What Would Happen If You Replaced All Drinks with Water?

What Would Happen If You Replaced All Drinks with Water?

BRIGHT SIDE Nine incredible things that happen when you replace all drinks with water We all know what harmful drinks can cause. obesity, heart problems, stomach pain, skin diseases, caries * sigh * This list sounds so scary, so I don’t want to continue it But what if. what if we completely replace all drinks with water? What would happen with our bodies then? Chris Bailey a popular blogger and lecturer carried out some Month long research about this topic. his conclusion is really impressive and Surprising! we decided to summarize this research for you. hold on tight! these facts might shock you! NUMBER NINE You Lose Weight Faster Yeah! You Do! No Special Diet Is Required! You Replace All Drinks With Water For Nine Days You’ll Lose The Equal Amount Of Calories As when Jogging For Eight Kilometer’s A Day! WOW! This Seems a Great Way To Stay Slim Without Much Effort! I’m Going To try It Out! Are You? NUMBER EIGHT You speed Up Your Metabolism And It, In Turn, Raises Your Energy Level. Drinking Just 17 Fluid Ounces Of Water In The Morning Increases Your Metabolism By Twenty Four Percent Write It Down On Your Calender Drink Plenty Of Water Every Day! And you’ll See the Impressive Result Very Soon! NUMBER SEVEN Your Brain Works Better Did you know Your Brain Is Seventy Five To Eighty Five Percent Water? Nothing Else, Just Water! So By Drinking You Feel It Which Helps You Concentrate Drink Water To Work More Efficiently Cope With All Daily Tasks Quickly And Stay Energized Even Late In The Evening! Doesn’t This Sound Like a Dream NUMBER SIX You Eat Less Water Suppresses Appetite Which Helps You Lose Weight. Also We Sometimes Confuse Hunger With Thirst If you Suddenly want to eat Something With High Calorie Maybe all you need is just a glass of water. Try It out next time you feel hungry It Really Works!! NUMBER FIVE Your Body Excretes Toxins Faster WATER WASHES OUT HARMFUL SUBSTANCES PREVENTING AGING Want to look Young And fresh as Long As Possible Drink a Glass Of Water Right Now! NUMBER FOUR Water Lowers The Risk Of Many Diseases Which Diseases? OH A LOT! Like Hypertension, Bladder Conditions, Bowel Cancer, And Others! Want To Avoid Wasting Money On Doctors? Just Drink More Water! NUMBER THREE Your Heart Works Better Yes, It’s a true Fact! Five Glasses Of Water a Day Lowers The Risk Of a Heart Attack By Forty One Percent! FORTY ONE! This Number Is Really Impressive So. What Are You Waiting For?! Have a Glass Of water Top Stay Healthy! NUMBER TWO Your Skin Becomes Softer and Cleaner Water Clears And Moistens Your Skin. Trust Us! After a Few Weeks Of Drinking Water Every Day You Will Fall In Love With Your Skin Again. And! NUMBER ONE My Favorite! You Save A Lot Of Money How Much Money Do You Spend On Coffee To Go? And Juices Per Week? Well. I don’t Want to say how much I do Because My Spending Is Massive The Price Of Water Is Much Lower Than That Of Other Drinks Think About It! So. Has These Amazing Facts Impressed You? If So! Hit That Thumbs Up Button! And If You’re Visiting our Channel For The First Time Click Subscribe To Stay on The Bright Side Of Life JOIN US ON THE BRIGHT SIDE

100 Replies to “What Would Happen If You Replaced All Drinks with Water?”

  1. Hey there! What do you mostly drink? ☕🥛🍵

    Btw, here's what happens to your body when you drink lemon water https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryol9sVk704

  2. I use to struggle with drinking water 💦 but now that I began drinking it more frequently it’s gotten much more easier and I do feel better!!! I shall continue to drink up!

  3. I've been drinking only water for years…with the exception of a cup of coffee in the morning. I can say that drinking only water does not help you lose weight faster. Reducing caloric intake is how you lose weight. Also, drinking water does not suppress appetite. Try replacing a meal with water and see how that works for you. Besides, if water is supposed to increase metabolic rate, how can it suppress appetite? Your brain and body do not confuse hunger with thirst. If it did, we'd likely not have survived this long. Don't tell me you don't know the difference between hunger and thirst.

  4. Water sucks, gatoraids better
    Also gatoraide… its what plants crave.

    That a few movie references for those who don't know.

  5. I drink ALOT of liquid. NONE of it is alcohol. Mostly soda, juice, chocolate milk but no way would I swap it all out for water. It has NO taste. None. I could do Gatorade but not water. "Smart water"
    Is Way too expensive. Not worth it.

  6. What is this strage unit of measurement: fluid ounce…
    Sorry, that was my inner american, who gets offended quite easily.
    (17 fl.oz is about 500 mL)

  7. And what if i dont want to loss eaight i need to gain and i have to 😁😁😁😁😁

  8. If u think ur hungry but r really thirsty then ur autonomic brain functions r wired wrong and u would b dead

  9. That’s why 95% of what I drink is straight water. I never liked soda as a kid and never drink it. Maybe once every so often I’ll drink a Gatorade or something but most of the time it’s water.

  10. Well……. I will disagree I drink only water for a super long time and water doesn't do these magical things

  11. At least cokes steralized . All the pathegens in water today . Population pollution dahhhh plastics and the chemicals . Wow I want some lol! Not!

  12. Ellan waterum onnudaan addan sirunerilirundu kudi neer dittam but just lable daan bandavaa potukallam so ellan onnukuthan mukhyamantri chennaila maati mari kudikirom😍

  13. I can say this vid is BS, ive been drinking only water for 3 years straigth and can assure you half of this facts are more diet and exescise related, water do helps but water alone dont do any miracles explained in this vid

  14. I can't be the only one that only drinks water because I hate soda cause it burns my tongue(ik its weird) and I don't rlly like juice. No, I am not forced to drink water 24/7, I just choose to because its the only drink that I actually enjoy.

  15. I only drink water
    But I also rearly drink milk
    It's been about 3 years now sence I started doing this and I feel way better

  16. you should post links to your sources in the description. Cause that 41% statistic you threw out seems way too specific to be true and I would at least like to read a study conducted or something.

  17. I dont like soda nor the type of waters there are like lemon water and stuff like that only water and milk abd i know #2 and#7 arent tru

  18. This is the best weight loss anti aging disease relieving metabolism energy brain freeing video I have ever seen The Value Is Unmeasured anywhere Thank You for sharing.

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