What is DNA and How Does it Work?

What is DNA and How Does it Work?

Stated Clearly presents: what is DNA and how does it work DNA also known as deoxyribonucleic
acid is a molecule it’s a bunch of atoms stuck together In the case of DNA, these adoms
combined to form the shape of a long spiraling ladder sort of like this one here if you ever studied biology or watched the
movie Jurassic Park, you probably heard that DNA acts as a blueprint or
recipe for living thing but how? how on earth can a mere molecule act as a
blueprint for something as complex and wonderful as a tree a dog or a dinosaur Yelp! to help answer that question let’s first take a quick look at amino
acids amino acids are tiny little chemicals
inside our bodies that are so important they’re often referred to as the
building blocks of life there’s about twenty different kinds
each with their own unique shape the cool thing about them is they can be
attached to each other kind of like Legos to produce an endless variety of
larger particles particles called proteins amino acids make up proteins proteins along with other chemicals
combined to form living cells cells make up tissues tissues make up organs and organs when they’re all put together and
functioning of course combined to form living creatures like
you and me these proteins that make up our bodies
and keep in mind there’s millions of different kinds of proteins they each have to be formed in the
perfect shape in order to function if they are the wrong shape they usually
won’t work that’s where DNA comes in DNA does a lot of interesting things some of which we don’t fully understand but one of its main and most well
understood functions is to tell amino acids how to line up and form themselves into
the perfect protein shapes in theory if the right proteins are built at the
right time and in the right place everything else from cells to organs to
entire creatures will come out just fine this here is a simplified model of
DNA it shows us that the steps of the ladder are made up of four different kinds of
chemicals shown here by different colors and letters if you look at just one half of the
molecule you can read this chemical sequence or
genetic code from top to bottom sort of like a book a single strand of DNA is extremely long millions of letters long it spends most of its life coiled up
like a noodle living inside the nucleus or the centerpiece of a cell amino acids however live outside the
nucleus in what’s called the cytoplasm to help DNA interact with the
cytoplasm and convert those amino acids into proteins special chemicals inside the nucleus
make partial copies of the DNA code these partial copies called RNA look a lot like DNA but they’re
shorter of course and they’re missing one of their sides their small shape and size allows them to fit through tiny pores in the nucleus out to the cytoplasm and into the mouth
of another particle called a ribosome ribosomes are protein building machines they the RNA code three
letters at a time suck amino acids out of their
surroundings stick them together in a chain according to the genetic code as a chain grows it bends, folds, and sticks to itself to form a perfectly shaped protein every three letters of the RNA code tell the ribosome which of the twenty
different kinds of amino acids should be added next for example CAA tells the ribosome to grab a glutamine AGU tells it to grab a serine and so on once a protein is built it then goes on
to do a number of different things, one of which could be to help form of brand new cell so to answer the original question what is DNA? DNA is a molecular blueprint for a
living thing how does it work? DNA creates RNA RNA creates protein proteins go on to form life this entire process as complicated, sophisticated and magical as it might seem is entirely based in chemistry it can be studied it can be understood i’m Jon Perry and that’s DNA Stated Clearly thanks for watching share with friends on
facebook or twitter or where ever subscribe to us if you have any questions or comments
you can post those in the comments section Learn more about DNA at StatedClearly.com www.StatedClearly.com til next time stay curious

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  1. Hello stated clearly, do you have any questions we could practice to better understand the information presented in this video ?

  2. This was so beautiful. I feel so happy that I came across this video. All my confusion is vanished. And the voice was just melodious. Thank you for making this.

  3. This video explained DNA in an amazing way i thought they were impossible to understand but i know so much about them now…I instantly subscribed ..

