What Is The Best Protein Bar? | Protein Bar Taste Test

What Is The Best Protein Bar? | Protein Bar Taste Test

– Hey guys and welcome back to the FFF HQ, where I’m super excited
that we have a guest, Mr. FFF is in the house today! – Hey guys, I’m super excited to be here. My wife brought me on this show because of my expert palate
and defyingly good looks. – Yes, that is definitely right. Today we are gonna do
a much-requested video, a protein bar taste test. We have five of the most
popular protein bars, actually, I think it’s six. We’ll see how much we get to. Some dairy-free, some not dairy-free, and we are going to rate
them on taste and texture. So I brought Mr. FFF on because two taste buds are better than one. Everyone has different taste buds, so you can get two different
opinions on these bars. Plus, he is dairy-free, so he’s used to the taste of plant-based
bars, whereas, I am not, so it’ll be a little bit more authentic. – And remember, guys, we have
two different grading scales. One is taste and one is texture. And to make an even playing field, we have all six protein bars in the peanut butter and chocolate flavor. – Ready to get started? – I’m ready. – Alright, so the first one we have is the Quest chocolate peanut butter. It says it’s new and improved. I have tried their old
ones, wasn’t a huge fan, so we’re gonna try this. – Alright, let’s dig in.
– Alright. First of all, let’s take
a look at the ingredients. It’s a pretty simple list, I kinda know what everything is in there, you too. So that’s a good start. And now we taste. Are you scared? – I am excited. – Okay, let’s do it. Alright, if I can open it. It’s Taylor-proof. Hm. Interesting. Okay, I need water,
’cause it’s very chewy. I’m gonna get some water. Oh, it’s right here, good. – I think it has a really,
really good flavor. – Really? – But I’m used to plant-based. – This is not plant-based, though, this is actually whey, not plant-based. I think it’s lacking in flavor, so, on flavor, I’d probably give it, out of, like, a one to five, I’d probably give it a two. ‘Cause, to me, it’s kind of bland. I don’t get chocolate, I
don’t get peanut butter. – I was thinking more like seven. – Out of five? – Out of ten. – We’re rating on a one to five scale! – Oh, okay, well then, I’ll say a four. – Okay, so you’re thinking it’s like a chocolate peanut butter flavor? – I think it has a good flavor. – I mean, there is some
big chocolate chunks in there, which you probably can’t see, maybe you can, I don’t know, can you see the chocolate chunks? Maybe you can, but they are there, which I do enjoy, but the
peanut butter flavor is lacking. So I’m gonna stick with my two. You’re sticking with your four? – I’m gonna stick with a four.
– Okay. So what about texture? – As far as texture,
it’s pretty much the same throughout the bar, there wasn’t a- – There’s the chunkies. – To me, there wasn’t a lot of variance. – Okay, no variance.
– So I would give it maybe, like, a two. – See I would give it a three. It’s a little bit too chewy for me, like you saw, I had to get some water. But I do like a more chewy bar, and I did think there
was some crunchy chunks in there, which I was a fan of. So, we’re varied on the Quest Bar. – There you go, different balance. – Yep. – Alright, so we’re gonna start with our second bar,
here, which is FitJoy. Now, FitJoy is a dairy-based protein bar. Has 20 grams of protein and let’s look at the main stuff on the front.
– Yep. – So, GMO-free, gluten-free, no artificial colors,
flavors, or sweeteners, so that’s pretty awesome. As far as other nutritional facts, there’s 24 grams of carbohydrates and seven grams of total fat. – Calories? – No, seven grams. – No, calories. 220. – Seven grams of total fat
and there’s 220 calories in the bar.
– Thank you. – So, yeah, important to mention that. So let’s give this a try. – Alright! Let’s see if we’re joyful,
when we try a FitJoy. You open it so nicely. I just, like, rip it, you’re just like do da do.
– These are really easy to open. Maybe we should include
that on our rating. – Yes, easy to open, one to five, five! – Alright, here, let me-
– Ooo, I see chunks. Before I even try, I’m
just gonna show you. I like how it looks, it’s got layers, see? Those little peanut crunchies. Hm, promising. Mmm. Mmm. – These are all very chewy.
