What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | Fouad Abiad (The Sequel)

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast | Fouad Abiad (The Sequel)

episode 2 of how to get huge no this is
episode 2 of how to get all right okay so okay guys we’re doing episode 2 for
bodybuilders okay guys this is episode 2 of what is the fucking thing called alright guys we’re back for episode 2 of
what bodybuilders eat for breakfast and I’m gonna show you guys how to get huge this is not probably a breakfast I eat
every day but once a week when I want to treat
when I want something a little different when I want to get that refeed going
this is my breakfast so let’s get started listen I got I got your guys
favorite it’s not Pam though it’s the Kirkland brand even shittier so in the
comments sections you guys can really lose your minds that I know some of you
guys are like oh he’s using a nonstick pan why is he spraying it was pam it’s
already nonstick cuz it still fucking sticks man so don’t get in my business just
watch and learn okay three over their Fouad why don’t you put
them all in one pan because I want them to cook properly so I give them enough
space all right so listen I’ll be honest here
these are omega-3 eggs and the reason we do that is you want more omega-3 in your
diet you want to balance it out you want we have a lot of omega-6 in our diet
normally but if you have too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3 you can
cause a lot of inflammation in your body regular grocery store eggs that don’t
have a high omega-3 content are high in omega-6 which will cause a lot of
inflammation in your body so we want to choose the omega-3 eggs or I think cage
free eggs also have a higher omega-3 count you want to pick those to keep the
inflammation in your body down we want to try and stay as healthy as we can and
we do that by minimizing the amount of shit we’re putting in our body and one
of the ways of doing that is keeping our omega-3 count high I’m gonna cover these
so they cook a little faster and while that’s going I’m gonna throw on some
toast I know the dreaded bread Oh bread is gonna make you fat
no breads gonna make me fucking huge you need the carbs right so have the carbs
since episode 1 I have torn my tricep I fucked up my knee started a podcast
started doing a lot of Q&A stuff online this is the thing and I’m in a period in
my bodybuilding career where my body is needs a reset so I had tricep surgery I
had the tendon reattached I’m having surgery on my knee in the next four to
six weeks I’ll begin actually training like rehab training and from there I can shit
no these are fine I just it’s okay okay so those cooked a little faster than
thought I thought those are done anyway yeah so I’m in a period where my body is
just kind of resetting so I’m gonna have this surgery on my knee
once my tricep heals I’ll be ready to get going again I really plan on
competing in 2020 and that’s my goals right now so I’m trying to maintain as
much mass as I can and try and put on a little more and that’s how things are
going now I know those don’t look toasted but there’s a reason why and a
little bit of fucking eggs two eggs per sandwich a little bit of cheese dont want to get too fat
I love egg sandwiches very simple I thought I love egg sandwiches I’m gonna
make fucking egg sandwiches listen I eat six eggs for breakfast every morning
anyway so why not make it taste good so I put six eggs a little bit of cheese a
little bit of fucking mayo and ketchup so yeah the fucking cheese is bad
obviously the butter when you’re fucking you know you’re trying to grill the
sandwich but really what are we eating I mean we’re eating eggs and bread it’s
like protein and carbs I mean what are we doing this is what we’re doing we’re
trying to grow so why you guys scared don’t be scared you got to eat eat to
grow do not be scared of food so we’re just doing this we’re trying to melt the
cheese a little bit because I like the cheese to be a little melted when I’m
eating so that’s the whole premise behind putting it in the frying pan well
this one I think is ready I love training like a bodybuilder
that’s the biggest thing I hate about bodybuilding is dieting it’s never like
stopped me from getting shredded like I don’t I don’t love food so much that I
have no discipline but if you give me the choice between my grow phase which
is also hard cuz you’re stuffing yourself full of food like this may look
fun but if you’re doing the offseason right
you’re probably extremely uncomfortable pounding five six thousand calories if
you’re not uncomfortable and you’re having trouble growing you’re not eating
enough if you’re eating what you should be eating to put on a lot of mass you’re
probably gonna be retaining a little bit of water in the face you’re probably
gonna be a little uncomfortable it’s not easy to fucking eat these massive meals
six seven times a day so but even though that’s uncomfortable I will take that
over fucking starving any day secret to putting on real mass having extra
calories so when I’m trying to get fucking huge this may not be enough so a
little bit of fucking chocolate milk goes a long way that’s how you get huge come on I’m hungry
man I’m fucking hungry get out of the way

