What is collagen protein? How to choose the best kind of protein powder

What is collagen protein? How to choose the best kind of protein powder

oh hey there sorry I got a little
carried away making my morning collagen shake now when you think of collagen you
may think of this and when you think of protein shakes you may be thinking of
something more like this in today’s video I’m gonna bust some of these stereotypes and show you how collagen protein can be used by people like you
and me to help us feel and look better we’ll talk about why eating protein is
important the benefits of collagen protein and I’ll even show you two
recipes that you can make with it hey there Alisa here head chef from
warriormade.com where our goal is to help transform a million lives by
showing you how to eat and exercise well we follow the warrior made 14-day diet a
cyclical ketogenic style diet you may be wondering what this means well keto is a
low carb diet where fat and proteins are the stars of the show we also believe in eating high quality natural ingredients which is why you caught me making collagen shake for breakfast you see collagen a natural animal
protein has become extremely popular over the last few years because the
powerful effects it has on your body to name a few collagen contributes to skin
hair and nail health and even helps restore muscle tissue after we exercise
I started taking it for all these reasons after having kids I noticed that
my hair started thinning my skin wasn’t as clear as it used to be and I wasn’t
recovering as quickly after workouts since adding collagen to my diet it’s
helped me with all of these things so much so that my hairdresser even noticed
the difference at my last appointment she asked me what I’ve been doing to
thicken my hair I’m excited to share more about how collagen can help you
improve your health as well hang around until the end of this video because I’ll
not only show you two great recipes I make with collagen protein but I’ll also
show you the collagen protein supplement that I use daily to see results but
first I wanted to take a second to tell you why protein in general is so
important you see nearly every diet in the world agrees that you should consume
protein here are two big reasons why one protein regulates your hormones and
insulin levels to help you lose weight and keep it off and two it provides you
with the amino acids your body needs to optimally function let’s dive a little
deeper into each of these shall we you see eating protein especially first
thing in the morning regulates certain hormones in your body this is important because hormones drive hunger they tell us when
to eat and when to stop eating eating protein in the morning slows down the production of hormones like Ghrelin which make us feel hungry less Ghrelin
is better if you want to lose weight eating an early dose of protein also
increases hormones like peptide YY and more peptide YY also reduces hunger
throughout the day protein also keeps our blood sugar and insulin levels in
check which one regulated helps us lose weight all good stuff right now this
brings us to the second reason you need protein the cool thing is when we eat
protein it breaks down in the body as amino acids and amino acids are the
building blocks of our muscle tissue so if you exercise at all even going on
long walks swimming or yoga you have to consume protein in order for your
muscles to optimally function if you don’t consume enough of it throughout
the day you won’t have enough amino acids to give your body building blocks
for repair which could lead to low energy or muscle weakness after working
out hormone regulation and amino acid production are two of the key reasons we
tell our warrior made tribe members to start their day off with a protein rich
meal or a protein shake especially first thing in the morning and like I
mentioned earlier we specifically recommend a collagen shake before I
share which collagen supplement I use let’s answer the million dollar question
what the heck is collagen first it’s good to know that it makes up 70% of our
skin hair nails muscles bones tendons blood vessels and digestive system and
is the protein most prevalent in our body whew
sounds important doesn’t it the bummer is that we lose one to two percent of
collagen each year beginning in our 20s this means that reaching our 40s can
leave us with loose and dry skin painful joints thinning hair and a
troubled digestive system the good news taking collagen helps replenish these
parts of our bodies upon ageing collagen is a complete protein which means it has
all the amino acids we need to do things like build muscle mass bones cartilage
skin hair and connective tissue and another thing we love about it is that
it fits into a keto style diet as it’s high in protein low carb and no sugar
collagen is sounding pretty good so far isn’t it
well what if I told you it gets even better there’s actually something you
can take with collagen to make it even more effective that thing is a
little-known herb called Gotu Kola go to what? I know it’s a mouthful let’s break
it down to see what Gotu Kola is and how it works with collagen you see Gotu Kola
is an herb made popular by ancient Eastern medicine that is known for a
variety of holistic health benefits for one it helps your body produce collagen
all on its own so while taking protein powder helps
restore collagen stores in our body Gotu Kola helps our body make its own
collagen and believe it or not this herb packs even more of a punch scientific
studies have found that Gotu Kola helps tissues heal, relieve anxiety and even
improves cognitive and gut function we think that’s pretty incredible so
incredible that after spending seven months resourcing high quality
ingredients we’ve created our own warrior made protein supplement that
includes both grass-fed collagen protein and Gotu Kola we call it Go2 protein
and the best part about it in my opinion is that it tastes like delicious
chocolate it’s what I use in my shakes every morning and it can even be used in
several keto friendly recipes which I’m about to share with you okay
this is my favorite part showing you all the fun you can have with chocolate
flavored collagen protein here are some of my favorite keto and kid friendly
collagen recipes number one you already saw my shake moves but I wanted to let
you in on a fun fact the reason I use a shake cup like this for the shake ball
is because I can add coconut milk to my collagen shakes in the morning the
directions on the container say to mix your protein powder in warm water
which is how it best dissolves but with a shake ball everything gets perfectly
stirred up and I get a little more volume to my shape which makes it a
perfect breakfast replacement another reason I love chocolate flavor collagen
protein is because it’s kid-friendly it’s a great way to help your picky
eaters get a dose of protein I make collagen powder brownies and hot
chocolate for my kids all the time I love that we can add such an important
protein to our sweet treats now beyond shakes and desserts I also
wanted to give you a more expansive view of collagen protein as there’s other
ways to get it into your diet a great way is bone broth you can buy bone broth
at the store but if you’re interested in a fun weekend project try making some
yourself it’s great for soups or to drink alone on a cold day and it gives
you a healthy serving of collagen protein in the comments below I’ll
include a recipe that we use at warriormade.com for a rich and nourishing bone
broth as well as ones we use for collagen protein brownies alright hope
you guys are as excited about collagen protein as I am remember starting your
morning off with protein shake isn’t just for bodybuilders it can help
regulate hormones insulin levels to support weight loss
build muscle make your skin and hair look great and even can be used in a
bunch of tasty recipes for kids and adults and now that you’ve watched this
far I wanted to give you the opportunity to get up to 43% off our normal retail
price of Go2 protein and free shipping plus we offer a 60 day money back
guarantee which means you can try it the whole jar protein out and if you don’t
like it you can get a full refund don’t even have to send it back so if you’re
interested in trying collagen protein click the link at the end of the video
and give Go2 protein a shot and I’d love to hear about your results let us
know how it’s working for you in the comments below or if you tried any fun
recipes with it now if you’ve enjoyed this video and want to follow more the
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a friend or family member that doesn’t know what the heck collagen protein is
and may benefit from it share this video with them so they can add it to their
diet thanks for hanging out with me and I’ll see you in our next video

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  1. Good presentation, as we get more mature we need more collagen and protein, sounds like a good way to start the day, I will consider trying the collagen protein, Thank you for sharing!

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