What is Causing Your Shoulder Pain? Tests You Can Do Yourself.

What is Causing Your Shoulder Pain? Tests You Can Do Yourself.

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  1. I am wishing you had put a title/number/caption on each item as you discussed it. Am a big fan overall – love the channel – thanks!

  2. What can I do to get rid of the rotor cuff ? I can't lift my left arm very high I did your test and failed miserably. The pain is becoming unbearable. I'm losing SO MUCH sleep I can't lift or move even slightly wrong or it feels like I got dead armed – it's bad I'm over this its been 3 months . Another way to explain it is a toothache in the shoulder that goes down when I move wrong – and by wrong I mean almost any movement
    I also cannot reach the arm across my chest

  3. My left shoulder pain came from the first test – pinced nerves (although there were a couple of other tests that brought less pain as well). The funny part was that I tried it on the right side first, and it brought out pain on that side also! Then I did the left side, and it was even painful! The numbness in my left hand is bothering me, and it seems like I can't find any position in which I can relax and be pain-free. The only time it doesn't hurt is if I'm out in the garden and doing laborious work. Otherwise, the pain is intense (especially in a seated position). Are there any stretches I can do to resolve this?

  4. You mention briefly at the end about trigger points. A lot of shoulder pain may be mis diagnosed as many of the causes in this video but could simply be due to trigger points which can be fixed by yourself with a decent trigger point manual, a tennis ball and maybe a theracane. The trigger point therapy workbook by clar davies has done more for me on multiple injuries than any physio ive used. Another thing to do with shoulder pain is to hang from a bar, with feet touching the floor, for up to a minute. Search for shoulder pain solution by John m kirsch. Ex surgeon who found hanging from a bar helped reduce the number of people he had to perform shoulder surgery on

  5. love your video bee suffering with joint pain for a long time now, i believe i fall in the catagory if "inpincheament" what kind of excercise methods can i use in my case? thank you so much.

  6. Thank you very much guys I appreciate you all taking the time to explain all of this and help me very much I know now what is wrong with my shoulder and thanks again

  7. Im a new grad & prepping for boards! Thanks for the review. And love the ending – cant fix a broken heart! lol

  8. I have fibromyalgia! I know I do because I didn’t believe it and have been diagnosed by about 8 specialists from Rheumatoid, Neurologist, to pain management! Anyway, I also have Myositis, and osteoporosis and osteoarthritis along with a list of other painful illnesses. My neck and shoulders hurt everyday. They’re hard and makes things feel like they weighed 200x more than it does sometimes! Even things as simple as a shirt can become unbearably heavy because of it. Even being on two muscle relaxers don’t stop it but it has helped calm down the muscles spasms where I felt like I was turning into a werewolf they were so painful and paralyzing! Simple things like brushing my teeth, taking a bath, walking or stretching would cause me to lock up in the most painful spasms that I ended up in the hospital with rhabdomyolysis! Ok to the point the trigger points and tender points I think it should be understood that your tender spots won’t be active all the time. And, they change! Your trigger spots may not be triggered right then. Example… I get an exam at the doctors. Not thinking right then I let him listen to my chest and back. I tell him oh it’s tender so please don’t push to hard. I go home and a few hours later I’m tripping and in the Er thinking I’m having a heart attack!! I’m having chest pains, shooting pains, anxiety, b/p shot up! It took us years to realize it was triggers! Because my heart is fine! But know when someone triggers those areas I take something to calm me down, and no not anything like Xanax or Valium! It took a long time to learn when I’m active and where I’m always tender what have happened and is this a trigger point! Those trigger point don’t just cause pain! To know the difference between something new and something different and something familiar! It really is a monster of an illness! It affects you physically and mentally! And, for some reason most of us becomes isolated! Someone find out why most of us ends up isolating ourselves!! Well I’ve texted enough! Thanks for reading lol!

  9. I have a sports injury and after MRI i got to know it is Avulsion fracture injury at the greater tuberosity with rear in few anterior

  10. Just saying (not blaming this video), I have had a sore shoulder for about 4ish years.. never had an injury or reason for a hurt shoulder, but it's just been a constant dull ache with some cracking/ popping sounds sometimes when I use my arm. I watched this video and did #1, fine. #2, fine. #3, fine but my shoulder felt a little tired and sore. I went to bed and that night was in pain, in the morning woke up with really bad pain so made a dr. app who gave me a muscle relaxer, anti inflammatory and sent me to get an xray the following day. Today I went to work in pain and had an xray after. Tonight I am in the most intense pain, I can't use my arm and my shoulder feels like somethings about to break out of the top of my arm. A top 2 of ever being in pain :/ . Just saying.. be careful before trying these simple exercises.

