When Disney Princesses Go on a Diet…

When Disney Princesses Go on a Diet…

Narrator: Once upon a time, five beautiful princesses gathered together for a picture perfect picnic at Belle’s Castle It all started with an innocent group selfie that turned into a treacherous war on on diets. *camera sound* *Princesses taking selfies* Elsa: Uh.. Hey guys… Elsa: Guys, I did not drive all the way from North Mountain to take pictures at a pretend-picnic… Belle: Wait! wait! wait! almost got it, almost got it Pocahontas: Oh, Elsa. You know, if we don’t take pictures for social media it didn’t happen Elsa: My food is getting cold Ariel: But isn’t that how you like it? Belle: Got it! Belle: Send! *Iphone notification sound* Auora: Guys, my eyes are closed! Aurora: Maybe I can photoshop eyes on myself. Pocahontas: Don’t they have an app for that? Aurora: There’s got to be an app! Ariel: Or maybe if you could get like those stickers and put like a pair of sunglasses on… or like a tropical fish on your face, okay put dolphin on there too. Aurora: I like that! Look how’s it? Pocahontas: Oh, so cu… Elsa: GUYS! *Singing* Aurora: If you put it that way, phone down. Well, at least your eyes were open. Ariel: Well, that was dramatic! *Music* Belle: Are you girls on any diets? *Pocahonta flicks tongue* Pocahontas: Well, actually… As you know, I’m vegan The Four Hipocrites: We know… Pocahontas: And… Pocahontas: I just think it’s very selfish that you guys are eating our friend *Rn, I wanna kick so hard the one who was in charge on ridiculizing the lifestyle* Belle: We’ve been through this! Belle: A and I are Paleo *pfff* Belle: bEcAusE hE iS A rEcOvErInG CaRnIvOrE It just makes the most sense for our lifestyle right now But you’re being so selfish don’t you understand that every rock and tree and creature? Life has a spirit and the name Hasn’t it. Well. I’m on atkins it’s Super Bowl carbons perfect to the body of you a Sleeping you are always tired and has no energy so our productivity. I’m blake Actually yeah wait for our last workout wait Rob sleepwalking again She did this the other weekend at my capital and candida binging on all the croissants. Oh my turn So Eric and I are on the seafood diet Seafood Can you murder flounder for food no no no seafood is in like when we see food we eat it You’re telling me you can eat. Whatever you want and not gain weight It’s become so sleepy. They’re like Magic only three payments of your voice every month Are you serious yes? I mean, it’s basically the same thing as your RaJu No, no, my cold-pressed juices are full of nutrients Don’t you ever miss chewing don’t you ever miss smoked Salmon you ever miss bro Don’t you like Miss warm food come on guys you know the cold never bothered me anyway. Oh Okay, I got to go to the bathroom. Oh That ts. You drink How do mermaids go craftsmen I don’t know but you want to try the gray stuff it is delicious Is it vegan all better now and guys miss Jasmine she’s facetiming from the world Hey ladies. I’m sorry. I couldn’t be there raja had a vet appointment on the other side of all Garba What’d I miss what he’s talking about we were actually talking about our diet mmM Well, I’m certainly not on a diet these curves. We bought you bicarb Oh that bread looks a lot install it from the Village market yesterday I mean you can obviously afford it, but you just love the thrill of the chase Do you want some I can sent them down if you drop a pen drop it event? Id article Father’s calling Oh my phone Picture oh no, I’m an evite. God clock like it, but I’ll knock doubt it nobody else do that Omg, my love bread cake 37 has a crush on Aurora all posing totally worth and It was with the power of the cobble heydrich that the princess is viewed on food was put to an end Aurora work from her slumber and the princesses lived happily ever after until Jasmine Went on TV oh God, I think about what my nose oh Whoa ladies. Oh, sorry I couldn’t beat up peter, okay? Bradley we’re sick right at Got hit really hard

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  1. Wait, but if Pocahontas is a Native American, doesn’t that mean she eats meat? Because, you know, you can’t be picky when you gotta hunt and stuff?

  2. I watched this around when it came out like 2 years ago. Before I found out about Madilyn Bailey. Now I am obsessed with her covers. So seeing this video again after so long is like, OH MY GOSH ITS HERRRR

  3. *Me watching a vid, then see this vid's title:
    *Me after hearing Elsa's voice*:
    Beautiful 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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