– Very chewy. All of them. Water. – I wanna say something but (mumbles)
– I know, I know, so rude. Okay, water’s down. So I would give it a five on appearance, which is not a scale that we’re rating, but I will do it anyways. Very chewy, let’s talk taste. So, one to five, I really liked it. I thought there was good peanut flavor, good chocolate flavor,
there was legit peanuts on top, which really helps
with the peanut flavor. So I would give it, okay, it still had a little bit of artificial
flavor, even though it doesn’t have artificial
ingredients, to me. – Yeah.
– So, out of five, I’d say four. What about you? – Well, since I did four out of five on my last one, this one
was even better in flavor, and I’m gonna do five out of five. – You could say four and a half, too, if you don’t think it’s a full five. But if you think it’s a five, I mean, you give it a five.
– Alright, alright, four point five. – Four point five out of five taste. Really chocolately, really peanut buttery, and has some of that real peanut flavor. Now, texture, so, it’s still really chewy, which I do think we’re just gonna get with all the bars, for the most part. – Yeah, that’s kinda the world of protein bars.
– It’s like, they’re just chewy.
(doorbell rings) Oh, someone’s at our door,
I wonder who’s there? But, anyways, I would probably give it a four out of five, ’cause I don’t think it was as chewy as the Quest. What do you think? – Yeah, it wasn’t, yeah I don’t think it was as chewy, it wasn’t
in my mouth as long. – Yeah, I didn’t need as
much water to get it down. So, four, what would you say? I think I gave it four. – Texture, like, it
had those crunchy bits, and then, so there’s, like
I said, a lot of variance between the different textures in the bar. So I think it was probably a… Four. – Perfect.
– Four out of five. – That is FitJoy. Are you ready for number three? – I’m ready. – Okay, third up we have the super, super popular RXBAR. So they have the ingredients
right on the front, which you probably see in the stores, ’cause these things are everywhere. Three egg whites, 14
peanuts, two dates, no B.S., we all know what B.S. stands for. Okay and this is chocolate peanut butter. They come with 210
calories, 10 grams of fat, 22 grams of carbs, 12 grams of protein, four grams of fiber, which
is awesome, keeps you full. And then the ingredients,
like you can see the front, they’re super easy, they’re real, there’s not a long list. I can pronounce everything
and I know what it all is. So I like that, you like that?
– Hm. – Alright, taste it. Alright, I can see some chunkies
already, it’s promising. – Alright, let’s try this one. – It’s in my teeth. I need some floss. It’s chewy, okay, I
don’t wanna talk too loud ’cause I feel like it’s stuck in my teeth. Is it on my teeth? – No.
– No? Okay, good. – I need to start to take smaller bites. – Yeah, you have to take baby bites. While he’s chewing that away, I will tell you what I
think about the taste. I think, because it does have those real, like you can see, real
peanuts, real chocolate, it tastes truly like
chocolate and peanut butter. From the last three we’ve done, it has the best taste, and I would give it a five out of five. – Wow.
– Are you still chewing? – No, I’m just picking my teeth out.
– It’s okay to pick your teeth, it’s fine. – I think, as far as flavor, it was good. But I think I like the earlier bar better. – The FitJoy? – Mm-hm, I think that this flavor was maybe like a… Four out of five. – Still pretty good,
it’s still pretty high. – Still pretty high. – Now what about texture? It was chewy, I mean,
it stuck to my teeth, but I like the chewiness. – I didn’t, like, the texture was, I mean, like right when I bit into
it, it stuck to my teeth. Now, that has not happened
with any of the previous bars, and so, I’m gonna give it a… Two out of five. – Abomination!
– On texture yeah. – I would give it,
like, a four and a half. Because it was really chewy,
but it’s in a way that I like, it wasn’t like, in a fake way. It was the dates, you
know, dates, they’re chewy, they’re a natural food, so I liked it. And there’s RXBAR. – Mm-hmm.
