We Did 100 Squats Every Day For 30 Days

We Did 100 Squats Every Day For 30 Days

– I think the first day
I got up to 30 in a row and immediately was
like, no, my hamstrings are really gonna break apart. (throbbing soul music) – I have had body image issues for pretty much my whole life. I was always really small and skinny. I was the smallest kid
in my class growing up. – Genetically, my legs are always so much bigger than my butt. I’ve just never, ever been
able to have bigger butt. I was very interested to see
if getting stronger glutes actually does increase your butt size. – I pretty much look a 13-year-old boy with skinny little chicken legs. But if I can do 100 throughout the day and I do it throughout the summer, I’m gonna have Nikki Minaj booty, like, oh, my god, anacondas in the house. – I figured it would be doable because it’s just body weight. Yeah, I was wrong (laughs),
that is not what happened. – Alright, guys, I am all warmed up, ready to do my first exercise. 100 squats, let’s see how this goes. – What I’m gonna do is
divide them into 25, take breaks in between;
this is done right now. So let’s do them. (discordant R&B music) Look at that, look at that. I already got a bigger booty. (laughs) I’m kidding, of course not. – When I woke up, I couldn’t move. I’m gonna be honest, it
was a little bit harder than I thought it was gonna be. – Oh, my god, if this is what
it’s gonna be for 30 days, I am out of this, I do not wanna do this. – The next day, I thought
that I would wake up with tense muscles or
unable to walk around, go up and down the stairs,
but I was pretty okay, which is why you didn’t
see video of any of that. It was like, oh, I’m freaking fine. – Basically, going into this, I knew that I could already do 100 squats just because I work out six times a week, so I wanted to make it a
little harder on myself and I added weight to those squats. Alright, I just finished all
100, did four sets of 25. Pretty easy; to be
honest, I could go more, so hopefully, that means my
legs are getting a lot stronger. – You know, being able
to do 80 squats in a day as a max was sort of a
little bit depressing. Trying to do squats and this
cat won’t leave me alone. (cat meows) Oh, now you go away? I really thought that
100 was gonna be tough, but not undoable. – On the first week, you’re just having a lot of fun with it. This looks stronger,
this legs looks stronger, they look wider; as for booty,
I do see it’s tightened up, and it’s a little bit uplifted. It’s a matter of discipline. – It is day 10 of the challenge, it is early in the morning, 6:30. Right before going to bed last night, I was thinking, “Oh, I get to
wake up and do the challenge,” which is so weird to even think. I’m excited, I think I’m
starting to see changes, like my quads are getting more
defined and a little bigger, and that’s why I’m so excited to do this. I obviously saw that my
legs were getting bigger, but something I noticed about my butt was that my butt was
actually getting more firm. Butt’s getting pretty big
too, which isn’t bad at all. – There were definitely times where I was just doing squats in public because there was just
no other time to do them. (rock music) – My legs looked like
little bodybuilder’s arms. Look at that; they’re super defined. God, I’m so strong, I don’t know what to do with all this strength. (laughs) No, seriously, it’s been really cool when you look at the mirror and
you love what you’re seeing. – Towards the end of the project, I actually noticed that
I felt a lot stronger. I, for the first time
today, got in 60 squats without taking a break;
I’m kinda proud of myself. – I think the most surprising
thing for this project was my personal transformation, not seeing my body change,
but actually feeling stronger at the end of it and knowing
that I was actually stronger because I was lifting more. I was proud of myself that
I cared more about that than I did about the way that I looked. (rhythmic music) (sharply exhales) – Yes. – I got a whole fucking extra inch of ass. That’s insane. (triumphant music) Oh, my god, there is major
freaking change. (giggles) Oh, my god, dude, I’m just really amazed. – My butt looks really
firm in the after picture, and toned, and that’s great. In the before picture,
it looks super thick, which is also fine. My quads definitely got bigger
too, which I really like. – In the after photo,
it’s like you can see that my butt’s raised a little bit more, and there’s a little bit
more definition to it. It seems like there is a little bit of difference in my legs. Even if you just have 20 minutes or if you are just gonna do
squats, or sit-ups, or push-ups. Do it because it’s still
gonna make a difference. You don’t need to carve
out two hours of your day in order to get in physical activity. – Dude, it’s 100 squats a day and have an inch of more booty. (triumphant music)

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  1. U have to give your body a break so if u do it every day your muscles never repair so u don’t get bigger and stronger. That’s why there’s no difference

  2. I love how your thumbnail is someone with shorts on, and the ‘after’ picture is the same goddamn person with the shorts pulled up higher. What a fucking joke!

