When Grizzly Bears Attack

When Grizzly Bears Attack

From one of the largest land carnivores on
Earth to a series of vicious human encounters, this is what happens when grizzly bears attack. Today’s video was requested by SouthTaylor. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about, subscribe and let us know in the comment section below. The grizzly is a subspecies of brown bear that
inhabits North America. It has a heavily built skull, short, round
ears and a pronounced shoulder hump. The name “grizzly” is derived from its
grizzled fur, which features golden and grey tips of the hair. Grizzlies vary in fur coloration from blond
to nearly black, but are most often a variation of brown. Another interpretation of their name is seen
as a derivation of the word “grisly”, meaning gruesome or fear-inspiring. The latter seems to ring true, when considering
that the grizzly’s one of the largest land carnivores on the planet. Exceptionally massive individuals have been
recorded at weights in excess of 1,500 pounds. Grizzlies are also incredibly strong and have
a number of natural weapons. They won’t hesitate to tear through you
if they’re surprised, feel threatened or for the protection of their young. Number 4 Stephan Miller
In April 2008, Stephan Miller was filming a promotional video at the Predators in Action
facility, which was run by his cousin Randy. The video was a staged wrestling match between
Stephan and a 4-year old grizzly named Rocky. Stephan had previously worked with bears and
Rocky had been trained in wrestling humans, but not by Stephan. During the first shots, Rocky assumed the
wrestling posture and attacked Stephan before he’d got the chance to raise his arm in
a defensive position. Randy began hitting the bear with a cane to
get him to stop, but, in doing so, may have only increased his aggression. Rocky bit Stephan on the neck just once, severing
his jugular vein and carotid artery. He died within minutes. In the aftermath of the attack, Rocky wasn’t
put down but was given hard restrictions on working with humans. Before we move on, answer this question. What is a grizzly bear’s strongest sense? Is It
a. Hearing
b. Touch
c. Sight
d. Smell
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer. Brown bears enjoy the widest distribution
of all bear species. In North America, grizzlies living on the
coast tend to be larger than those inland. They’re mainly found in Alaska, western
Canada and certain parts of the northwestern United Sates, including Montana, Washington,
Wyoming and Idaho. Their range extends as far south as Grand
Teton National Parks and Yellowstone. For the most part, grizzlies live alone. Their diet is omnivorous, meaning they eat
both meat and plant material. The largest gathering of grizzlies is the
salmon run, in Alaska. As the fish migrate upstream for the summer,
the bears gather to catch their fill. The rich fat content in salmon helps them
bulk up for the winter hibernation. Number 3 Tom Sommer
Tom Sommer and a friend were hunting in Montana, when they stumbled upon a grizzly bear feeding
on a carcass. Surprised, the bear followed its natural instinct
and charged them. Sommer failed to release the safety hatch
on his bear spray and pulled out his gun. The bear swatted the weapon out of his hand
then started mauling him. It bit him on the thigh, ran its claws through
his wrists then took his head in its jaws. Sommer said he could actually feel the bones
in his skull crack as the bear was crunching on his head. Fortunately for the 57-year-old hunter, his
friend managed to deploy the rest of his spray can which chased away the beast. Sommer survived his bone-crushing ordeal,
but required over 90 stitches to close the enormous gash in his head. A
large grizzly may measure up to 9 feet when standing on its hind legs. This is arguably one of the most terrifying
displays in the animal kingdom, especially when considering the wide array of natural
weapons it owns. Its thick fur and the layer of fat beneath
it act as armor, while its musculature was designed for power. Grizzlies can take out bison or moose, creatures
that outweigh them by several hundred pounds. Their jaws can chew through bones while their
canines may, in some cases, be longer than a tiger’s. They have five non-retractable claws on each
paw that are up to 6 inches long. A strong paw strike can break a person’s
neck or sever major arteries. A grizzly can reach up to 40 miles per hour,
when running on all fours, surpassing the fastest humans. A grizzly bear attack can result in death
or severe wounds. These include major lacerations or fractures
as well as infections, since the grizzly’s mouth is full of potentially harmful bacteria. Number 2 Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard
In the fall of 2003, Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were visiting
Katmai National Park, in Alaska. They’d set up camp near a salmon stream,
where the bears would come to feed in preparation for hibernation. Treadwell had been studying the behavior of
grizzlies for 13 years. He considered it his life’s calling and
credited his relationship with the bears as having helped his recovery from drugs and
alcohol. Food was scarce in the fall of 2003 and the
grizzlies were more aggressive than usual. When an air taxi arrived to pick up Treadwell
and Huguenard, the couple weren’t at the campsite. Instead, a large male grizzly was protecting
the surroundings. Park rangers shot the aggressive grizzly and
recovered the remains of Treadwell and Huguenard. The woman had been partially eaten and buried
in a mound of dirt and twigs, near the collapsed tents. Close to the campsite the park rangers found
Treadwell’s partial spine, his disfigured head as well as his left forearm and hand
with a wristwatch still on it. A necropsy of the bear the park rangers had
shot down revealed clothes and human remains. The camera, which the couple had been using
to document the bears, was still on for six minutes as the attack unfolded. There was only an audio recording of Treadwell
screaming “Come out here; I’m being killed out here”, as well as his screams and cries
as he was being mauled to death. So, what is a grizzly’s strongest sense? The right answer was d, smell. The sense of smell owned by a grizzly is among
the best in the animal kingdom. They can detect potential food sources from
up to 20 miles upwind. Additionally, grizzlies use their acute sense
of smell to keep track of their young, find mates or stay away from competitors. The risk should outweigh the reward when it
comes to giant animals that can effortlessly kill you. In that sense, it’s always best to avoid
any potential encounter with a grizzly. This means steering clear of areas known for
their presence. Most attacks are the result of a person surprising
the bear so, if you do decide to travel in grizzly territory, make noise to let them
know you’re there. Never get in between a mother and her cubs. Make sure to keep food properly stored away
since, as previously mentioned, bears have a phenomenal sense of smell. Always carry bear spray as it might be even
more effective than a gun. In close range, a few bullets likely won’t
stop a fully-grown grizzly. Stand tall and don’t run away or turn your
back. If the bear charges you, lie on your stomach
and play dead while keeping your hands clamped over your neck. Leave your backpack on as it might protect
you from further injuries. If fighting is the only option you have left,
go for the eyes or the snout. Number 1 Wes Perkins
Wes Perkins case is shocking because, although he survived the grizzly attack, his face was
basically eaten off. It happened in 2016, when Perkins and two
other men were bear hunting on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula. The grizzly male charged Perkins and started
mauling him. The others managed to shoot and kill the beast
but, by the time it died, the bear had ripped Perkins’ face off. A trained paramedic, he remained conscious
the whole time. After the attack was over, he had to remove
pieces of his face out of his airway so that he could breathe. The extent of the mauling was horrifying but,
against all odds, Perkins survived. Pictures, taken right after the attack, show
its incredible brutality. Perkins had virtually no discernable facial
features remaining. The bear had torn off half of his tongue,
his jaw, his nose and severely damaged one of his eyes. He would endure a long and painful road to
recovery, which involved facial reconstruction surgeries in excess of $1 million. Thanks for watching! Would you rather face an aggressive grizzly
or get locked in a room filled with black widow spiders? Let us know in the comments section below!

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