Whey Protein & Processing In 60 Seconds

Whey Protein & Processing In 60 Seconds

The quality of whey protein depends on the
diet of the cows which it is sourced from, cows which have a grass based diet have a
higher concentration of healthy fats and quality proteins compared to cows fed on conventional
feed. The milk from organic cows doesn’t contain
any antibiotics, hormones or heavy metals, which may be present in conventionally raised
cows, and are known to have negative effects on our health. There are 2 types of whey protein, acid whey
and sweet whey. Acid whey has a better nutritional profile than sweet whey, but due to taste
is less commonly sold. Extracting protein from whey can be done in
2 ways, micro-filtration and ion exchange. Microfiltration is a less harsh process, resulting
in a nutritious protein powder which contains a number of undamaged nutrients and high quality
protein. Ion exchange is a cheaper process, and yields
a higher protein concentration, but the protein is a lower quality than microfiltration, and
ion exchange may be another source of heavy metals.

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  1. Hey Man thank you so much for your video it actually help me find my answer, despite what these immature dudes say. Your video is 100% better than no video. so I hope you don't let these dumb comments stop you because your initiative to do this video is the KEY that separates you from the masses and your going to go far in life and help alot of poeple! Take care

  2. Some researchers says the hormones and heavy metals found whey produced from grain-fed cows are filtered in the process of extracting proteins from whey. Any ideas about it ? Is their a difference between grass-fed and grain-fed whey proteins ?

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