What to Eat before Bed to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

What to Eat before Bed to Build Muscle | Bodybuilding Diet

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  11. I prefer listening to Doctor Eric Berg who encourages people to do intermittent fasting, a prolonged period of several hours between supper and the first meal the next day. This means that you do not eat before bedtime.

  12. The human body can burn 60+ calories per hour during sleep. That's 480+ calories every 8 hours. You want to take that many calories then pile on the protein. The complicated part is the type of food you need for calories and protein.

  13. Has anyone tried eating 6 extra large eggs before bed. Drink 2 raw eggs mixed with vinegar and tomatoe sauce. Eat 4 eggs cracked open and boiled in one cup of water and chicken stock. The cholesterol in eggs is supposed to raise testosterone. If you are afraid of cholesterol effecting your health then you can incorporate exercising by sprinting for 30 seconds then cool down by walking for 30 seconds on your workout days. 6 eggs recipe is about 500 calories and no oil was used. The human body burns 480+ calories every 8 hours just by sleeping so you should burn off every calorie from the 6 eggs just by sleeping.

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