What are the treatments for TMJ Pain / Temporomandibular Joint Disorder & DNA Appliance Therapy

What are the treatments for TMJ Pain / Temporomandibular Joint Disorder & DNA Appliance Therapy

hi I’m my name is dr. Adams and I’m a
dentist at Maryland Holistic Dentist in Burtonsville
Maryland and I am going to answer questions about what are the treatments
for TMJ I’m gonna review a little bit because I want to talk about what causes
TMJ I have some other videos that really go in a lot of detail about this but
simply TMJ is caused by activation of the night time clenching reflex and the
clenching reflux is a defense mechanism to clear the tongue of the soft tissues
that have collapsed into the airway and that happens in deep sleep the tongue is
a very powerful muscle and when someone gets into deep sleep the tongue a
relaxed and this occurs when there’s not enough space between the jaws for the
tongue to to exist and it occurs in individuals that have small mouths and
small nasal passageways there’s literally not enough firm time to fit so
the time being about the muscle when it relaxes will fall back into the airway
and the defense mechanism is a body too for the body to quants to get the tongue
up and out of the airway so there in wise it frames a question what are the
treatments for TMJ and I’m going to get into the treatments for TMJ to work and
the treatments for TMJ that manage the TMJ problem the ones that can correct
the problem and the ones that just plain and simple do not work so focus on the
problem that TMJ is caused by a small small jaws and a tight space where the
tongue can’t exist the tongue falls back into the airway what we’re talking about
our treatments that actually create more wing
in the mouth for the tongue and there’s also the issue of the bite and the jaws
are small and the teeth are in tight the jaws are having to close too far because
they’re under sized there will be a lot of tooth clenching and there’s been a
lot of focus on the bad boy and certainly one the teeth are tight in
their crowded and they don’t fit well because of a small mouth that bad bite
really is related to the the undersized and the under development in the in the
mouth so we what we really want to focus our treatments on things you’re gonna
create more space in the mouth for the tongue and the other tissues to stay in
the mouth when they belong and not collapse into the airway and I myself
have found this to be a very personal as well as professional area that means a
lot to me when I was a kid I had a lot of tooth crowding and basically what
happened to me is I had four teeth removed and I had braces which pulled
things back and that didn’t fast straighten my teeth but it permanently
shrunk the size of my mouth and really created even less space for my tongue
and surprise surprise I’ve been a clencher ever since so I do want to say
that the number one treatment that I think will not work at least on its own
for treating TMJ is orthodontics orthodontics are wires they will not
create more room in the mouth they will you know retain bangs and possibly even
retract things they will bring this awful
the teeth and the soft tissue if anything you know further back into the
airway there are other modalities that will create more room in the mouth and
they can be used in combination with orthodontic wires so that’s not to say
that wires won’t work at all but there are orthopedic treatments out there and
this is for adults this is an appliance called in DNA appliance and basically I
know you can’t see it very well here but I’ve made one of these these for myself
and what it will do is it will create more width and more depth to the mouth
it takes anywhere from one to two years to to do and it’s seen on schedule much
like orthodontics but instead of moving teeth it actually increases groves bone
and creates more room in the mouth for the tongue and the soft tissues it also
establishes more height to the jaw so you’re not closing your jaws down so far
and I really is a perfect treatment for TMJ also this appliance if you look at
it really closely it has a split down the middle and it’s shaped like a why
it also looks somewhat like a retainer so it does a very good job of keeping
the front teeth straight as it creates more round and the other thing that it
does is it has an area for the lower teeth to plate upon so it has a
mechanism where you can open and balance a budget as you’re making them the mouth
bigger and wider so this really is an ideal treatment this is a treatment that
will simply put will open and create more room in the mouth and it will in
fact make the airway larger because it’ll grow the jaw bones out and forward
and moving all the substitution out of the airway it also increased the
diameter of all the wall about including the bone tissue in the airway
it also will balance the bite you you know we have complete ability to change
the body this things are getting bigger and opening up so simply put this device
bounces by you it opens the airway and if this treatment is handled the right
way it can actually correct TMJ and it actually if it opens the airway up
enough can in many cases correct obstructive sleep apnea and sleep
disorders there’s another appliance that has been out since the 1980s
it’s a springy little wire and I use this a lot for kids and basically what
it does see these little loops right here these little loops can be kind of
opened up in and bent you know the dentist will you know let’s dentists
orthodontists people will bend wires and we can put pressure and move teeth in
this case it goes in the mouth these little loops go over top of the lower
molars and it all kind of do this so basically we’ll give like a gentle
outward pressure and instantly not as soon as I put this in my mouth I really
feel like there’s something something in there I’m going to play with it so my
tongue pushes upon this AOF appliance which stands for advanced weight wire
functional I’m not really sure what the advanced means but it is a white wire
which supplies a light force and it utilizes functional forces to do its
movement to some extent and that functional horse that it uses to apply
pressure and stimulate the movement and growth of bone is that
and the tongue is really important and I find it song to be a really really
interesting thing that song when the kids develop in will put pressure on the
upper and lower jaws when it’s moving properly you know it pushes out
stimulates it and a lot of people have what’s referred to as a tied tongue and
I know the tongue does a lot of things but being a dentist the main thing that
I really like to see the tongue do is not be tied so it can stimulate and push
on the bone as people talk to do different things and and and the tongue
movement really has almost everything to do with creating the puck proper
proportions and size of the upper and lower jaw and when the tongue is not
doing its job that is when the tongue is tied we can see a lot of problems so the
two conditions where people end up with TMJ that I that I really think are
occurred the most often they’re just genetics which is a strong predictor if
you see parents and grandparents a small Mouse and crowded teeth and then you see
these you know genetics is a strong one and where you see tongues that are tied
that you know that they’re tied down to structures they shouldn’t be attached to
some people at the tone can’t come out and can’t swing can’t come out and swing
side to side or not that probably you know definitely had some of those
problems myself so don’t look scary over a couple of treatments that I think
might man it’s a problem these orthopedic appliances secrete more
room can actually correct the problem appliances that can manage the problem
and I’ve used a lot of these appliances in the past I’ve been a TMJ dentist for
over 12 years and what we would do is we would make white splints or night guards
and basically what the with the bite splints and light guards will do is it’s
a piece of plastic you put in your mouth and you can adjust the bite on it and
get the jaw into a more comfortable position you can position the jaw a
little more forward to get the airway opened up a little bit and for many
people it’s long as they’re wearing this appliance at nighttime it can make them
feel anywhere from I’d say thirty to seventy percent better with respect to
TMJ pain and symptoms and this DNA ‘pliance has only been out for the last
five years so you know surprise surprise I’ve had a lot of
experience doing night guards and life splints because that’s really about all
that was available for people that wanted TMJ treatment other than surgery
a lot of times you know surgery can be done surgery can be done to you can you
know break and reset the jaws into a into a more open position to get changes
in size and shape of the jaws that’s certainly been done to treat TMJ
conditions you know it’s surgery and the results
aren’t always you know what’s it what you think they’re gonna be they don’t
always turn out great and I’ve always wanted that surgical decision to people
of it you know everything else has been tried and you know the person’s really
having a lot of difficulty that they can’t you know just just not going to be
able to deal with the you know so you know the nightguard is a good management
appliance certainly the DNA and the a LF appliance you’re gonna take more time
and the treatment it’s gonna cost more money than a night guard a lot of times
I’ll have people come in and they’ll say well I can’t really I don’t really have
a time the money to do the the corrective therapy can I do a night
guard and we will do a night guard things that you really don’t want to do
you don’t want to do an over-the-counter a night guard there’s really no ability
whatsoever to adjust the bite on that yourself no way anybody do you
get any more balance on on a night guard you’re just gonna put some in your mouth
you’re gonna be punching on more and you’re probably gonna feel worse about
the only thing that that’s gonna do is it’s going to be provided like a
physical barrier for wear and tear on your teeth and it probably cost more and
there Hetal hurt even more the nti appliance MTI appliance is a
little piece of plastic that gets kind of put in between the front teeth and it
will cause a little bit of separation and it’s y’all we kind of come forward
and that I can find a more comfortable position I really love that appliance
for short time short term treatment of acute TMJ symptoms if people come in and
they’re really really fired up and complaining about a lot of pain and you
want to do something quick and fast it’s simple it’s relatively inexpensive
throwing into your eye in there and get it adjusted and I’m the only problem
with this is you really open up the front teeth you separate the back teeth
and you know you have somebody doing that every night you can start getting
the back teeth moving around it’s really not alarm to a long-term solution but if
you know the appliance certainly has its place so there you have it I hope that
helps you help provide a little bit of clarity to what the treatments are for
TMJ I think that for a proper TMJ treatment people need a sleep assessment
some physical therapy you need their airway opened up and their plate
balanced give us a call we’re located in Rockville Maryland thanks again and have
a good day bye

