Volvo Trucks – Stretch Brake makes downhill driving safer

Volvo Trucks – Stretch Brake makes downhill driving safer

When driving downhill on slippery winding
roads with a truck and full-trailer there can be situations when the full-trailer
is pushing and possibly creating a jack-knife effect. The Volvo Stretch-Brake is a new Volvo feature
designed to avoid this from happening. The driver can in these critical situations
activate the Stretch- Brake. When the driver releases the accelerator pedal, the brakes
on the full-trailer are automatically applied in a pulsating way in order to slowdown and stretch out the combination. This results in maximum steering ability for the truck,
without the influence of locking or skidding wheels. The Volvo Stretch- Brake is still another
piece of evidence in the company’s ongoing strive to achieve the ultimate goal
of no accidents with Volvo Trucks.

32 Replies to “Volvo Trucks – Stretch Brake makes downhill driving safer”

  1. Sure its a global manufacturer based in Sweden, owned by Volvo Group, and it is the world's second largest heavy-duty truck brand.

  2. Wow! Some difference in performance! If every tractor trailer combination had this kind braking system, less accidents would take place, and a truck would be easier to control.

  3. Well, Volvo Trucks is a part of the Volvo group, owned by Volvo AB witch is still a Swedish company. Volvo cars, on the other hand, is no longer a part of the Volvo group and thereby not a fully Swedish company.

  4. Yea! It could be by law that every trailer need be produced with this technology, and it would really help people. But sadly, safety becomes a luxury business, only who can afford it can have it.

  5. Brakes that come on automatically when going downhill? Fuck that!
    How do you descend a hill with a "trucks must use low gear" sign? By law, you are not allowed to use brakes on this hill, and for damn good reasons…

  6. This is nothing new…..trucks from 1970 had a trailer air brake valve ……dont see how that could be any different to this.

  7. I think it's a good idea. If every truck manufacturer put this on every truck they built, all the driver would need to worry about is which direction the truck is headed and be able to drive down a hill in a safe, and controlled manner. 

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