Why Anne Hathaway Gave Up Drinking

Why Anne Hathaway Gave Up Drinking

All right, so “Serenity” is a
movie that is hard to explain. Yes. So try to explain it. Oh, good. Yeah, well, it’s a sexy,
surrealist modern noir. Yes. So if you are into
thrillers and you are into, I don’t know, morality
that’s not black and white and you like to be taken on
some kind of surreal adventure, you should check it out. Yes. But other than that,
it’s hard to talk about. Yeah. Matthew McConaughey plays the
captain of a fishing boat. He’s obsessed with the fish. I come into his life. I ask him to kill my
husband who’s a monster and is abusive to
me and to my son. And Matthew’s obsession
changes from whether or not he’s going to catch the
fish to whether or not he’s going to kill the man. Right. Because– and you think
you were watching a movie, and then there’s
a surprise that– that– so you don’t
know what it is. That’s what we can’t give away
is that something happens. You’re like, oh. And it was filmed on
a beautiful island. He said– So beautiful. It was– where was it? Mauritius. Yeah, yeah, beautiful. Yeah, I think it’s– if you go
to South Africa and then you go to Madagascar and you keep
going, then you hit Mauritius. Wow, that’s a long flight. It was a long flight. Jonathan did great on it though. And how long did you
stay on that island? I was there for
about five weeks. Five weeks. Five weeks. Yeah, and it was incredibly. Matthew and Camila had
been there for a while. So we arrived. And, you know, I knew Matthew
from Interstellar, of course. And so I got a call from him. Hey, you’re in the northern
part of the island. We’re in the southern part. You should come down. And so we did. And Matthew and Camila took
us on an amazing, kind of, little bar side tour of all
the best rums on the island. Wow. And how was that? I don’t remember. Uh-huh. [LAUGHTER] I have no idea. Really? It was– oh, man. Well– because
they’re both cool. And I just can’t
drink as much as them. So anyway, yeah, we
drank the night away. And then I had to go to a
meeting with Steven Knight, our director, the next day. And I was just kind of– have you guys ever had
to do a meeting hungover? You don’t have to admit it. And so I was just kind of like
stumbling and one eye open. And I was trying to convince
him about certain things about my character. And at the end of it, I said,
listen, I’ve got a confession. I was hung over the entire time. And he just goes, oh,
really, I couldn’t tell. And then two days later,
we had another meeting, and I showed up. He said, oh, now I can. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] The difference between
the other meeting. And then you quit drinking
after that, right? I did. I quit drinking back in October. Like forever? For 18 years. Uh-huh. I’m gonna– I’m going to stop
drinking while my son’s living in my house just because I don’t
totally love the way I do it, and he’s getting to an age
where he really does need me all the time in the morning. Wow. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn’t one school run one
day where I dropped him off at school. I wasn’t driving,
but I was hungover. And that was enough for me. I didn’t love that one. Yeah, yeah, another
reason I don’t want kids. [LAUGHTER] So– It’s true. It’s very, very true. I’m not quiting drinking. [LAUGHTER] All right, the movie
is called “Serenity,” and it’s in theaters
this Friday. We’ll be right back.

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  1. Omg… I come from mauritius! How come she was here for 5 weeks on such a small island and I didn't see any of the shooting at all!

  2. Proud to be Mauritian
    Hey Ellen u should come to Mauritius for vacation..
    U have lots of fans here..
    Love ur show😍

  3. But what is that moving thing on the table at 1:57 ? Is that a giant spider? How come nobody has noticed it yet 😷

  4. Wooohhoooo Mauritius! Its where i live! The paradise island!!! ☺☺
    Saw Anne and Mathew when they were in Mauritius ❤❤

  5. ur an alcoholic if you cant have a drink without getting a hangover the next day…theres a difference between one drink and 5!

  6. People who don’t drink always think they’re better than people who do, huh. There is a different between having a glass of wine and binge-drinking.

  7. I quit a few months back, same reason, I'm not good at drinking and so many times don't remember the previous night. Embarrassing and not responsible. Good for her for recognizing that isn't a good thing for her child or her life. <3

  8. i love Ann she is just so beautiful with her jerky laughs always…look at her ear rings so different so nice. its very nice she quit drinking..

  9. It doesn't look like she is wearing equal amounts of white sparkly eyeshadow/eyeliner on each eye and it's stressing me out 😛

  10. That’s great, Snapchat had this and were like “yea, let’s see if she will still do it when she has a toddler” and just making it seem like an impossible thing to do. Snapchat is all about glorifying drinking mothers, so they made a joke out of her stopping drinking. But it is such a great choice; it will show a good role model to her baby and will also allow her to be the best mom she can be since she won’t be hungover. My mom stopped drinking when she had my brother bc he came into her room while she was hungover, and she was just irritated and not the best mom she could me. I love this, great for her

  11. Dear Anne Hathaway
    I’m a huge fan of yours but I am just a normal human woman it’s my dream to meet u shake a hand and get your autograph .

  12. Anne has the common sense to put her family first . She looks in her late 20s ! Like the earrings 🙂

  13. I luv both….Anne and Ellen….Best part is my daughters also luv them both…..All three of us watch Anne movies and Ellen Shows together,…..its amazing and so much fun

  14. I’ve been to Mauritius and its truly a beautiful place it has the second highest zip line the world I did that along side other amazing things and absolutely gorgeous waterfalls!!! It was the best family trip I’ve ever went to!!!

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