  3. Why every day? Haven't they heard about recovery? Gymnastics is never done every day.

    Okay, if you are in very good shape and only do squats with your own body weight, you may not be hurting by one hundred squats.

  4. This is how not to squat. When you have muscle pains, just stop. Rest until it's gone otherwise you're just destroying your body.

  5. This doesn't make sense to me… If you do 100 squats every single day when are your muscles going to have time to repair themselves and grow? Rest days are IMPORTANT.

  6. A lack of visual results is not due to not resting, this answer is bonkers. This primary builds endurance and one month isn’t enough time either. You must continue this for months and increase the frequency between sets, do your 100 within the hour not the whole day.

  7. And this ladies and gentlemen is how to not get a big bubbly but. Less quantity, more quality. Take three “butt” days a week in the gym, stack up the weights so high you can only repeat every exercise for 8-10 times, don’t forget to activate your butt with resitance bands and remember your muscles grow with REST and FOOD. 100 squats a day 😂😂😂 Will do.. nothing 😂😂😂😂

  8. Wow, you can really tell a lot about Buzzfeed's audience's work ethic from their reactions to a ONE MONTH challenge.

  9. Everyone in the comments saying how they don't look any different but just cause they don't look different doesn't mean they haven't gained muscle
    If you wanted these huge legs you'd need to use weights


  10. Shouldnt squat every day.Muscle fibers will sore too quickly.A least do 1 or 2 days appart if you want any type of results.Do different variatons of squats and exercises.Only squats wont do the magic.

  11. Bro 100 squats is nothing I do 300-500 sit-ups and squats everyday and I feel myself getting stronger everyday

  12. I did 100 squats because I felt like it… After my legs felt like anchors and I could barely walk for two days XDDDD

  13. Before i become judgmental….it is only 30 days. It's not like they did this for 6 months. So the results are pretty good for 30 days

  14. i did 100 squats yesterday and 150 squats today . it’s not that hard, it hurts like hell but you’ll get through it

  15. Doing squats (especially with weights) is not very efficient every day. You need that couple days of rest for the muscles to recover and build. Otherwise, you're just overworking it with no added benefit. Every bodybuilder knows this.

  16. You don't do 100 squats a day, you incorporate your squats into your exercise routine. You do a variety of exercises, squats would be one of them. Exercising is the long game, not a 30 day challenge.

  17. So when are you doing the full One Punch Man Challenge? 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, 10 km run. EVERY DAY! No air conditioning!

  18. Not trying to be mean but after 2 days of doing 100 squats, it’s not really doing anything. You guys should try adding by holding 30 pound each hand

  19. But what if I have the opposite problem…my thighs and butt are too big…im a male by the way….what do I do….I don't want to add inches….I don't want to be a thicc boi any more

  20. I don't know about these " 30 day challenges." Once you are done with the challenge then you got to go back to the exercises you normally would have done and then you will be weak on those. This also goes for the 30 day, 100 push up a day challenge. I guess material is needed to have a Youtube channel.

  21. Bruh they doing it for 30 days I AM STARTING TO WORK OUT FOR 7 MONTHS I already finished 3 days good luck to me but I ain't doing 100 squats a day

  22. If you want to have more fun while squatting, try out our mobile game 😀 It's an endless runner.. where you squat to control the character. Thighs guaranteed to burn! https://testflight.apple.com/join/ml9CAAc2

  23. yo guys people aren’t always looking at your upper body 😉 and believe me most of the power comes from the hips and legs exc

  24. 30 days? What about the rest of your life? If you just keep doing 100 a day, you'll get so acclimated that you start LOSING muscle! 1/You have to do less reps, WAY less, like 3 or 4 sets x 5, but w/heavy weight., & only 3x a wk. 2/ you need to ADD WEIGHT, 5 lbs usually, every workout. 3/You need a full night's sleep, every night, & to eat a lot of healthy food. THEN see some REAL results!

  25. A other comments in the end The guy had to put his hand next to her when she squated i mean every one knows how to squat and when the guy squwted he didi nothing or put any hqnds next to him

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