What Happens To Your Body When You Cut Out Sugar

What Happens To Your Body When You Cut Out Sugar

In 1822, the average American consumed about
45 grams of sugar every five days, which is the amount that’s found in just one modern-day
soft drink.Today that number has climbed all the way to 765 grams every five days. We’re now consuming the amount of sugar in
seven hours that our forefathers consumed in a span of five days. We’ve turned this formerly sweet splurge into
a dietary staple. But what if we were to take about 20 teaspoon-sized
steps back? We asked the experts what would happen to
our bodies and our minds if we cut back on the spoonsful of sugar. Glow like Beyonce Glycation is the effect of sugar molecules
on your body’s cells. And the same cells that make you look younger,
plumper, and glowy are the ones that are most susceptible. According to Elle, “…when those proteins hook up with renegade
sugars, they become discolored, weak, and less supple; this shows up on the skin’s surface
as wrinkles, sagginess, and a loss of radiance.” Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist to Kim Kardashian
and Beyonce, says if we cut out the ice cream, sugary cereal and even large amounts of fruit,
people can see changes within as little as 72 to 96 hours. He told The Cut: “They’ll feel better, their color will look
better, their skin won’t be so oily and they won’t be so dry.” Bye bye blackheads Beyonce’s dermatologist also said sugar may
be the culprit behind ugly breakouts, since it has the ability to weaken the immune system. A weak immune system can’t fight off bacteria,
and bacteria clogs pores. Clogged pores cause pimples. Sugar can also increase your testosterone
levels. In addition to flabby bellies and decreased
sex drive, high testosterone translates into bigger, oilier pores. Get your mojo back A 2007 study from the Child & Family Research
Institute found that excessive amounts of sugar can turn off the gene that controls
the levels of estrogen and testosterone in your body. This gene is aptly named the Sex Hormone Binding
Globulin, or SHBG for short. Remember those testosterone problems? Too little SHBG and your body releases extra
testosterone and estrogen, which can lead to infertility, polycystic ovaries, and uterine
cancers. If there’s too much of it, it still disrupts
the balance, which could lead to cardiovascular disease in women. Losing the love handles Not only does a lack of donuts and cupcakes
get rid of empty calories, but cutting out the sugary snacks helps with insulin release. Insulin is used to communicate with our fat
cells. When insulin levels are sky-high, it will
tell our cells to store fat and avoid burning more. From here, the body can’t access the stored
fat. Which it interprets to mean, “I’m hungry!” The effects are cyclical, and the more processed
sugar you eat, the more processed sugar you want. All the while, your body is storing fat, not
burning it, and wondering, “When am I going to get my next meal?” Cut down the sugar, and you might just see
your waistline go down too. Brain power Fructose hits the brain with a temporary high
like a drug. But animal research is now suggesting that
repeated sugar hits leads to a need for more sugar to keep that fantastic high going. “There’s some secret ingredient in these Nutreum
bars that makes me feel so good!” “Sugar. It’s a block of sugar.” Researchers at UCLA also found that a diet
high in sugar can affect your ability to learn new things and remember old ones. They saw that rats who ate too much sugar
had impaired communication between brain cells. Last but not least, elevated blood sugar levels
can cause inflammation in the body, which can also lead to brain degeneration, and ultimately,
diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Addictive tendencies, learning impairment,
and memory loss? Not sure those cookies are as sweet as they
look. Take the edge off Sugar is often seen as a solution for high
stress situations. But the classic, rebellious pint of ice cream
may actually hurt more than it helps. According to Psychology Today, sugar is a
catalyst for making anxiety worse. It can cause symptoms that mirror an anxiety
attack such as blurry vision, fuzzy head, fatigue, and shaking. The symptoms cause more worry and fear, creating
a vicious cycle. In 2008, a study in Physiology & Behavior
found that rats given an excess of sugar, and then deprived of food, showed a dopamine
imbalance which resulted in increased anxiety. The following year, another study in the same
publication found that consuming sugar in the long term reduces the ability to fight
anxiety. That delicious ice cream cone may soothe the
soul, but too much of it may actually send you over the edge. A world with no sugar? Before we go cleaning our cabinets of all
things sweet, or ban birthday cakes from our kids, let’s keep a little perspective. The sugar we’ve talked about is largely from
processed foods like sport drinks, breakfast cereals, and snacks that are marketed to be
healthy, like low-fat yogurts and protein bars. That still leaves plenty of room for more
natural forms of sugar, like berries, sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, and even homemade
baked goods sweetened with things like honey. We need sugar in our diet. It gives us energy. The problem is our approach to eating it. Just like anything else, too much of anything
is a bad thing. 765 grams? Come on, America! Scale it back to more reasonable sugar levels,
circa 1822, and you might find the picture perfect sweet spot that your body loves. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  2. Everything about this video is wrong. When you cut sugar you just lose weight slowly and be less tired. Nothing else, it doesn't make you super human or get rid of spots.

