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  1. My mom recently died and was cremated. I had nightnightmares about her being shoved into an oven…..but your explanation is oddly comforting now that i know what actually happens. So….thanks

  2. my father use to work right next door to a crematorium. I did not know that until one day when I was younger I was in the car with mom waiting for dad to get off work and we asked him what that smell was. smelled like burnt BBQ. sure enough he told us what it was :,(

  3. when i go, i want my ashes to be put in a pen with and with a custom design that has my characters on it. why a pen? so i could still be making something, even beyond the grave.

  4. Is a pregnant corpse cremated the same,or is the fetus corpse removed and cremated separately.? Thank you fo your time.

  5. Our sweet lil doggie passed away unexpectedly. We are waiting for her to be cremated, it takes 17 days. We’re still at a loss, she was the reason we breathed! I better stop watching this.

  6. 6:00 *doing as you wish excludes dumping cremated remains on Disneyland property. Yes, it is apparently a common enough request and yes, people have gotten in trouble for doing it.

  7. You are interesting to watch. They say that it takes a VERY Special individual to be involved in this type of …Work. You have that special and somewhat interesting – although morbid, sense of… that somehow captivates your audience.. Well, me anyways! 😉 Good that someone such as yourself can explain to people what happens when we kick the can!

  8. A Japanese restaurant has started serving human meat. When people show up for dinner, I wonder if they make them sign a consent form?

  9. Who is this person? She's very personable. Actually most of the morticians I know are outspoken and more personable than most people.

  10. Where in the sam hill are you taking your body's??? It would seem like after 20mins the bodies would be pretty much dust but your the expert. In my burn barrel I can make an eighteen pack of crushed beer cans disappear in five minutes. Anyway, after the doctor's take out any of my body parts that I've donated, that's the way I'm goin. Fire me up………

  11. My dad's cremains are in a John Deere urn in my curio cabinet … so are my cat Jinx's. I don't know how to feel now that I got the details.

  12. I am a pet funeral director. There are a lot of different furnaces. Ours are human furnaces modified for animals. Craftwood or cardboard is safe to place in. I am hearing you with the spongey bits especially in Great Danes and Greyhounds. Oops my bad this is for humans, carry on !

  13. I had my daughter cremated, and although hearing back about what happens is heartbreaking to me, I'm glad to have had her cremated as she's at home with me and I can take her wherever I go <3

  14. Where I live in Fayette county Pa, a funeral director was found guilty of having cremated remains in a self storage unit that weren't labeled, and multiple people were in each "bag" yes, black garbage bags specifically. He'd had many of these bags in the unit. his family had operated the funeral home for generations. He had been hooked on drugs and had let the business go to hell in a handbasket, he is in jail now thank goodness. My family never used his services.

  15. During rigor mortis, does the male cadaver get an erection? What about during cremation? When your hot you're hot..when you're not you're not..but what about when you're stiff, what happens then?

  16. A lot of trouble. To much trouble, if you ask me. There the body into a cement mixer and tons of gravel & lime in the mix, grinds the meat off the skeleton in half an hour and the bones grind into powder. Pour the mix into a foundation and forensics would be able to prove anything. The lime wipes or everything.👻 No pollution😊👍

  17. I am so sorry to have started to watch this. Why did you feel it necessary to crack jokes about this when the deceased family is grieving. I don't know what is worse now. Cremation or being buried.

  18. Someday you should discuss how although the conscious force may have "died" the body itself can biologically continue to live for days afterwards and this is why pious Hindus (which I'm not) will wait up to 14 days (leaving the body untouched) before cremation. Any possibility of this being accepted in the "modern" (haha) western world, or need I go to India ?

  19. I had a question, but you answered it in this video. The question was "How do the ashes get that whitish dirty color?" Now I know it's from grinding the bones. Love your videos. They are always so interesting. And you have the perfect voice for these videos.

  20. Thank you Caitlin! I'm a first time viewer that was drawn to your use of facts and humor to make a "potentially sensitive" subject manageable. I was pleased that you went into considerable depth; sharing the entire cremation process. When I begin to research a new subject, I want FACTS and more FACTS! Your video exceeded my expectations and I will share with family and friends. 🙂
    You're very funny.

  21. How do you sleep at night???? There is
    No way in hell I could do your job…my hats off to you young lady. Love your videos by the way.

  22. I was once at a crematory and they were giving out free coffee. They asked me how I wanted mine. I told them sugared and creamated.

  23. My Best Friend weighed roughly 450# when he passed away. Would his cremeation have been handled as outlined in this video ?

  24. can you ask to be stuffed with corn , for the popcorn effect?? would be awesome to spread the smell of popcorn out of the chimney of the oven..so ppl can think yeah…they got the right body..and gosh…a c c c cre molator? like a huge grinder hah 😓

  25. How do you know that every so many minutes this happens and that happens see if they can put in a video that won't burn and video it other than that I'm going out the same way I came in I came in

  26. I’ll be cremated when I die. And until now, I never knew the process. This was very informative. So I wanted to say thank you.

  27. My dad, who passed in 1991, my stepdad who passed in 2015 and recently my best friend who passed this year, were all cremated. I think more people are opting for cremation as cemeteries are filling up and burial land is becoming less and less. It's also a cheaper option for your family as well. You can still buy a plot in a cemetery or a memorial garden etc where you can place your loved one's ashes and visit them if you wish. This video makes me feel a bit more sure about my wishes too, I would much rather be cremated than buried I think, it means I won't be occupying land that cannot be used for over 1000 years after my burial either, land that could be used to build housing or facilities for future generations. These are my thoughts anyway.

  28. Just make sure you don't cremate a body contaminated with 2-4-5 Trioxin near a cemetery. It will create a major zombie problem.

  29. Creamation vs disolution? costs? environment aspects? What is the most environmentally sustainable choice? Tree pods? I would love to be an apple tree my grand kids can eat from,

  30. My father passed away last month just found out about it yesterday 56 years old..he was cremated never understood how it worked until now

  31. Q: Wouldn't removal of breast implants equate to mutilation?
    I understand the pacemaker to avoid explosion and possible injury to the crematory operator when they do the peek-a-boo checking on progress…but the incision and excising of the implants is merely to not have to clean the retort as well. Just looking for your opinion on the matter.

  32. I absolutely love your videos, and I'm currently watching this while I do my makeup preparing for a job interview at a crematorium!

  33. I start mortuary school this coming summer. I’m not afraid of embalming, or really any process concerning corpses. But the thought of the skill cap falling off and gases and liquids shooting out of the abdomen in a 2000 degree oven is kind of horrifying

  34. I am horrified by the process and aroused at the same time as I watch you tell it like it is (WTH?)……Does the Cremebrulator also make some Creme Brulee?

  35. When youre dead you are dead…usually in hospital.they should do the service there and then….a chapel in hospital service and cremation..done finished…no long drawn out waiting grieving wailing…..and so much cheaper…
    Get it done and over with…

  36. You’re a talented lady that I suspect learned TV production somewhere else. I’m wondering if you were trained in a job or you’ve got a talented helper that taught you. In any event your entertaining and informative. I just want to know how you developed your skills.

  37. for exactly the same reason; when working at a tank farm (oil) the same size metal tags have to be worn in case of a big problem.
    your name is recorded to the tag number and mom will be sure the ash is her baby boy.

  38. My parents always cremate our cats when they die, but I can't imagine doing this to my lovely Nyx when she eventually passes on 🙁

  39. I am not scared of dying but how, where,when
    And what happens after I die

    Basically I am shitting myself
    To just think about death 😞

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