Why Are Chimps Stronger Than Humans? – Instant Egghead #30

Why Are Chimps Stronger Than Humans? – Instant Egghead #30

Chimps can be three to five times
stronger than humans. That means a really strong chimp
could, in theory, lift around sixteen people over its head. But, can eating bananas
and swinging around in trees really account for this difference? After all, aren’t we supposed
to share 99% of our genes? Studies have shown differences
in the way our muscles are built but muscle control may be
a much more important factor Chimps seem to have less control
over how much muscle they use at once. While this may sound counter-intuitive,
this can account for the difference in strength. Let’s take a look at why. Compared to humans, chimps have
less gray matter relative to body weight. Gray matter is the part
of the nervous system that contains the nerves
responsible for controlling motion. These branch out from the spine
into the muscles to control individual muscle fibers. Some neurons can contact
many muscle fibers at once. Activating these neurons causes all
of the muscle fibers that touches to contract at once. Creating a lot of force. This combination
of neurons and muscle fibers is called the large motor unit. And these are used for gross motor skills like jumping and climbing. Some neurons contact only a few fibers making a small motor unit. These don’t have a lot of power but they are a lot more precise. Small motor units let us do
delicate complex tasks like playing a video game
or plucking a ukulele. Things that we can do and chimps can’t. So chimps who have less gray matter have fewer motor neurons. Therefore, their motor neurons
are more likely to be dedicated to large motor units. This means when they do
engage their muscles it’s an all-or-nothing response
which we see as strength. Unlike chimps, our neurons
control smaller bundles so we have more specific muscle control. So keep this in mind the next time
you think of challenging a chimp in a pub; You might want to try
thumb wrestling instead. For Scientific American,
I am Yasmin Tayaq.

100 Replies to “Why Are Chimps Stronger Than Humans? – Instant Egghead #30”

  1. I don't think a chimp can lift 16 humans. I do think they can disembowel you with their claws and pull your arms off.

  2. Humans are still considered a strong animal since around 65- 70% of all animals in the world are insects so yeah we are very strong

  3. The comments section is more scientifically accurate than the actual video. The way I see it, it’s more believable to see a chimp lift ONE person over their head.

  4. ¿En que estudio se determinó la cantidad de fuerza de los chimpancés en comparación a la de humanos?

    Sí, usan mayor cantidad de fibras cortas a la vez al momento de hacer fuerza, pero son capaces de usar palitos para sacar termitas de sus nidos y comérselas o cuidar a sus recién nacidos o sacar pulguitas de la piel de sus compañ[email protected] y familiares….

    No es buen video…

  5. This fact, contrary to popular belief, is total bullshit. Sure the chimpanzee is stronger than the human being in SOME ways, such as swinging/hanging. But there are such ways that humans are stronger than chimpanzees. We can pick up more weight, and put more over the head. Humans are stronger than them in some ways and weaker in others, and they arent 3 times stronger than us, that is the burst of strength that human beings can receive in times of stress. So, dear channel, get your facts straight.

  6. All animals are stronger, because they don't spend time watching TVs, Internet, Porn and other shitty things humans do all the time that make them lazy and physically incapable. Instead they engage more on physical activity that makes them stronger

  7. if that is the case they would crush a banana every time they are trying to peel it, and its not the case, i call this bull shit.

  8. I think even human muscle fibres have an all of nothing response, a myofibril will either contract or not. Myofibril bundles on the other hand, can contract a portion of their fibres. The main difference is that chimps have a different muscular recruitment pattern because they have a smaller brain and thus are not capable of producing the resolution required for fine motor skills. I believe its not a difference in neuronal supply to a specific muscle but rather which muscles should work together to carry out a function. Discrepancies in the amount of neuronation between chimps and humans are not necessarily indicative of less control.

  9. If chimps are 3 times stronger than humans and can shoulder press 16 people (80kg per person), a human should be able to shoulder press 5,333 x 80kg. That's 426 kg (940 lbs). The world record for shoulder press is below 500 lbs… That either means chimps are 6 times stronger or they can't lift 16 humans.

  10. I’ve lifted over 37377338738272027393739272937392739272972927226272782718727272728272833638473638373837286383637282638273 hundred trillion pounds before

  11. What the fuck, 16 people?? Was there no fucking editor for this video? Most people can’t lift their own body weight straight over their head, even weightlifters. Where the fuck do you get off calling yourself “Scientific America?”

  12. "Theoretical" "a really strong chimp". She means the strongest chimp if scale to the strongest humans on earth could lift 16 people. It's a dumb thing to say but they did it to get a "wow" response.

