What happens when you get heat stroke? – Douglas J. Casa

What happens when you get heat stroke? – Douglas J. Casa

In 1985, 16-year-old Douglas Casa, ran the championship 10,000 meter track race
at the Empire State Games. Suddenly, with just 200 meters to go,
he collapsed, got back up and then collapsed again
on the final straightaway, with his body temperature
at dangerous levels. He had suffered an exertional heat stroke. Fortunately, with immediate and
proper treatment, he survived the potentially fatal episode and has since helped save 167 people
in similar circumstances. From ancient soldiers on the battlefield to modern day warriors on the gridiron, exertional heat stroke, or sunstroke,
has long been a serious concern. And unlike classical heat stroke,
which affects vulnerable people such as infants and the elderly
during heat waves, exertional heat stroke is caused by
intense exercise in the heat, and is one of the top three killers
of athletes and soldiers in training. When you exercise,
nearly 80% of the energy you use is transformed into heat. In normal circumstances,
this is what’s known as compensable heat stress. And your body can dissipate the heat
as quickly as it’s generated through cooling methods
like the evaporation of sweat. But with uncompensable heat stress, your body is unable to lose enough heat due to overexertion or
high temperatures in humidity, which raises your core temperature
beyond normal levels. This causes the proteins and
cell membranes to denature, creating cells that no longer
function properly and begin to leak their contents. If these leaky cells
proliferate through the body, the results can be devastating. Including liver damage,
blood clot formation in the kidneys, damage to the gastrointestinal tract
and even the failure of vital organs. So how do you diagnose
an exertional heat stroke? The main criterion is a core body temperature
greater than 40 degrees Celsius observed along with physical symptoms such as increased heart rate,
low blood pressure and rapid breathing or signs of central nervous system disfunction such as confused behavior,
aggression or loss of consciousness. The most feasible and accurate way
to assess core body temperature is with a rectal thermometer as other common temperature-taking methods
are not accurate in these circumstances. As far as treatment goes, the most important thing to remember is
cool first, transport second. Because the human body can withstand
a core temperature above 40 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes before cell damage sets in, it’s essential to initiate rapid cooling on site in order to lower it as quickly as possible. After any athletic or protective gear
has been removed from the victim, place them in an ice water tub
while stirring the water and monitoring vitals continuously. If this is not possible, dousing in ice water and applying
wet towels over the entire body can help. But before you start anything,
emergency services should be called. As you wait, it’s important
to keep the victim calm while cooling as much
surface area as possible until emergency personnel arrive. If medical staff are available on site,
cooling should continue until a core temperature
of 38.9 degrees Celsius is reached. The sun is known for giving life, but it can also take life away
if we’re not careful, even affecting the strongest among us. As Dr. JJ Levick wrote of
exertional heat stroke in 1859, “It strikes down its victim
with his full armor on. Youth, health and strength
oppose no obstacle to its power.” But although this condition is one of the
top three leading causes of death in sports, it has been 100% survivable with proper care.

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  1. I had one today, I was at six flags and in line for superman, it was 90 degrees out and I was in direct sunlight for 20 or 10 minutes. I almost passed out.

  2. My little sister had a heat stroke. When it happened, she was 3 or 4 the years old. We were in my house and randomly she started to have a temperature of about over a hundred degrees. She was barely conscious and was really close to fainting. Another time something bad happened to her was she was 2 or 3 years old. She fell off the couch in our living room and hit her head. When we ran over to check on her she was barely conscious and for some reason laughing and was really happy and kind of seem drunk you could say. It was really scary but she's fine now. She doesn't even remember when that happened though which is really funny 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😆😄

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  5. Once I was riding my bike and it was windy outside
    Windy as in trees shaking and it sorta was sprinkling
    5 minutes later my chest was killing me and i was super sweaty
    What happened

  6. I'm from a tropical country, and there it is common knowledge that if someone's out under the sun for a long time, they MUST wet their head fairly often, to avoid a sun/heat/blah-stroke. Specially people with darker hair.
    I moved to a northern country some years ago and I was surprised that nobody knew about this, in fact nobody believed me when I told them I needed to wet my head if we were outside on a walk/hike. At least not until I nearly passed out. But that doesn't require me doing intensive exercise (heck, if I were at a pool I had to make sure I'd dunk completely underwater every so often to avoid that, even if I was doing nothing but laying around), as long as I'm under the sun for a prolonged amount of time is enough to cause an effect.

  7. Sucks playing football (soccer) in Arizona. I've had times where I feel like I'm on the verge of getting a heat stroke but luckily I've been able to push through until I can overdose myself with cold water.

  8. There was a heat wave and I was at the beach most of my body went numb and I got a terrible headache, kind of felt like I had a concussion, did I get a heat stroke?

  9. i'm surprised i never got a heat stroke, ran 12 miles in 105 degree weather Lol i almost did pass out though, i thought i was going to die. BUT I DIDNT DID I.

