What are proteins | why we need Protein | side effects & benefits | Hindi | Fitness Rockers

What are proteins | why we need Protein | side effects & benefits | Hindi | Fitness Rockers

Recently IMRB did a survey in India to know Indian knowledge about proteins & to know about their protein consumption and came up with shocking results IMRB found that approx 90% of Indians lacks adequate protein in their diet Indian biggest newspapers like Hindustan Times & Times of Indian published article regarding it too on 2nd and 3rd June 2015. And reason of this deficiency also came up during the survey. some people didn’t even know about proteins OR Some saild that there is no such need of proteinss and we get enough from our regular diet Some said that its for Bodybuilders or atheletes only OR people wo are sick And some said that protein makes a person fat But these all are nothing but myths Due to all this lack of right information / knowledge weakness, Fatigue, weak bones, low immunity, Hormonal Imbalances, poor digetsion are very common in today’s generation In this video we will give a brief about all aspects of Proteins We will explain what are proteins? what are basic protein functions in our body Why we need proteins? How proteins work in our body How much our proteins our body need on daily basis So that we can stay fit and healthy… Protein is second major component in our body after water Its about 20% in our body & its basic building of our body Lets discuss about functions of protein in our body First is structural function which means that Hair, Nails, skin, Ligaments, Tissues, Muscle fibers and even our heart is also made up of protein Other than this, Bones mainly consists Collagen which is a fibrous protein Engymes are also proteins… and enzymes controls the chemical activities like digestion, absorption and utilization of food in our body. Hemoglobin in our red blood cells is also protein… which carries oxygen throughout the body White blood cells which defense our body produces… antibodies which are actually proteins. Muscle fibers are involved in contraction & these are made up of proteins. Our behavior, mood,, growth etc. all depend on hormones And some hormones are actually proteins like growth hormones which instructs the cell to perform certain functions So protein deficiency may affect growth. Insulin which controls the blood sugar in our body is also protein Protein is also an energy source as when body dont get enough calories from carbs & fats then our body uses protein for energy. It is clear that protein is required in basic functions of our body like growth, digestion, blood sugar regulation, body defense system etc. we need adequate protein so that we can be fit and healthy. &thats why protein is required from fetus till baby’s birth and from baby birth till last day of human and its a daily continuous need so that body get energized and and for smooth wear, tear and repair work to be fit and healthy In next part of this video we will discuss how proteins work in our body try to know about diff between complete & incomplete proteins Also, will find out how much protein our body requires.

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  1. yeah i watch all are the videos more then a 3 time bro….i am taking a ASN XXX which is refer by my trainer but i want to gain a weight andvwant to be healthy an you please refer a good mass gainer/ weight gainer please

  2. hello,

    my current weight is 61kg and i am using a on serious mass so sir can i use vitamins with this gainner to get a effective grow

  3. Amazing work Fitness Rocker, After watching the videos i'm extremely satisfied. I was living in the myths and searching the internet of these kind of informations to be told in exactly the same way you told us and also wanted to join some fitness courses as bodybuilding is my leisure pursuit but due to lack of time i was not able to join. Thanks a lot for the guidance. Love you FitnessRocker team. You people really rocked and made my day.

  4. sir muje body bnani pr muje apni body jana gain nhi krni koi aisa protin btao jo mere liye sv b ho or achi body bn jaye ..

  5. hi!! its good following your plan!! but I have a question please guide me
    I am 40kg and i go regularly( 6days) to gym and perform calisthenic (workout)
    and now am starting with weights so
    this my schedule
    with weights
    Monday chest Wednesday biceps
    bodyweight Tuesday shoulder, thrusday back
    abs Friday
    Saturday rest Sunday rest

  6. bastard those are disliking this video !! pls give me the reasons to dislike this video !!! such a bastard !!!

  7. i have been to.gym. for 8.months still.i have no muscle size increase.although strength have increased.what should i do.

  8. thank-you bhai .Aur yeh jo aap ki voice jo hai waa Kamal ki hai .mujhey bohut mazaa atha hai aap ki voice sunney mey .Aur aapke sabhi videos bade hi knowledgeable hothey hai

  9. Yes protien deficiency is a BIG MYTH, even a fruitarian can manage his protien needs
    watch my video
    == How Much Protien Do We Really Need ? | High Protien Fruits | Protien deficiency ==
    to understand that protien deficiency is just a myth ..its very very rare .its all false marketing by big pharama companies
    also comes from the meat dairy and egg industries .

  10. very informative video sir.. I m a Bodybuilder​ compete in 70kg and eat 400 GM chicken , 2scoops whey isolate and 12 eggs every day through the year..I heard from someone that using so much protein all the year Will damage my kidney..so he suggest me to get off protein from supplement and chicken for one month and to use only 8 eggs and carbs after Bodybuilding competition..
    is it a myth or its true..Plzz help me with this..

  11. Sir my age 27 male mere under thodi anxiety hai aur kisise khul ke baat karne me darr lagta thakan bhi hai kabhi roleta hun tention me cause this prob how to imrove


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