  13. More recent research suggests that chimp strength is only about a third more than human. But, they are more likely to exert ALL of it when angry, scared, aggressive than we are. They have fewer systems limiting them. Kind of like an adrenaline response: BOOM! Temporary super-human strength, but it tires quickly (in chimps, that is). There is no 'magic' in their muscles and the laws of physics still prevail.

  14. I'm 12 years old ive been watching studying animals humans the planet and watching this planet and race evolve to work towards a better future you should too.

  15. Type in "hairless chips" and you'll see what they look like under all that hair. It's like they never missed a gym day and have been jacking up on steroids for years. That's why they're so freaking strong.

  16. It's the vitamin c ….that they make …. It makes the tendons really strong… This is why body builders snap tendons even though they're huge ..

  17. People forget that we also have much thinner tendons connecting muscle tissue to bones, and our bones are also thinner and lighter. We lost our tree climbing ability but gained bipedal movement and the ability to develop our brains by freeing the hands for tools.

  18. "After all, aren't we supposed to share 99% of our genes?". People have no idea what a huge (enourmous, gigantic) difference 1% is…

  19. Something wrong with this. Let's say it's true, that the chimp can fire 100% of its muscle fibers at once and therefore generate enough strength to make Superman look wimpy. What about injuries? When a human is lifting at the max, like in a bench press, we are risking muscle pulls at the least, torn muscles, tendons and ligaments at the worst. Ever see those vids of weightlifters snatching and the forearm just slips out of the elbow, leaving the guy screaming in pain? Apparently this doesn't happen to the chimps. What makes them so impervious to injury?

  20. This is absolute bullshit. A strong male chimp are 3-5 times stronger than a average human with average strength yes but not strongmen like Thor, Brian Shaw, Eddie hall no fucking way who are obviously not average for a human. 16 people? Pleaseee. Maybe a fucking silverback but not a chimp

  21. So essentially, the difference between chimps and humans regarding this is that chimps can exert much more force, but humans can be much more precise with force to do more complex tasks.

  22. Humans have strong legs because its our longest part,chimps have strong arms because they have longer arms than us

  23. Lifting 16peaple over it head When only 3 to 4 time stronger what bs is this How did they get these numbers. Do more research before putting out these video or at least explain it.

  24. I like to see a chimp bench 400. I bet $400 he won't be able to bench even 350 even if you can get him to try. Why? Cause the only guys who can ever do that train months to get to that point. Chimp is a fuckin chimp. Hes stuped. Now read that again and consider the brilliant logic behind that argument. It's an a priori synthetic practical proposition.

  25. I don't know what monkey she is referring to,
    however, Ham, the NASA chimp navigated a space ship
    into orbit in 1961. It was his natural strength that
    allowed Ham to survive the G forces which would
    have killed a human. Now you know why lift off was
    so slow during the Apollo missions.


  27. We don’t share 99% of DNA with chimps that is a false statement. We are 99% chimp if you exclude 25% of our genetic material and 18% of theirs.

  28. 2:07 – For legal reasons that's a joke. Don't try to thumb wrestle a chimp. You will only have 2 tries.

  29. "Chimps are 3 times stronger than humans"…..

    Last time I checked, 3 times "ANY" whole number never equals 16!

  30. Hang on a sec. If a chimp is 3-5 x stronger than me, that means I should be able to lift at least 3 and as many as 5 people over my head at once??? I happen to know for a fact I can lift about 175 lbs over my head because I have been weight training for a long time. That's one man, 1.5 small women, but no where near 3 people. And I'm probably stronger than 80% of people. Most Americans are soft and weak and could barely lift 50 lbs overhead. Youtube man.

  31. They are about twice as strong. Everything else has been proven false. Especially the 8x the strength of a human… etc.

  32. 3x is a MYTH. Its been demonstrated in tests to only be a 1.5x difference and it was due to a different concentration of myosin heavy chain 2 NOT fine motor control. Great work, "Scientific" American.

  33. That is a myth. We do not share 98% of genes with primates. That was a theory in 1975 which has now become synonymous with evolutionist. Now in 2019 there has been more research by BBC and many others who have concluded that perhaps only 81% of genes do we share. In 2012 Drs Jeffrey Tomkins and Jerry Bergman reviewed the published studies comparing human and chimp DNA. “it is safe to conclude that human-chimp genome similarity is not more than ~87% identical, and possibly not higher than 81%.” no we did not evolve from primates. They have and always will be primates. We are humans created as humans. Yes i am a creationist. God is in charge here regardless.

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