Whey Protein: Everything You Need To Know!

Whey Protein: Everything You Need To Know!

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Why don’t we do a Whey Protein 101? Everybody
knows how important it is especially if you’re taking supplements. But we want to know, what are we actually
getting when we take it, and there’s so many different variations. If we can put together a video here to help
break that down, then I thought it could be helpful. So, I want to get to some sort of vision.
First of all, what is Whey Protein? If we look at milk, it’s got 2 main components.
It’s got curds and whey. Whey is the liquid portion. In that liquid portion we have not just protein,
but protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. All that we have when we talk about the different
kinds of whey protein are basically different stages in preparation of that protein to the
point at which it gets to you. So, if we think about it, it’s a 3 step process
here, or 3 or 4 step process. And where the manufacturer intervenes and puts it in a bottle
is really what you’re getting. So, when you look at whey concentrate, it’s
the first step. It’s basically taking that separated out whey and filtering out the main
impurities. And then giving you the rest of it. The thing
is, that could be 35-80% protein by weight. That is a big variation, guys, between how
much protein is actually in an amount of powder. So, if you’re looking at 20 grams of powder,
and it’s only 50% by weight, you’re only getting 10 active grams of protein in a concentrate. Luckily, some manufacturers will steer towards
the high end. I can tell you, ATHLEANRX steers towards the high end, to the highest end. We use 80% in our concentrate so that for
every 10 grams of the protein by volume, you’re getting 8 active grams of the protein when
we use our concentrate. Again, we’ll use mostly isolate in all of
our proteins, but just to point that out. This is also going to have a higher concentration
of lactose in it. Again, less treatment, less purification process,
more lactose. So, if you are a lactose-intolerant person, if you buy a whey concentrate, you’re going to find that you have a lot more
gut issues having that than you would somewhere along the way down here. We’ll talk about these in a second, and it’s
going to retain a high percentage of the important subfractions. We know that whey protein is
important as an immune-boosting agent. Well, a lot of those important boosting properties
come from the subfractions like lactoferrin that are in whey protein. Those are going to be again, untouched for
the most part in whey concentrate. So you’re going to have good immune-boosting effects
from concentrate. The best, actually. And then finally, this is absorbed a little
bit slower, again, because you have other components in here. You are going to have
some fat. You are going to have some carbohydrates.
That’s going to delay the gastric emptying of a concentrate versus an isolyte when you
compare them side-by-side. Next, let’s move into that next step. So now,
if we treat that, we take that concentrate and we treat it a little bit more, then we have more benefits and sometimes more
things that we don’t like about it. That’s isolate here. This now is at least 90% protein by weight,
ok. So, in order to have that for every 10 grams, you have to at least be delivering
9 active grams of protein. And again, we score off the charts here. We
have a very high ratio of our whey isolate that we deliver in our ATHLEANX Supplements. There are far less issues with lactose intolerance
here. Why? Because almost all the lactose is removed when you go through that additional
purification step of an isolate. It may destroy immune-boosting subfractions
like lactoferrin because now, the more we treat it, the more that we start to break
down some of those other components. Because as we break down the protein into
smaller and smaller peptides. I say may because we’re going to talk about, lastly, the difference
ways in which whey protein isolate is prepared. But before we do, I’ll talk about one other
version here, and it is another way that it’s covered, and that’s hydrolysate protein, ok,
which is just basically hydrolyzed protein. You’ve seen it on labels probably before.
Some people will say this is the end of all, be all of protein. I kind of don’t agree. What you’re dealing with here is yes, the
fastest absorbing form of protein because it is so broken down. It’s broken down to all its individual peptides.
It actually kills all the what we call quaternary structures of protein. But those are the lactoferrin and immune-boosting
subfractions. So, you’re completely destroying those when you do this. And it was actually done because they wanted
to take out any of the things that could be potentially allergenic. So, these immune-boosting fractions are also
very highly acted upon by our body in some cases when they see them as an allergen, so