– Alright. You ready for the fourth? – I am so ready. – Alright, so this is
our last non-plant bar, so, like I said, whey protein bar. We’re gonna do the ONE Basix. So I love the ONE, the regular ONE Bar, I have not tried the ONE Basix, ’cause this is their newer line that’s sweetened with stevia and doesn’t have any
artificial ingredients. So it has 220 calories, nine grams of fat, 24 grams of carbs, eight grams of fiber, which is amazing, and 20 grams of protein. The ingredients list is,
like, not super short but everything I know, it’s
all recognizable ingredients and it’s sweetened with stevia, which I love, ’cause we use
stevia in everyday life. – Yeah, it’s an all-natural sweetener. – Yep, alright, let’s get our try on. So I automatically see chunkies, again, you know I like
chunkies, chunkies are good. So… That was a big bite. – (chuckles) That was a super big bite.
– That was a really big bite. Okay. Chew, chew, chew. Okay, taste. So I would say this kind of
tastes like the Quest bar. So, to me, it doesn’t have
a lot of peanut butter, it doesn’t have a lot of chocolate. There are the chunky
chocolate chunks, I guess, that gave you that chocolate taste. But the rest is, to me, a little bit flat. I think it’s ’cause they don’t use as much artificial sugar. The stevia just isn’t as sweet, so it doesn’t bring the
flavors out as much. So I’d probably give it
like a, a three and a half. I liked it more than the Quest, but it was very similar
to the Quest, for me. Thoughts? – I thought, for flavor, that the, it was very peanut-forward, even though there’s a bunch of
chocolate chunks in there. I didn’t taste ’em very much.
– Yeah. – So, and it wasn’t very strong with the peanut, so I’d
agree, probably a three. – Three, three and a half.
– Three out of five. – Taste, okay, then texture? I also thought it was kind of, like, it was really chewy, like they all are. I think that also the texture was more like the Quest bar, kind of that, kind of a weirder chewy
that I didn’t love. So I’d probably give it another three, kind of middle of the pack. What about you? – I don’t know if this is just a me thing, but I hate when protein
bars stick to my teeth, so- – That’s a you thing. – This one did not. So, but-
– You must have magic teeth. – Yeah, I guess.
– Stuck to mine. – It was the same texture
throughout the bar, though. So I think for texture, probably a… Another three out of five. – Alright.
– Just kinda like middle of the ground. – So ONE Bar Basix, three
out of five, all around. – Alright, our next bar is one I’m really, really excited about. This one is totally plant-based. – So I’m scared. – And it’s called No Cow. So, on the front, says No Cow. This is also peanut butter chocolate. And it says no cow, no bull, no whey. – [Taylor] Ha ha, but whey is spelled, like, w-h-e-y, like whey protein. – [Caleb] Yeah, real knee-slapper. – Yeah, it’s good. – Yeah, so, 20 grams of protein. That’s pretty impressive.
– That is. – Especially for plant-based. And the protein blend
is rice and pea protein. – Pea protein scares me.
– Aren’t you excited? – I love pea protein, I
love plants in my bars. – Alright.
– It’s the best. – Calories, 200 calories.
– Pretty good. – [Caleb] And 60 calories from fat, and 25 grams of carbs. – [Taylor] Well how many
fats, how much grams of fat? – Six.
– Six, thank you. – Six, so, you ready to try this one? – Ready as I’ll ever be. – Are you sure? – I have to. – Alright. – Maybe it will surprise me. – On package opening-
– You’re so good at this, like, you make them all pretty. I just… – Oh yeah, I practice.
– I see chunks. – Yeah, so. – Chunks are good. – I see chunks. – Here we go. Hmm. Peas. Hm. Yum. (beeping) Okay, composure regained. You can start us off,
I want your thoughts. – I’m still regaining my
palate here on this one. It was, like… I’m gonna have to give
this a really low rating. I think that the nutrition
value is really, really good. – Taste. – But taste, very chalk-like. – That’s texture, by the way. – Oh, well, okay. It did not taste like chalk, it tasted like-
– How would you know? – I guess I wouldn’t. – Taste was just not very good. – So give it a rating. – I’ll give it a one out of five. – I would give it a one, too. I mean, I don’t love peas, you saw that. – And I was really excited about this one. I thought that it was going
to be really, really good. – It has one gram of sugar, which is probably the problem. It probably just needs more
sugar to mask the peas. – Yeah, probably.
