What is Ultra-Filtered milk? 🐄❤️🥛 | Ask Organic Valley

What is Ultra-Filtered milk? 🐄❤️🥛 | Ask Organic Valley

Are you wondering what ultra-filtered
milk is? You’re not the only one. Dear Organic Valley, What makes ultra-filtered milk different from regular milk? Organic Valley ULTRA is the first certified organic ultra filtered milk to
hit the market. Here’s one of our brand managers to explain how it works. By definition, ultra filtered milk is a milk protein concentrate. The filtration process reduces both the water and the lactose which is sugar. The result?
Lactose free milk with concentrated protein, calcium and reduced sugar. Something you may not know, the ultra filtration process does not make milk
organic only USDA certified organic farming methods which do not use toxic
pesticides synthetic hormones or GMOs can produce organic milk which can then
be ultra filtered. Here’s what you get with ULTRA: More protein, less sugar, and no lactose. Fun fact: Organic Valley ULTRA 2%
chocolate milk is sweetened with monk fruit, real sugar,
and none of those artificial sweeteners. There you have it – Organic Valley ULTRA,
the first organic, ultra-filtered milk on the market in four varieties whole 2% 2%
chocolate and skim. to find our Ganic to find Organic valley’s ULTRA near you try our product locator. till next time, Great you’re still here! Like this video,
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4 Replies to “What is Ultra-Filtered milk? 🐄❤️🥛 | Ask Organic Valley”

  1. So your saying this is KETO friendly Milk!!!!????? I didn't think I could love you guys any more than I already do, but I do!

  2. I tried your Ultra-Filtered Chocolate Milk today. It tastes great! The calories per serving is similar to 2% milk, it's hard to believe. This should be the new standard for chocolate milk 🙂

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