Whey Protein Powder Scam: “Amino Acid Spiking”

Whey Protein Powder Scam: “Amino Acid Spiking”

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of SeanNal.com
and BodyTransformationTruth.com and today I want to explain one of the latest protein
powder scams that’s going on and it’s happening with even some of the biggest companies out
there and it’s the practice of amino acid spiking. So, whey protein is one of the very
few fitness supplements out there that gets a definite thumbs up for me. It’s a very high
quality source of natural protein with a top amino acid profile, high bio-availability
and it helps you hit your overall protein and calorie needs throughout the day in a
far more convenient and streamlined way. It certainly isn’t mandatory, but for most muscle
building and fat loss trainees it definitely can help out. But with whey protein costs
contantly on the rise right now, and with literally thousands of different brands out
there for you to select from, you need to choose carefully in order to ensure that you’re
truly getting a high quality product. So what is amino acid spiking? Well, as you probably
already know, amino acids are the individual building blocks that make up a complete protein.
There are 22 standard amino acids that are recognized with 9 of those being considered
essential since your body can’t make them on its own. Amino acid spiking is essentially
the practice of dumping high amounts of the cheapest, least valuable amino acids into
the powder in order to cut costs, while keeping the total protein content elevated. For labeling
purposes the total protein gram amount that’s listed on the product is based on the total
nitrogen content, and as a result, even though these isolated amino acids are technically
not protein they’ll still contribute to the total. And this means that you’re not getting
a complete source of protein when using these products and it also means that you’re getting
higher amounts of some of the least effective amino acids for supporting muscle protein
synthesis and recovery. The specific amounts that are used are certainly going to vary
from product to product, but to my knowledge some companies are currently spiking as much
as half of their total protein content with these low quality aminos. In other words you
might think that you’re getting 30 grams of high quality protein per scoop, when in reality
you’re only getting maybe 15 grams along with a bunch of nearly worthless filler. Even for
the companies that do this on a smaller scale with maybe just a few grams of these amino
acids per scoop, in which case it probably isn’t going to actually impact your bottom
line results in a negative way, why would you purchase a spiked protein powder when
there are so many other legitimate options available to you? Why not get your full money’s
worth? And on top of this, why would you want to support a company that is being blatantly
dishonest with you? So how do you know if your protein powder is spiked? Well, just
go ahead and look at the ingredient list on the label of the product that you’re using.
The first thing that you’re going to see is the type of protein listed, whether it be
whey concentrate, whey isolate, a blend of the two, or a mix of other protein sources
like egg or casein or milk protein. Then simply scan the rest of the ingredient list to look
for singular amino acids that have been added in. For the purposes of amino acid spiking,
the two most common amino acids you’re going to see are l-glycine and l-taurine. These
are two dirt cheap non-essential amino acids that cost far less than the actual whey protein.
Since they’re also tasteless, adding them in in high amounts helps to improve the overall
flavoring of the product. Another thing that you can look out for is added creatine. Creatine
is also far less expensive then whey protein is and since it’s a combination of 3 amino
acids (l-glycine, l-arginine and l-methionine) it also registers as part of the protein total.
Creatine is a great muscle building supplement and it’s something that I personally use and
do recommend, but the truth is that it has no place in a protein powder and should simply
be purchased separately on its own. So if you see l-glycine, l-taurine or creatine listed
anywhere in the ingredients list of your protein powder it should raise a massive red flag
and in my opinion the specific product should be avoided. Although it’s not a guarantee
that these amino acids are contributing to the protein total, I’d say that the chances
are near 100 percent that that’s why they’re there. And since supplement companies know
that the vast majority of people out there really have no idea about this particular
practice, they’ll actually play it up by giving fancy names to the amino acids because it
makes it look like they’re being added in for a specific reason. For example, one very
popular brand out there includes what they call an “NOS complex” in their ingredient
lists which is basically just a mix of l-arginine and l-taurine. Another popular product lists
a “muscle recovery matrix” and this is made up of creatine and l-glycine. It’s really
nothing more then pure marketing BS. And finally what are some good solid whey protein products
out there that are not spiked? Well there are certainly many, many brands out there
for you to choose from, but 3 that I would personally stand behind and recommend are
number 1 “Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey”. This is the one that I personally use. Number 2,
“Dymatize Elite Whey”, and number 3, “Cellucor Core Performance Whey”. Now these products
contain a clean blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate with whey protein
isolate being the more prevalent of the two. They have no singular amino acids added in,
they mix well, they taste good and they’re also reasonably priced. It should be noted
that I’m not affiliated with these specific brands and I don’t stand to gain anything
by recommending one specific protein brand over another. So I’m really just giving you
my very best recommendation there. So thanks for watching this video lesson. I hope you
found the information useful here today. If you did enjoy the video, as always, please
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  1. Good info. But I would add: if free form aminos are listed in the ingredients, check the nutritional info to see if it's separately listed there. Very few proteins list them separately like this but some do (Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide lists creatine monohydrate and taurine separate from protein – not amino spiked)

  2. Mr. Nalewany i found This video very helpful. I'm going to take a look At The nutrition facts on my protein right now!

    Thank You very much!

  3. Sean, this is dead on.  We've been wanting to make this video in a very professionally produced segment (like a 60 Minutes-style Expose), but haven't yet gotten around to it.  Thank you very much.  We'd love to work with you in the future!

  4. Very good advice on all your videos man. No bs. Can you make one on drop sets? I love doing them but unsure if I'm using them too often in my workouts. When I don't throw them in at the end of the set I get worried I haven't put enough stress on the muscles.