  11. This made me feel better. My shoulder was hurting so bad. But it’s none of these serious stuff… i just slept on it. 🥵

  12. Good video but nothing for me 🙁 ad of course health insurance just for me is 300+ a month 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Even tho I have insurance, my co-pay for PT is too high. I used your video to improve my (diagnosed) piriformis syndrome, and I ow with my doctor's approval, will be using your impingement exercises to hopefully get some improvement in my shoulder. Thanks so much for your helpful videos!

  14. It's been over 2 months since my shoulder injury, and it still prevents me from doing heavy presses. I visited a doctor and a physiotherapist but for some reason they just couldn't pinpoint what's wrong. They just told me to schedule an appointment again if it continues to bother me, and said shoulder problems take time. Kind of a bullshit answer to me, but I just went with it… but I would really want to know what is wrong with me.

    I commented before, but to reiterate: something in my right shoulder was hurt when I was doing heavy presses (either bench press or viking press). When I got the injury, I didn't feel anything suddenly snapping, but I recall feeling some irritation there right away. The pain was nothing major, and I only paid more attention to it that evening several hours later when I was doing my stretches.

    I have full mobility of the arm, but reaching far back behind me causes some pain in my lateral deltoid or under it (I was first thinking supraspinatus? I'm not sure anymore though). Doing partial scarecrow rotations does cause some irritation. Putting my arm across my chest and stretching the rear delt hurts in a specific angle and it almost feels like it radiates all the way to the triceps. I don't feel or see anything physically wrong with the muscles. I can row and do curls without pain. The pain doesn't wake me up at night, but even if I don't provoke it, I still feel it slightly. I can still function normally for the most part, but I just can't do heavy presses without discomfort and pain (and even bodyweight pushups/dips feel bad).

    I've had muscle spasms/knots before, and this doesn't feel similar. It can't be inflammation, since I have nearly stopped working out due to the injury, and I've also taken some anti-inflammatory pain medication. I also did some cold treatment, but it didn't feel like it helped much. I'm not 100% sure, but it feels like it's still as bad as it was a month ago.

    Please, if you have any idea what's wrong with me, give me a reply! I hate not even really being able to pinpoint the exact location of the pain and not knowing what's going on. Is it a tear? The doctor said based on the movement tests she had me go through, the injury is so minor a scan would probably not help at all. I just want to train properly again.

  15. I have a pain in my left arm and I can't lift up or behind my back or even I can't lift it behind my neck. I went to my doctor and gave me inflammation medicines but did nothing. Finally he started with acupuncture, I had my 3rd session, the arm is little bit better than before but still can't lift it up high or behind my back. What do you think it is? And what do you recommend me?
    Thank you

  16. mine runs into my bicep muscle my forearm muscle and into my pointer finger and middle finger and mri still dont show pinched nerves!

  17. You forgot lung cancer. My friend was misdiagnosed as having a pinched nerve in his neck for 9 months before we convinced a Dr to do a full chest X-ray due to his shortness of breath. The tumor wrapped around nerves in the thoracic area also paralyzing his diaphragm

  18. Very interesting. I am recovering from
    shoulder surgery, and spend my time healing learning new things from YouTube, and stumbled across your channel. I had a couple of things you all didn’t mention, maybe a topic for a different video. I had both front and back labrum tears, tendinitis, bone spur, arthritis, and my large ligament holding my bicep to my bone was shredding. My pain was from the top of my shoulder down to my elbow. After trying several different fixes, including physical therapy, surgery was my only fix. Now back into physical therapy, hoping to be back to normal soon.

  19. Two much jabbering, no time to absorb the meaning of what they are saying. Trying to follow the text takes your eye off the physical demos too. Just slow down guys, eh?

  20. Sir i have pain in right nack and back shoulder of upper area of kidny ..and when i turn to left side nack it was not moments good .the lower area of ear of left side to much pain .so kindly please any guide lines

  21. I have been troubled by shoulder pain for weeks and still was negative on all of these tests.? :/ What exactly could that mean?