you can have an allergic reaction to them. Now we’re getting rid of, to make baby formula,
that’s how this was all sort of created in the first place, and it’s going to taste awful. Because the amino acids, once they’re completely
free from the rest of their protein chains, are bad. We’ve talked about it before. The branch chain
amino acids, when you break them down to individual components, things like leucine taste God-awful. And proline tastes God-awful. And they’re
just floating around in here so when you go to eat this, it’s going to taste like crap. The bottom line is before we talk about these
last two things here is, you got to understand, guys, that the way that these are broken down, they’re talking about, you know, is it denaturing
the proteins? We’re going to eventually, whether these are broken down when they come in a
bottle, or whether they’re broken down in your gut,
your body is going to break these things down eventually into their individual components. So, the argument some people will make about
denaturing proteins, guys, when you take a thing of egg whites and you pour it into a
hot pan, to make your scrambled eggs, you are denaturing
that protein. The thing is, you’re not changing the muscle-building properties of the protein
when you do that. You’re not changing the muscle-building properties.
It can still have a benefit or you would never be finding any benefits from eating cooked
proteins. You’d be eating everything raw. So, don’t
confuse that. It’s really these other steps that really determines whether or not one
is more right for you or not. So, of the isolate, there’s 2 things that
we see most often. A cross-flow microfiltration, and an ion exchange preparation. With the ion exchange preparation, guys, these
are usually treated with chemicals like hydrochloric acid and other agents basically do the splitting. They’re lysing. They’re splitting these proteins
into individual components. That’s not ideal, ok. I don’t really need to have foreign chemicals
introduced into here to do the breaking down for us. We’re going to have that in our own body,
in our own gut. We have our own acids to do that. Cross microfiltration is a process that uses
cold temperatures to split the fractions into their parts. This, again, if you want to go down the road
of not denaturing your protein, this is what this is. High end cross flow microfiltration will not
denature the proteins because it won’t expose them to heat. Other processes that I haven’t even covered
here will expose them to high heat, and that could break down the proteins. But again, it breaks down the proteins and
causes a breakdown of a lot of these other important fractions like I talked about like
lactoferrin. That will be why you would want to eliminate
the chemical and the high heat conditions. But from a standpoint of the value of the
protein itself, it’s still going to have a high value in terms of building muscle. But I like to think, again, with ATHLEANX,
it’s not just about building muscle. It’s about creating a whole better you. Well, that’s why we want to worry about the
benefits that we do want to preserve here of the immune-boosting. So, ion exchange, again, cross flow microfiltration
is the way that the isolate is further prepared. Same thing with the hydrolyzed protein. All in all, what does that mean to you guys?
It should just mean that when you’re looking for your protein, determine what it is you’re looking for. If
you have a lactose intolerance, you got to start looking right here at the isolate. If you’re not lactose-intolerant, you probably
could get away with the concentrate. You’re going to have really good immune-boosting
effects. Again, me, I like the combination of the speed
of entry of isolate. I like the fact that we can prepare it with
a cold process across from microfiltration to get you guys the highest quality and purity
in the protein. And I like the fact that again, it has all
of these important immune-boosting agents in tact as well. So, that, guys, if you haven’t already tried,
is how we develop our ATHLEANRX Supplements. We choose the highest quality proteins. We
choose the highest quality ingredients. We get you guys none of the fluff, none of
the filler, none of that crap to make sure that the stuff that we deliver to you at the end of the day
is the best product that you could possibly use. If you haven’t already guys head to ATHLEANRX.COM
to see what it is that we’re doing with our supplement line, expanding every day to meet the demands of
what you guys want and need. In the meantime, if you found this video and
this 101 helpful, make sure you leave a thumb’s up below and some comments. And if you want me to continue to do more
of this nutritional breakdown, I’m happy to do it. Just let me know what it is you want me to
cover. Alright, guys, I’ll be back here again soon.

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