Watch This Before You Ever Eat At Golden Corral Again

Watch This Before You Ever Eat At Golden Corral Again

Golden Corral is the very definition of a
guilty pleasure, and sometimes, you just need all the comfort food you can eat. Whether you see it as a challenge or as something
to never mention again once you walk out the door, here’s what you should know. Even if you steer clear of Golden Corral’s
cheap starches and questionable pizza and head straight for the meat, you’re still probably
not going to get any real high-quality stuff. Okay, so it’s a budget buffet, and we’re not
really expecting Wagyu beef here, but you still might be surprised to find their proteins
are often served up with a heaping helping of fat. In 2015, intrepid nutritionist Heather Blanchette,
RD, LD ventured into Golden Corral’s nutritional data, and while the chain didn’t provide calories
from fat in their information, she still found some things that were pretty icky. For example, her analysis found a single slice
of Golden Corral’s popular meatloaf is around 45 percent fat. The beef brisket was even worse, coming in
at 63 percent fat. Not surprisingly, you should probably also
skip their prime rib if it’s low-fat meat you’re looking for. Just because you’re heading out to Golden
Corral doesn’t mean you have to opt for foods that are the complete opposite of healthy. Ever thought that owning your own Golden Corral
— and the chocolate fountain that comes with it — might be kind of cool? If you want to open a Golden Corral franchise,
it’ll cost you some serious bucks. Golden Corral estimates the cost to be between
about $2.3 and $6.7 million, and you need a net worth of $2.5 million in order to even
open negotiations, with $500,000 of that in liquid assets. While they throw out a number that includes
average annual sales of $5.3 million, they also add that only applies to the top 20 percent
earners, and, as a footnote, they emphasize in all caps, “THERE IS NO ASSURANCE YOU’LL DO AS WELL. IF YOU RELY UPON OUR FIGURES, YOU MUST ACCEPT
THE RISK OF NOT DOING AS WELL.” Well, that’s one way to get your message across. Golden Corral’s commercials tend to focus
on their big ticket items, showing customers getting some amazing deals on lobster and
digging in to all-you-can eat ribs, sirloin, and smoked brisket. How can they possibly make any money if they
are really encouraging you to fill your face with meat, meat, and more meat? If they were charging $50 a person, then sure,
they wouldn’t go broke, but at $12 a head, how do they do it? “I’ll have some of the yellow. And don’t get cheap on me! Heheh.” Trickery, that’s how, and it’s not just Golden
Corral that does this. Most all-you-can-eat buffets use some sleight-of-hand
and creative layouts to encourage customers to take a lot of the cheap stuff and just
a little of the expensive stuff. The high-end items often tend to be served
in smaller portions, and you may have to wait in line a while for cooked-to-order menu items
like steak. Another trick buffets use is to position heaping
platters of cheap, starchy items such as rice, potatoes, and pasta toward the beginning of
the buffet line, with smaller platters of the pricier specialties being less accessible. They may also play on the mindset that nobody
wants to take the last piece on the plate. Think about it, how many times have you gone
through the buffet line only to find there’s just one piece of fried chicken left on that
platter? Bad luck, coincidence, or a deliberate strategy
where they just don’t refill the dish? Also, take a look at the utensils. Chances are, the scoop for the mashed potatoes
might resemble a small backhoe, while serving tongs for the pork chops may possibly pass
for tweezers. The more you know! Golden Corral has had a certain amount of
legal trouble with the federal government and the Americans with Disabilities Act. First, an explanation: the ADA is meant to
protect employees from discrimination based on their disabilities, and it even requires
employers to provide any reasonable accommodations necessary to allow those disabled employees
to perform their jobs. But nowhere does the ADA say that employers
or managers are permitted to harass and shame employees for their disabilities, or to fire
them for the same. Yet disabled Golden Corral employees have
claimed to have experienced both of these shameful circumstances. One Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
lawsuit against Golden Corral alleged that a dishwasher with high-functioning autism
was repeatedly verbally abused and subjected to unwanted propositions and contact, while
another EEOC lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Golden Corral employee who lost her job
after she was accused of, quote, “being unwilling or unable to control her epilepsy.” In the former instance, Golden Corral was
fined $85,000, while in the second case the payout was $31,000. A restaurant might seem like the last place
someone would be subject to fat shaming, but according to Sueretta Emke, that’s exactly
what happened to her in a Golden Corral in Erie, Pennsylvania. In 2019, Emke was kicked out of her local
Golden Corral due to either violating a non-existent dress code, or, as she suspects, daring to
dress sexy while overweight. She was wearing a crop top and shorts, but
had seen people in the same Golden Corral wearing skimpier clothing, so was shocked
when a manager told her she was dressed, quote, “too provocatively” and would have to leave. As she later posted on Facebook, she felt
she’d been called out, quote, “because I’m not thin so it’s not considered sexy.” Golden Corral issued explanations and apologies
and compensated the woman with some gift cards, but she still says she never wants to wear
that crop top again. And no one should ever finish a night out
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100 Replies to “Watch This Before You Ever Eat At Golden Corral Again”