  3. My grandpa ate alot of sugar in his life and still eats his 93 years old so he said enjoy life and eat or drink what you want. He's a healthy 93 year old who drives and goes fishing every day

  4. They got most of it right. "We need sugar-it gives us energy". There are essential minerals, micro nutrients, macro nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. There is no such thing as an essential sugar.

  5. This whole video is undone by the simple fact that if you don't eat sugar (glucose) you body simply breaks down FFA (free fatty acids) in your liver to make more… wait for it… sugar. Why? because your body is powered by glucose. Every cell in your body runs on sugar that is were mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) get energy to make ATP. Just don't eat more calories than your burn daily and you won't get fat it is really simple.

  6. I gave up on sugar for 2 months. I decided to have a slice of cake but for some reason my body kept telling me to not eat it. I ended up with one bite and regretted that bite the rest of the night….

  7. I don't know if anyone will see this, but nonetheless I should point out those nose spots aren't blackheads: https://youtu.be/J8MZX05wUPY

  8. I have not had sugar in well over a year
    Just whole Vegetables and protein
    Due to one single Green Jelly Bean
    it caused a hairline fracture affecting my back tooth the tooth is 100% intact
    I just can no longer eat sugar artificial or natural the side effects of sugar causes massive pain but that's the only trigger
    I lost 60 pounds my current weight is 135
    Watch out for those green jelly beans

  9. I gave up 90% of my usual sugar intake and in just a bit under 2 weeks I lost 5.8lbs. I don't even like sugary things that much anymore already!

  10. i eat a lot of sugar i have no extra weight my skin is clear im learning 3 new languanges at the moment ect. also work out a lot eat lots of vegetables and have a fairly bulky and muscly build so i do burn far more calories then your averege person

  11. My parents banned sodas a looong time ago! I’m glad they did. I can’t miss something I don’t have(I occasionally get sodas at school, and it makes me crave it. It’s very addictive, but I only get it on special occasions at school, so i just fill my soda cravings with chocolate, tea, or some icecream😋) a small bowl of icecream is way better then soda! It’s a fact.

  12. no kidding i have not eaten sugar in 2 months and i had some today i had such a bad headache.. when you stop eating it… you do not crave for it…. you feel SICK eating it….

  13. Haha, funny, and the primary source of energy is sugars, so cutting them out can kill you. A test was done by Dr. Atkins, and the results showed that people without carbohydrates (sugars) were prone to headaches, motablism issues, fainting, shortness of breath, and other bad things, nothing like "glowey skin" or whatever. Sugars can't be cut out of our diets, but should be managed, to prevent long term energy issues.

  14. She mentioned beyonce because some of the information comes from her dermatologist as mentioned in the video. Why is everyone pressed?

  15. Americans are nuts when it comes to over-flavoring everything…. you guys got to a point when you call well-spiced meal bland just because it does not have a lot of salt, sugar, and other artificial flavors…. some meals are actually supposed to highlight creaminess or natural taste of food, you know, you do not have to put huge piles of spices everywhere….. I started to hate the word "flavor" after dating an American…. he had to put tabasco, salt, sugar, pepper , fish sauce, or other flavors EVERYWHERE, and I am a very good cook and baker.

  16. dd how the government does not want us to eat sugar or salt yet they
    legalize marijuana ??? now if you question this , then the government
    will tell ou that you suffer from ADDDS and require opiates for 5 years
    daily so you become docile and complacent along with the all free all
    legal marijuana ! but no sugar and no salt ! no meat , its
    unsustainable !!!! stay on the opiates and marijuana…oh get your
    flu shots

  17. I've tried the 8g sugar a day. It's great. I also gave up white bread at the time. The first 3 weeks were tough but afterwards even if you try to eat junk your body treats it as such and you get diarrhea since your body doesn't have the bad mind influencing bacteria anymore that love junk food.

  18. Actually, we consumed even less sugar than this video says. The average American ate about 4 pounds of sugar a year in 1900. Now it's closer to 150 pounds a year…

  19. Correction: sugar reduces testosterone causing lower libido. Not increase! Not angry. But you made a simple mistake. Testosterone increases sex drive, not decrease!