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  2. Never thought 6 eggs meal would turn into 1300 k. calories 😲💔😲💔 who eats trans fat mayonaise & full of sugar ketchup

  3. Have lower back pain on the left side today extreme discomfort Whrn bending, felt like the left side feels different from the right. Could it be slipped disc

  4. Hahah I love this dude with the oil hahah my boi!!!! Hahaha he said I got the shitier brand for you motherfuckers hahah

  5. Surgical recovery is a caloric furnace. (Rn 25 yrs) refeed is an understatement to maintain and heal. Dying here over the 'not Pam – go crazy' comment. Omg! Great meal!

  6. Trains bad(injuries), and eats bad(bread for carbs). Felice Navidad is also very inarticulate, incoherent, non eloquent, and just gives really bad advice.

  7. If anyone responds, I'll likely get flak for this, but Fouad is like a quieter, less in your "good fuckin' morning" face version of Rich Piana. He seems honest and says what he feels, even if it goes against popular opinion. I respect that. I say this coming from watching Rich for years, and a comparison felt fitting to me.

  8. Aerosol spray oils (like Pam) slowly eat the non-stick coating off the pan. The culprit is a chemical used in the aerosol part. That's why the food is sticking. Throw that aerosol shit away! Use olive oil.

  9. For us ordinary guys that just love gym, you sir make body building normal and that’s important… funny as fuck.. more content like this please

  10. who the actual fuck wants to look like this guy. he looks like a walking tumor. skin discoloration, no hair. u want those veiny t. rex arms? give me a break hahahah

  11. You sound like my mom when I was a kid she was always behind me to eat properly to grow eat properly to grow she was right and you are right too

  12. My daily meals usually look something like this:

    7:00AM – 3 to4 big spoons of peanut butter, 1 banana, 1 protein bar

    9:30AM – 2 to 3 eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat bread (around 120gm), either some tomatoes, potatoes or onions alongside the eggs, and around 3-4 big scoops of yogurt

    12:30PM: High protein lunch (chicken breast, cow meat or salmon) with steamed veggies, 2 scoops of mashed potatoes and steamed rice

    3:00PM – around 70gm of Almonds/Cashews with a couple of fruits or a fruit juice (i like to alternate the fruits so i don't get bored)

    5:00PM – High protein almond/cow milk (around 500ml) and a protein, cereal or oats bar

    8:00PM – usually that's after my gym workout, i have a scoop of whey protein with a scoop of creatin, blended with milk. For dinner i usually have chicken with rice and gravy

    What do you guys think of my schedule? Any tips or advices you would give? All suggestions welcome!

  13. Pathetic,uneducated clown.The bullshit this walking steroid dispenser is spewing,preposterous…
    Keep your mouth shut,you'll look smarter…in your case,close it with a padlock.

  14. Guy's a wreck, broken knee, arm, wtf .. and a slob diet .. Bet he just uses a bunch of Clen, Cytomel, gear to remove all that garbage fat, misinformation ya'll .. That's why this guy can get away with this shit

  15. may be a stupid question, but is it acutally healthy to eat eggs every day? thought the cholesterine will be bad for you?

  16. Why is he using pam with a non stick pan? Cuz they still fucking stick man. Dont get in my buisness just watch and learn. Straight forward and blunt while keeping it real. Keep it 100 Fouad.

  17. the cooking part is good….the knowledge part is even better. its the little things that matter and fuoad goes the distance in going deep 🙂

  18. I know this sounds so weird. I know this won’t ever happen, But I wonder how Fouad react if I tried to fart on him. All jokes aside he’s a cool dude!

  19. Definitely should be using a higher quality bread (sprouted) and should not be putting mayo and ketchup (with lots of sugar) on there…looks good tho. Chocolate milk is loaded down with sugar too. Almond milk with cocao powder would be way healthier…

  20. How long does that take when the cameras aren't on? Seems like nearly an hour of work before you get to take the first bite…

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