  1. WHAT DO YOY EXPECTED it’s a ALL YOU can eat if you don’t want to gain some pounds or sum don’t go there I just had gc yesterday like that food was the best and you can’t make me not want to eat there PERIOD

  2. This is why I miss Quincy's and Golden Corral need some serious competition like the buffet restaurants were back in the 90s

  3. Here's what I'm not understanding, who goes to Golden corral, thinking that they're going to a place where it's nutritional, I don't think any of the things that I've heard so far are shocking, or new Golden Corral, and normally buffets don't offer a good variety of healthy choices. It's not for those people who are watching calories and counting the fat amount of meat to their foods, or who even want a calorie count on their meals. That's not what it is, most buffets are, so you can go in there and just enjoy and not counter calories. So this is in void to me, nobody expected to go into a vegan buffet.

  4. I went to one in Georgia For dinner and got a cooked to order steak med and the guy cooked my steak good and I will say that some of the food is cheep but you have to pick what you like I would go back its all the way it run and buy who.

  5. Golden corral wouldn't hire me for the simple fact that I go to church on Sunday and believe that Sunday is the sabbath and no one should work on the sabbath. They are not Christian friendly.

  6. GC sucks! I worked for them. They bashed me on pumping milk for my newborn. They couldn't accommodated me. They over work me so I couldn't pump and ended up drying up! I compliant to the board. Nothing. They are trash

  7. I don't go into Golden Corral with the idea of "Oh, I'm now going to eat whatever is more prominently displayed or positioned". That's utter nonsense. I decide what I want to eat and I go get it. Simple. I decide, not them.

  8. I've been to really good buffets, and "The Golden Trough" is not one of them. Some of these lard asses in there have plate piles so high with food I'm always convinced it's because they don't know where their next meal is coming from. We hit it maybe once a year because it's close to us, and it's easy to feed kids. After one plate I end up strolling around thinking, "This sucks! What am I doing here?"

  9. No trumpdosenr want to ut youre gelthcare l8esnothing but lies imase8nor on ss and im coverd wellsoare you.liear. liear.

  10. God Dam it it's a buffet what you expect it's not a fricking 5 star Chinese sushi bar or a wygua beef resturant or a Gordon Ramsay resturant. It's a buffet of course is not going to be healthy stop trying to ruin golden corral for people and fat ain't even that bad it's your best friend. Golden corral is great. I don't know about your customer expirence but when I went they were nice I call Bull in this video


  12. I want more fat in any meat ………………….IT'S WHERE THE FLAVOR COMES FROM. They tried to make this a "HIT" piece but it isn't. It's a huge thumbs up for added flavor. If you question that, take a look at Waygu steak on youtube.

  13. I used to hit the bobs big boy on the hiway near bristol boro pa. on sunday mornings then hit the couch and watch star trek reruns good times!

  14. whats the point of this useless video? how did it move from eating to owning? no one goes into golden corral with the intention of buying a restaurant or worrying about the fat content… thats what cooking at home is for… again, whats the point of this useless video? couldn't find a way to trash the place so lets wing it

  15. so this chick job is not to inform on food quality but to trash the place. how did she get 500k subscribers while her bit contains little to no facts but generic information is beyond me

  16. people you don't need to worry about the food. its the nasty tongs and spoon in the food .everbody is handling them. picking there nose scratching there ass. using the bathroom and not washing there many time do you see people not washind hands after bathroom time. if your going to eat at buffets take rubber gloves. nasty, nasty, nasty

  17. Golden Corral has good food. And….it isn't cheap. This person has an problem not Golden Corral. People have their own choices to make. Go whine some where else.

  18. HAVE YOU SEEN THE PEOPLE THAT EAT AT GC? THEY ARE ALL FAT!!! If they are not fat, they have someone with them that is. GC is like going on a cruise without the boat. Especially the women, BBW my a-5-5! These are the next contestants on My 600 LB Life. GC found a niche. It deals with overweight people, minorities, and poor people in general. What are THEY going to complain about? And don't get me started on fat, black women! I'd imagine your subscribers are mainly well-to-do white women. They've probably never been inside a GC! Eventually one will go inside, become appalled, and testify before Congress. The Lib-terdz will try to make up some stupid law for the country but it won't pass while T. is in office. NY and CA will make their own equally stupid laws that will pass. So, effectively, since no one who goes to GC will ever watch this, this is FAKE NEWS.

  19. Gc in dothan albama won't ever get our business again that's for sure worst employees I've ever seen only way I would ever go there to eat is if thy fired the whole crew thy have their and started over I guess thy are only in business because of the out of town traffic coming though and I bet thy never stop by another one unless there isn't any other place to eat left I feel sorry for any one that have investments in that place I know for sure there running your costumers off its not the food its there rude employees 5 stars against them for sure

  20. You got the franchise rules waaaaay off sister 😂😂😂 Golden Corral is affordable dining in a pleasant family atmosphere. Eat what you want. It's your plate. 😁

  21. What crock of horse shit!!! I spent 40 years as a chef! Golden Corral is the BEST all you can eat buffet restaurant in the country!! The meat they use is USDA Select grade and while not being the best product, it's still very good! I have never had a bad meal at ANY Golden Corral I've dined in!

