What makes plant stretch – Lesson 19

What makes plant stretch – Lesson 19

With producing large, fully developed flowers
in mind, it’s important that we control the growth structure of our plant, which includes
internodal spacing. Now a term that we use with regards to plant
growth and internodal spacing is called “stretching.” If internodes widen too far, we say our plant
is stretching. This is definitely considered undesirable. There are a number of things that can cause
a plant to stretch, so I’m going to give a brief overview of some of those things.
For example, high heat can cause a plant to stretch. Overcrowding could cause a plant
to stretch. In the situation of overcrowding, they’re all fighting to get up to the light
and get the best light, so they stretch to get past each other, resulting in a whole
gamut of undesirable growth. If a plant is root-bound, it can cause stretching. Certain
overuse of gibberellic acid could cause stretching. These all are undesirable. We want to see very tight nodes in your garden
so that when your flowers stack up, we can get big fully developed flowers. There’s few things that we can do to control
stretching. For example, lights-off temp and lights-on temp, the difference between the
two, which we call differential, can affect nodal spacing. If we have a 10- to 15-degree
differential, that’s going to cause fairly wide spacing and rapid growth. If our plant
tends to stretch excessively during the first 2 weeks of flower, we could bring the lights-on
temperature and lights-off temperature closer together if we brought it to a 5-degree differential,
say 80 lights on, 75 lights off, that would definitely tighten up our nodal spacing and
get control of the situation. Another way to control nodal spacing during
the first 2 weeks of flower is to use metal halide lighting during the first 2 weeks of
flower. Blue light keeps the plant short and compact and gives tight internodal spacing. These are some of the techniques that we can
use to control stretching, and I’ve mentioned some of the things that are undesirable that
can cause stretching. If you keep these things in mind when you’re gardening, you can prevent
these problems before they get out of control and keep your plant in a desirable state to
get those big, fully developed flowers. What Makes Your Plant Stretch – Lesson 19
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17 Replies to “What makes plant stretch – Lesson 19”

  1. I have some sexy red-goo with TIGHT node spacing. Day 15 since seed and have an average of 5 nodes with less then 1/4" spacing in between nodes. At this point would helping them get taller be the Direction you would go?

  2. I'm afraid my plants are stunted, I'm trying to find an answer to how i can reverse the stunt. I was hoping stretching them out some how would help, but nothing is working…I'm growing a tent full of midgets

  3. I got a super stretched out plant but its outdoors. From seed it was under a shitty LED light for about 3 weeks. THen i put it outside. It looks like this:

    Its got a thick stock from being outside and i topped it at the top of the good nodes. The lower 3 nodes all had yellow dying leaves so i cut them but There at the top its having great growth now that its used to the sun. Seed sprouted last week of may.I didnt learn about FIMming a plant until after i already topped it. 4 new chutes have shown up. Should i top them again later?
    Fim the new growth later? Or Should i just keep it as is? I'm thinking about transplanting it into a much bigger 5 or 7 gallon pot and bury some of the long stem later. So is the biggest concern with these stretchy plants that the stock might snap? I dont believe it will snap but its going to look like a damn palm tree.

  4. Thanks my friend one day I'll be that knowledgeable thanks to your artistic growing knowledge keep up the great work my friend admire people like you very humble speaking stay cool peace out

  5. Great video thank you very much. I do have a question if you can please find time to answer. If I have 8 plants and I keep 4 100 watt LEDs approximately 4 in from the plant would that fix the stretching? And I have a 300 watt LED cob light approximately 10 inches above all eight. Thank you in advance

  6. Most stretching is caused be too far from light.that's why bottom branches grow out from sides so far side lighting is utilized for greater plant growth

  7. What if I want to increase stretching? My node spacing is much too close in my setup. Nodes are within 1/4 to 1/2 inch of each other and my plants are super duper bushy.

  8. Damn
    Growing outdoors and 3 of my 4 girls are stretched.
    I planted germinated seeds in the middle of a very hot june this year.
    I'm thinking the heat is why I'm growing what will no doubt be one-kola wonders.

  9. Just bring your light down a bit and space the girls out. Although sometimes you just get that pheno with long legs.

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