  10. I had a sun stroke on a cruise ship once,I had no idea what was happening,all I knew was I needed to puke

    My skin wasn't very sun repellent

  11. Yeah i got heatstroke once and im only 12
    And i was in school
    I feel dizzy weak and i cant focus
    So i ran to the school infirmary
    A good thing the infirmary has AC

  12. had a heatstroke a couple weeks back when I was roughhousing with some siblings of a friend, felt real dizzy, had a ton of blood pumping into my head, and the next thing I knew I passed out. apparently when I lost consciousness I was shaking uncontrollably and moaning alot, and even though i was down for only about 10-15 seconds, I had a really trippy dream that seemed to last around 5 minutes. thankfully I didnt have to do anything like go to the hospital, I just drank a ton of water by a nearby water fountain, friends made sure I was okay for the next hour or so before letting me head home

  13. Oh shi- I just realised. I have suffered from 2 heat strokes. The first time I woke up and started to collapse. I felt so hot, my Mother dragged me in front of our air conditioner at like 2 in the morning and I felt better.

  14. Put in a tub of ice water? I was taught in nursing school to apply ice packs to the groin and axillary region because cooling them off too quick could lead to seizures

  15. I had a heat stroke yesterday, feet and hands shaking and severe tingling getting worse in hands and feet could not get up off the ground, finally a nabor brought over a cold water i downed it and felt a lot better so she got me another one that helped a lot, the paramedics just took my blood pressure it was at 140 for a long time, i don't have insurance so i had to sigh a paper saying i refused a trip to the hospital they had no idea what my temp was because they didn't check, they just wanted my name and address so they would know where to send the bill.

  16. It's always important to be constantly hydrated or things like this happen. In 2015, I was cycling in 119 degree farenheit heat for almost 2 hours, I quickly went through 2 gallons of water, still my head was tingling, and I felt the chills, an onset of heat stroke, when I started getting dizzy I pulled into some shade and waited out the heat. I had to wait about an hour until about 540 PM when it was bareable to continue on.

  17. It's the worst feeling you feel like your gonna die shallow breathing nausea and throwing up I was a mover in 105 with alot of humidity I started throwing up I'm barely getting better I hope this was yesterday I didn't go to hospital

  18. I almost had a heat stroke not from sport but from cooking, i was in class and i was feeling quite hot and i felt like i was about to pass out and the last thing i done was Puke , i skipped the last lesson because of it

  19. I had a heat stroke once, i was playing mini golf in 100 deggre weather for 2 hors. No one else felt as hot as i did but then right when we finished, I got dizzy and i almost collapes. The Hospital was not called and i was not cooled down but then i was walked in side the Arcade i was at and i got a soda. i didint order the soda but really i could care less, if it had ice in it it's okay. I ended up cooling dwown enough that i wasn't dizzy but then I started puking, because it was soday and well… let's just say it dosen't sit well when having a heatstroke. We ended up just going home, but then a few hours later i started javing a little trounle breathing. It's still going on today, but i've never told anyone i can't breathe that much anymore. THe reason i dont tell them is really because it's not too bad but i will probaly tell my parents sooner or later.

  20. I feel like once I started to get an exertional heat stroke but idk. I went on a bike ride to a garage sale with my brother during the summer. It gets insanely hot where I live, and that day it was about 102°. We biked (mainly uphill) for an hour with one break. We noticed the garage sale was closed, and while we were heading back, I was exhausted, my head was throbbing, and I was breathing really heavy. My brother was very light headed and we both felt like we were going to pass out. We stopped at the nearest convenience store and got some water and we got home alright.

  21. every single time i click on a ted-ed video ,, i will find a even more interesting one in the suggestion and ends up jumping all the videos HAHA

  22. I'm training for the mines and so working out in long pants and shirts in summer. I can't sleep after finishing a big work out 6 hours ago. I sat in the sprinkler until I started to shiver. I'm wondering if I got mild heat stroke whatever that means and is causing me to be restless so can't sleep. Or it could be the half dose Of pre workout but I didn't stop for 2 hours so I thought would get it out of my system.

  23. I had mild heat stroke in Venice August 2018 it was about 36° and I had a killer migraine, and I threw up, worst 6 hours of my life

  24. My body temperature in the heat stroke can reach to 100 degrees Celsius my sister's kidney infection reached over 105 degrees Celsius normal body temperature should reach 40 or maybe even to 34 a cold 😳 usually a run a lot my heart pumps really fast I do get overheated over the winter usually it's your body that's heating up earning some steam don't run too much.

  25. Has anyone tried such a thing – https://tinyurl.com/y6cs2ts8 . Its like a diet for people who had stroke. If anyone has tried this and can tell if it legit ???


  27. Wouldn't throwing them in ice water after the extreme heat cause a rapid drop in body temperature which would throw their body in shock which would do more harm than good?

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  29. I've almost had a heat stroke in my car multiple times bc I always wear hoodies or any other long sleeved shirts bc of my intense self harm addiction. And just today I was out going for a walk with my gf around the neighborhood and I was getting weaker and weaker with every step I took. My feet and hands were turning red and BURNING. I finally made it back home and as soon as I walk inside, my head started throbbing as if it were a heart beating, my heart rate was high and my whole face was a blood red. I collapsed onto my bed and my head throbbing and headache only got worse. My vision blurred and I was out for about 2 minutes. This all happened 8 hours ago and my head still hurts but only on my left side

  30. I got mild stroke appears n disappeared within seconds… my nose facing left my mouth in left side n my eye down… n sometimes feeel numb in my left arm n I feel massive pain in my left leg.. now scared of what will happen sooner or later if not treated.. I feel ashamed walkin on street with stroke face…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭have been through soo much n long last got stroke sometime can’t breath hmm God help me

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