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  1. How much is your treatment? I have to get this because unfortunately me getting braces didn't solve this issue

  2. I wish I would've seen this sooner. I'm currently in invisalign. I'm nearing the end of my first set of aligners, but I'm not really happy. I wish my smile were more broad. While invisalign made my smile broader, it hasn't really broadened it as much as I had hoped. My orthodontist wants to "reboot" once I am done with my last aligner and make a new scan so that I can get a new set of aligners. Do you think it's possible to start using a DNA appliance before getting scanned for my second set? Does that sound like a possible course of action or is it already too late?

  3. makes sense, I​ expend so much money in appliances and really didn't,t work at all.

  4. I’ve been having symptoms of pain in temples and pressure behind eyes as well around my jaw and on my upper neck is that symptoms of tmj ? I’ve been feeling this for 3 weeks

  5. Sorry to disagree with this dentist but I bought moldable night guards from Amazon and they helped me. I have insurance but I wanted to try them and for 20 bucks, my problem improved. Great for people with no insurance. I have insurance but I've lost faith in doctors and dentists. I've wasted enough of my time with them for various reasons. Also, this dentist didn't mention exercises for tmj pain. There are many videos on Youtube about methods that help.

  6. This is great details, thank you Doctor. I have same symptoms as you explained. More than 20 years back 4 (2 top and 2 bottom) tooth were removed for braces. I'm looking for second opinion from you. Can you please help me with that

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  8. You said it will balance the bite? Does that mean it will correct asymmetry. Also I am 14, would I use an ALFor a DNA appliance?

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