  4. thank you, I needed to try to understand this and I think that I have managed this thanks to the straight forward way this video presented the information

  5. Every Time I Watch Videos or Read Articles ( about Math and science ) like This one I Realize I wasn't A Bad Student
    It's just that I had horrible Teacher's who made everything look Over Complicated 😠

  6. i dont think my biology teacher has explained the concept of DNA as well as this video i am so taking scienece after 10th grade i am so inspired to

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  8. The Intelligent Designer….Almighty God of all….is sooooooo extrordinary it's unbelivable!!!! to say the very least!!!!!! 😃

  9. LOL…wowwwww, check out that certainty in his voice!!!! a bit of pride there when you say: "It is ENTIRELY BASED ON… CHEMESTRY!!!"😁 Whooooaaaa there!!!what a massive statement!!!! Why not just say what you truelly believe🤗…that NOTHING…LOL, OR NOTHINESS…created EVERYTHING, including this "magical", extrordinarly complex DNA structure of information. 😁 🙈🙉🙊
    Here, watch this instead: https://youtu.be/ChWiZ3iXWwM

  10. Lol…this "simplistic" video is an insult to DNA and it's Almighty designer!!!! You should all watch a video on Dr. Stephen Meyer explain it…instead of this high school student here. 😂

  11. I came here to take notes on DNA, and I looked at the comments, boy oh boy, those are TOTALLY educational.

  12. Question for smarter people than me:

    So with evolution, the idea is that random mutations along these DNA strands eventually lead to functional changes that benefit the organism and so are replicated through survival and reproduction. But does evolution not also have to explain how the actual DNA, protein making mechanism itself came to be? I'm just confused because if it's the DNA that dictates the development of biological systems, then what dictates the development of the system that dictates the development of systems?! Lol. So confused, sorry if this is a stupid question.

  13. You can discard the fictions of Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark and that a woman comes from a man's rib; imbecility = religion. Nature = God. The Bible is simply an old text with no values where God destroyed the world twice, if you believe that. Please don't tell children fictitious religious stories. Jesus was illiterate; he never wrote a single word.

  14. Very good presentation-thanks. All kids should learn to love this knowledge-the magic of life is in this, not the bible.

  15. Proteins don't always fold perfectly right of the bat. Some need a little help. There are also post-translational modifications as well. I know you wanted to keep it short I just wanted to be sure you knew this part also :). Nice video.

  16. DNA does not contain the Blueprint for a living thing. DNA contains information to create proteins. Chemistry dictates how these proteins interact with each other. You mentioned these things but they seem disconnected from reality as they were almost used synonymously. I just think it's important that when people people learn science, they learn it is tentative. And thst it is based on models. And sometimes models dont describe our reality but come close.

  17. i am really lucky you put this video in you tube or else i wouldn't have been able to do the project my dad told me to do

  18. What chemicals alongside protein make a living cell?
    Please note, this message is primarily for missing content not mentioned in the video about the chemical mixture.

    Thanks In Advance,

    Martin Arriaga

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  20. so, ribosomes are the reason why some mutations and evolutionary changes occur? layman here asking stupid question.

  21. Great video… even with 7 years old 😉

    At 10 seconds…

    Text sould be

    DNA is a chain of molecules
    The possible molecules are A/C/T/G
    (and a brief of chemical composition and atoms/elements can them be mentioned)


    remake this video including some new findings/research
    about DNA the process cut into RNA (markers and mechanics)
    the Ribosomes mechanisms to read RNA and assemble/fold Proteins


  22. @Stated Clearly. Awesome. Soooo needed. BUT! – I wish you would remake this with a voice over that halts the video and explains what is really happening when you say things in the video like "The RNA TELLS the Ribosome…". Far to many Christians intuit "God" in this type of language. "Cells can't talk to each other, obviously God is involved." While in reality we know that the RNA forces precise chemical reactions in the Ribosome. People need to "see" a chemical (natural) only process happening here. Chemicals don't "tell" each other anything. Chemicals don't "know" what to bind to etc. Otherwise this video rocks!

  23. DNA on ylimielinen pinkkisateenkaari höpö höpö sutki pulju myös. Ottakaa mieluummin joku muu operaattori.
    Mikään ei toimi. Pakkorahastus kyllä ja kiristys.
    Välttäkää DNA sateenkaarta viimeiseen asti.
    Kokemukset erittäin, erittäin ikävät ja negatiiviset.
    Varokaa dna sutkeja. NE VARASTAA RAHASI.

  24. So beautifully complex and yet some would have you believe life came about by chance. Using common sense, one would see a brilliant mind behind this masterwork.

  25. Thank you so much! I didn't understad DNA at first when I read my textbook, so I searched online and found your video. Now I understand so much more.

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