– So I would give it a one. – Yeah.
– Texture. – Texture, same throughout and it was, like I said, it was just really chalky. – It wasn’t chewy, it was just, like- – Powdery.
– Yeah, like, melt in your mouth, in a bad way. – Yeah, so I would give
it, I’m going with one. – I’m going one, too. – I’m sorry, No Cow. I was really excited
about this protein bar but it just didn’t live up to the hype. – Ones all around. – Alright, last one on our list is another, well, what we thought was completely plant-based, but it’s not. It’s called, NuGo is the company, and this is their Slim
line of protein bars. And what they use for
protein is a soy protein. Okay, so, it has 16 grams of protein, two grams of sugar, seven grams of fiber. – [Taylor] That’s a lot. – [Caleb] And it’s 190 calories. – [Taylor] And then the fat? – [Caleb] And fat, we got six grams. – Perfect. – Okay. – Alright, let’s try this. – Let’s try this NuGo bar. – This dairy, non-dairy bar. – Alright. – Usually NuGo is dairy-free, so that’s why I bought it. But I didn’t, obviously,
read the instructions. I guess not instructions, ingredients. Looks like it’s covered in chocolate. No chunkies, that’s sad. Hm, oh, crunchy. – Yeah. – That’s chocolate. Okay. – I’m a big fan of this one. – Okay. – Now, if you can’t do dairy at all, you probably- – Shouldn’t eat this.
– Shouldn’t eat this. – Nope. – But if you’re only sensitive to dairy. – Like him.
– Like me, this would be a good protein
bar for you, I think- – Taste?
– As far as flavor, it’s up there. – Out of five? – I’m gonna give it a five out of five. – Alright. – This is my favorite one yet. – So I would give it, I’m kind of biased, ’cause I don’t like dark chocolate. I like milk chocolate, so I didn’t love the dark chocolate aspect of it, just wasn’t sweet enough for me. But I did taste that peanut
butter, which I liked, and it didn’t taste like
peas, which is good, ’cause there is no pea protein. I couldn’t tell that it was more, I guess, more or less, less lactosey, whatever, I’m gonna make up words. So I would probably give
it a four out of five, just ’cause of the dark chocolate. If there was milk chocolate,
it’d probably be a five. – Yeah, you’d love that one. – So what about texture? – Texture, I thought it was fantastic. Because it was crunchy, you got the chocolate on the outside, it had a lot of different texture profiles going on.
– Things going on. So rating? – Five out of five. – I actually would agree, on the texture. I would also give this one a five because, like he said,
there was little rice crisps in there, which was really crunchy, and there was a little bit of chewiness, but it didn’t stick to my teeth, I didn’t feel like I needed to
down a gallon of water after. And, yeah, I really like that, that it was just different
than the other ones in the chewy, so I’d probably
give it a five, as well, so, for this one’s ranking, I think this one’s the highest
out of all of our bars. – I think so, too.
– Like four and a half, fives, all around for the NuGo Slim. – And there you have it. Our review on six- – No! That’s my line! – Oh, sorry! – And there you have it. Six different protein bar reviews with two different taste buds. Which one would you try? Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. I’d also love to know if
you want other more reviews. What other products do
you want us to review? Or anything else. I’d also really appreciate a like and a thumbs-up of the video. And make sure to hit
that subscribe button. I’m delivering healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes and product reviews to you, every single week. So go eat those protein bars and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. (upbeat music)

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  1. Thanks for giving NuGo Slim a perfect score and picking it as your favorite! We make a total of seven NuGo Slim flavors, four of which are vegan. NuGo Slim Crunchy Peanut Butter is vegan, but looks like in your video you tried NuGo Slim Roasted Peanut, which contains dairy as you noted. Here's our huge certified vegan list. https://www.nugonutrition.com/lifestyle/vegan/

  2. You should have used the Oh Yeah One Bar, because every reviewer has already said the Basix literally has no taste. So this whole review is a complete fail.

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