supplement out and the word will spread. It is phenomenal how animals communicate, like seagulls when you begin throwing bread pieces in the air by the shore . . . you start with one or two and suddenly the sky goes black with seagulls, all clamoring for a free meal . . . I guess cows are the same way, but how do they spread the word? That may be the eighth wonder of the world! Makes one think that perhaps animals are smarter than humans, or at least have better communication skills.

  47. You're living the life I would have loved to live growing up with. Instead I grew up with two PTSD narcissistic control fruit alcoholics. The reason I have any sanity left is I had a good depression era grandmother in the house to help me.

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    I'm trying to figure out what type of cow would be best fot the herd I'm trying to start. Maybe you could do a video on that.

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