    Is it bad to use them too often? Thinking the muscles might adapt to them an they become less effective.

  5. hey sean i would really really apreciate it if you can do a video about calves. i have been training them for almost a year now and they just wont grow i tried many different methods but nothing seems to work. and i know alot of people with the same issue,
    calves seems to be the hardest muscle to pop . i would love to hear your thoughts about it.
    and again another great video
    thanks and keep it up

  6. Liked this video. Very true, very useful information. One may wonder how some of those dishonest company CEOs sleep at night. On a mattress full of cash they'd answer. Just dirty.

  7. Hey Sean, I've been using Isoflex from Allmax for about two years. Do you think its a good protein powder for the money or is better to stick to ON Gold ?  

  8. wow, this greatly explains how the walmart whey proteins (SixStart and Body Fortress) are so cheap despite their nutritional profiles. They add both creatine AND taurine, double protein spike.

  9. I did enjoy the vid, as always Sean. Big thumbs up! You should think of something to reach more viewers, maybe for once a co-show with the Fasting Twins.

    Thank you!

  10. @optimumnutrition @Cellucor @Dymatize Enterprises Inc All phenomenal brands, I use products from all three of these companies and highly recommend all three in different categories and identical categories. 

  11. Nothing wrong with milk.  Get more than 20g of protein out of 14oz (400ml) of certain low fat milk brands.  And you get a huge array of vitamins and minerals.  If you can tolerate lactose, its a cheap and excellent source of protein and carbs.

  12. Thx for the info.. Can you please reply by writing those 3 Amino Acid profile?  and how much  in (mg) is bad if found under the profile? 

  13. Great video as always Sean! What are your thoughts on Bodybuilding.com's Protogen protein and ON Hydrobuilder?

  14. I've just started to go to the gym what should i take after my workout my normal meal or whey protein shake? Plz suggest. 😛

  15. I like this guy! The truth. Im always preaching to my people that they are wasting their money on purely hyped products… This video says it best, good job spreading the word to your followers!

  16. Sean,

    What do you think about pro Jym by Jim Stoppani? I recently saw a video by him on protein spiking as well.

  17. You say that glycine and taurine are the two amino acids that are usually used to spike the protein, does that automatically mean when one of the that two is listed on the ingredients it's spiked? For example MP combat. it has glycine in but it's nearly at the bottom of the list of ingredients, which has lesser amount compared to the ones before it, right? does that mean this protein is still spiked due to the glycine? And I also read some articles that glycine is a flavor enhancer. Any comments on that?

  18. I just bought 5lbs Muscletech 100% premium whey protein, while I'm about to finish my previous pack of the same. I just checked and found taurine, glycine and creatine in it. Is Muscletech a bad brand? Have I wasted my money? 🙁

  19. hey @Sean Nalewanyj Fitness I need some help, Im starting going to the gym and as supplements I bought the no n-zero extreme for prework out and the cor-preformance whey protein to take after work out. Is it cool to do that? 

  20. @Sean Nalewanyj  is it a good sign if they have the amino acid profile shown? also ive seen some profile breakdowns with high amounts of glycine.

  21. Hey Sean. Recently picked up Muscletech performance series Nitrotech. They claim 30grams of protein per scoop of 37 grams. The added stuff being 3grams of creatine,2grams of leucine,1 gram of l glycine and l taurine each. After watching your video on amino spiking i wanted to know whether the protein is legit since the ingredients along with the quantity used is written on its front label as well as in its nutritional facts and its costs much more than ON 100% and other protein powders

  22. L-Taurine i have read that it supports the connective tissue to the bones.. .. but information is always changing..

  23. Please help. Is hydrobuilder spiked? It has creatine in it so is it? Since im lactose intolerant i cant take the 100% gold standard ON whey. What can you recommend? I am also thinking on buying Pro Jym as it is by far the most trusted product i have researched on since it lists exactly how much of what protein is in it.

  24. I only buy WPI with two ingredients: WPI and lecithin. As for flavors, sweeteners, and the rest of the 'stuff' others use, I don't need/want it. As to ON, I believe they're owned by Glanbia, which makes good quality whey, but since they don't make a natural unflavored product, I won't use it. Great info as always Sean.

  25. Hey man thanks for this video, quick question. The L-Glycine does not show up under the ingredients on my protein, but it does show up in the Amino Acid profile. Should I only be worried if it's listed in the ingredients? or is it bad in the amino acid profile too?

  26. why this guy's channel isn't verified?? Why isn't he popular? I have been going to gym for over a year and I can say one thing. THIS GUY IS LEGIT!! Sean keep the good work up. You are great

  27. Hey sean great fan here, is muscletech nitrotech worth it? Its expensive yet has high and pure protein content.

  28. Body Fortress has a new formula with those cheap amino acids. They also list the amount per serving of the cheap amino acids, but it's what I can afford.

  29. If anyone else suggests supplements or whatever …. i'm a bit apprehensive ….. but not with you Sean ….you got real integrity …which is a rare thing in this game …..good on you bro …best of luck with this channel….sub for life ….peace

  30. I just started working out and I'm taking NutriBio 100% Whey Protein Isolate. Is this product a good protein to use? It says it is a whey protein isolate, like you recommend, but it does list a host of amino acids in the ingredients. I know this video is 4 years old but I'm hoping for a response anyway, and from anybody who might know.

  31. Sean Nalewanyj
    Absolute Deceitful Gar Barge. No "Whey Protein Powder" is Any Good. Ewe are Following a Script and Pushing the freemasonry Cult Club Agenda. Real Toxic Free Food is the Only thing that works. Explain to EveryOne how do they turn a powder in "protein"?

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