  20. To anyone who thinks they wont change from sugar, change your mind IMMEDIATLY. I learned to turn down sugar the hard way because i started to get really blurry vision and lens or glasses wouldnt help. I stayed home from school for 2 weeks before i went back.

  21. I rarely eat sweets and sugary cereals (unless it’s a random midnight snack) and I have really great skin. I rarely have pimples and I can tell a difference in my body when I eat a lot of sugar.

  22. It's called old age.i love my cokes and I'm going to drink it.im seventy-three and look pretty good if I say so myself.eat all vegetables and hardly ever eat meat I just don't care for it.ill do chicken sometimes but if I see any blood it's over for me. You can say I'm pretty much a vegetarian.

  23. I really want to cut out the sugar but def have to research all the foods to make sure I don’t consume them. I’m worried about the withdrawal though lol

  24. 1:37 " Sugar can increase your testosterone levels "

    1:48 " Sugar can turn off gene that controls testosterone levels "

    So sugar basically makes you harrier, fatter, and your testosterone levels go ape shit and berserk.

    Sounds like a weekend with Rich Piana. But with sugar.

  25. I've lost a good amount of weight in the past by cutting out refined sugars and in fact, I already planned on shopping tonight to start those good habits again. I've gained about 20 pounds but I HATE counting calories. So, from now on it's meat, veggies, good fats, and low sugar fruits. And of course the occasional dark chocolate fix. Since I'm already allergic to almost all starches that part is pretty easy. But, I can certainly down candy and ice cream like nobody's business so this is going to be tough. All the best to those of us trying to quit refined sugars!

  26. Sure I won't eat sugar but no fruit that's not really good for my life cause I do have a sweet tooth and I do need fiber people

  27. 5:06 You do not need sugar in your diet, at least not refined sugars like white table sugar, brown sugar, HFCS, etc. Eat whole vegetables and fruit and you will not get too much sugar.

  28. as an athlete, cutting sugar out of my diet makes me weaker, makes me recover slower in turn making me unable to do the training i need to do. sugar is a staple for endurance athletes. also sugar is a skinny food, fat makes you fat. theres no fat in sugar and to be quiet honest this video is complete bullshit

  29. Why they always have to talk sooo loud on these. I have my volume on low and it was hurting my ears

  30. I cut sugar and limited my carbs for 26 days so far and I'm down 19 lbs and feel great. Amazing really

  31. As of tomorrow (June 16th 2019, Father's Day Sunday), it marks my 3rd completed week of having no sugar at all. When I say no sugar, I'm talking no cake, ice cream, pie, cookies, brownies, sugary drinks,..etc. That's the only thing I changed about my diet which means I'm still enjoying chips and some fast food. I've been drink nothing but water the entire time. I haven't been exercising at all and I have been eating fruits such as watermelon, peaches and even whole baked sweet potato with butter!!! I don't consider myself being on a diet at all, all I did was cut of sugary foods completely and drink nothing but water. I believe in giving myself the freedom to eat anything else I wanted to has made cutting out sweets that much easier for me. I'm not deprived on what I couldn't eat besides the sweets.

    What I've noticed by far: Better sleep at night, a more defined look around my stomach, face and shoulder area, and a more radiant looking skin. Now, I'm not sure if me cutting out sweets completely is what has my skin glowing or me just drinking nothing but water when I'm thirsty. I've noticed me not feeling as hungry all the time, and my energy level has indeed boost higher. I even noticed a difference in my teeth.

    Along within this 3 week span, I have gained a stronger will power of being more rejective towards unhealthy food as I'm getting pleased by my results thus far!

    I just thought I should throw this out there.

  32. Are there any studies or actual documentation to this video? Is research of real sources done? I agree we eat too much sugar but I would like to see real studies, I guess I will Google it.

  33. breakfast crackers and bars advertised as good for you contain in excess of 10 grams of sugar per serving. Visualize 10 grams. You are being poisoned from within. Processed sugars are terrible for you and since 1970s http://www.diabetesandenvironment.org/home/incidence no coincidence youre wonderful FDAS food chart said CARBS should be the basis of diet right around this time.

  34. If you have high cholesterol (like me….) CUT IT ON SUGAR if you cot back your bad cholesterol will be escorted by the good cholesterol to the bladder to get breaded down or eliminated, if you eat sugar it will elimaimate the good cholesterol

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