  22. At 9:15, this is me. Incredible pain that makes me dizzy, just in that range. Thought it went away before. But it's back….

  23. upper outer arm pain like terrible headache goes up neck …not heart related…days oy resting pain killers and now slowly regaining full strength as i had no strength when i lifted my hand above my shoulder .Tingling started after the arm started to get better. I didn’t hear anything like this.

  24. i have some kind of shoulder pain,l rate it between a 3 and a 5 but one night i was sleeping on that shoulder i woke up it hurt like hell,i dont think its a muscle its a tendon issuie,,i went down to the rehab at my hospital talked to the head therapist he gave me a theraband to do exercises,if i drop my arm straight down and sort of twist my arm thats where i feel the slight pain,not on the top,slightly below.what do you think?

  25. I injured my shoulder 8 years ago and now the injury is back. None of the tests in this video brought pain. But yet my shoulder hurts very badly. I dont know what to do for it since I can't seem to diagnose it. If I put my arm straight up but behind my ear, then lower it down out to the side, that hurts. Or if I put my arm straight out in front of me then slowly pull back with my elbow out to the side, that hurts. (I am Aryn Elizabeth's mom).

  26. These guys are good. I love how they get into detail that way it's easier for me (or the other viewers) to pinpoint the problem. Must say that the both of them can sure as hell fancy a knot, along with their sharp ties. Really helped me out, thank you

  27. Number 9 got me. Thanks guys now I know why me shoulder dislocates literally everyday. It’s pretty hard as a gymnast to have to pop it back in after every turn I take.

  28. I’m stuck between an old injury of either my rotator cuff or AC joint.

    Happened about about 3 years ago. Was in the full sprint and tripped so I had to do a tuck and roll over my left shoulder.

    My first mistake was never going to a doctor, still to this day. Had the symptoms of the rotator cuff injury (in able to lift my arm above my waist for about 2 weeks) but now I have pain where my AC joint is (similar location?) I have have pain if I relax my arms and shoulders to my side and take a deep breath and also when I lift my arm above my head to reach down between my shoulder blades as if I’m trying to scratch my back. It’s not unbearable pain but I can tell something isn’t right. I wish I had got it checked out when it first happened because maybe it could have been fixed, but instead I had to be stubborn and play the “tough guy”.

  29. Waow very good stuff there. I wish someone knew what I have, my shoulders have been hurting for about a year now and doctors have just run an ultrasound test and nothing more, it was clean.
    I'm desperate.

  30. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia and a bone spur in the left shoulder and small rotator cuff tear in right per X-Rays. Knees are full of arthritis. Had a meniscus tear cleaned up in the left knee. High uric acid. Was getting laser treatments on shoulders and knees from a friend, but he killed himself. Do self-Reiki daily. Am 80. My plan is to live to 114 and I'd like to stay home.

  31. I am entirely positive on the impingement. I can barely even get my hand on my other shoulder and cannot move it at all once I finally get it there lol.
    Also. If I extend both arms out straight in front on me. One shoulder is higher than the other- any one else notice this with themselves?

  32. I wanted to let you know that after going to a chiropractor for a dozen times and two different physiotherapists, these exercises are the ones that helped me the most. It has been 6 months without shoulder pain now. Thanks!

  33. if and when my arm is at 90 90 the left one i can take back like a wing motion but the other one feels like something is pulling and clicking and stings realy bad aswell as certainparts of the arc hurts like you said its all very weird the pain isnt alwayse able to touch accept in the front but the part that stoo out to me most was pushing the elbow up when holding the shoulder that hurts realy bad imediatly

  34. My pt told me the pain in my shoulder was calcium , because I don’t move it enough because I had a stroke. My pt broke it

  35. some dumbass nigga punched my shoulder in as a “birthday punch” not on my birthday. Now my shoulder feels fucked up and i can’t sleep

  36. Can you guys clone yourselves and send the copies over here to the UK? I am so chuffed to have found you. I walk with crutches, and can get about with one if necessary. The post op restrictions after a rotator cuff repair would be serious to say the least. After trying some of your tests I feel more positive that there may be alternatives. Thanks a bunch!!

  37. None of these causing my shoulder pain, phewww. But when I try to do a shoulder press motion, then my right shoulder is in pain, not much pain, but pain enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

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