  22. $12 for an all you can eat buffet is not a budget beater. people don't want to take the last piece cause it's usually cold or wilted in case of salads.

  23. Just like mom made, yummy. What is healthy anyways? And why go to buffets if your looking for healthy food? Healthy food cost to much and are still NOT healthy by standards. And who wants to see blubber hanging over someones clothes while trying to eat? That's like seeing someones paints hanging half way to their knees exposing stinky underwear, not restaurant appropriate.

  24. Just like mom made, yummy. What is healthy anyways? And why go to buffets if your looking for healthy food? Healthy food cost to much and are still NOT healthy by standards.

  25. Just like mom made, yummy. What is healthy anyways? And why go to buffets if your looking for healthy food? Healthy food cost to much and are still NOT healthy by standards.

  26. Just like mom made, yummy. What is healthy anyways? And why go to buffets if your looking for healthy food? Healthy food cost to much and are still NOT healthy by standards.

  27. Bet I'm gonna be lynched now!!!. What's that saying , oh yeah here we go," the truth always hurts"
    I know why they like the high fat count in their food , they come from a place called fattysville north Carolina
    Not hard to understand why they don't give a shit towards its employees. Why don't they care because  north Carolina and surrounding states are listed in the top 5 states for hate crimes
    Race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical and mental disabilities
    Race, age, gender, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, membership or service in, or employment with, an organization, and employment as a law enforcement officer, firefighter, or emergency medical services personnell
    Wouldn't bother working there if you fall under these categories

  28. Who gives a rats ass? Golden Coral is the best place to eat, with the best food, at the best price. That fat pig shouldn't go out in public dressed like a hooker. No one wants their family to see her lard ass and tits.

  29. It`s way overpriced for what you get the narrator says $12.00 a head where I am it`s $17.00 a head and the senior discount will save you $1.00… It`s not awful but you`re better off to go to a steakhouse such as Logan`s or a ptzza buffet like Pizza Inn!

  30. Once I saw some kids sticking their tongues in the chocolate fountain. Needless to say I no longer use the chocolate fountain.

  31. They need to get a life and let people eat what they want.hate people that and got nothing better else to do but fucks with people.

  32. There used to be super steak and buffet franchises in N.C. in the '80s that I loved to raid. Now, Golden Corral is very gross and WTF good is all you can eat when the food is almost inedible? It's very true. For my money, quality food always beats the franchise all you can eats that if they don't make you first see the food items, , then absolutely will after you've managed any of the crap down.

  33. Our golden corral went from 8.99 to 12.99 to 18.99 in 1 year and they cut the veteran discount. We live in an army town. And the food is always salty so you fill up on drinks. Haven't went back since the hike in price.i can go Asian all you can eat for 10.99 and get oysters, sushi and crab legs.

  34. Can recall about 4 years ago was in Florida n my son wanted to try. The single worst food I’ve ever had n I don’t eat meat. Can only imagine how disgusting that taste. Straight up trash

  35. I love GC fried chicken, it IS the reason why I go there for lunch from time to time BUT (you knew it was coming) its frustrating when I get there and all that's in the fried chicken pan is a bunch of dried out Breast and backs! Then you have to wait for them to cook more legs, wings, and thighs which can take 10-15 minutes! I have spoken with management about it, but it just continues to happen over and over! If their fried chick was slightly lower in taste – I would never waste my lunch hour going there. Channelview tx- I10 location!

  36. This is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard- this lady wants you to believe that people are so stupid that they will select something they DON'T want to eat because of where it is placed? People fill their plate with mac and cheese because they love mac and cheese, not because they really wanted chicken instead but settled for mac and cheese because the chicken was 5 feet away.

  37. I don't like Golden Corral food. It is just too bland, no seasoning. The food isn't very good but there is lots of it, and that is the draw at Golden Corral. On the other hand I do eat at a local cafeteria that has meat dishes and sides that I really like, but there is a big difference between the food at Golden Corral and my cafeteria.

  38. The meat loaf is 20% doodoo.
    The chicken is not corn feed but cricket and spider and work feed.
    The fish is scraps from the floor at fisheries.
    The salad is 3 to 6 days old and fly infested.
    Overall flies LEAVE larvae on all the good
    The cooks are nose and ass digging nose plucking pigs
    The y don't have a dish washer. Only boiled water to rinse the dishes.

  39. It doesn’t matter what you guys think. Golden Corral will always be the best restaurant to take the family and friends out to eat. 😎🎉🙏🏽😇👍🏽.

  40. Of course it’s “low quality” food. What do you expect for $12.99 all you can eat ?? Crappy, tough steaks. More geared toward kids and seniors I think..

  41. golden corrals in houston went to shit in the past 5 years.. i almost threw up 2 times the last time i went to the one in spring, TX.. i used to love it 7 years ago.. food is NASTY now.. GROSS>.

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