Why Does Getting Kicked in the Testicles Hurt So Badly?

Why Does Getting Kicked in the Testicles Hurt So Badly?

This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. The first 1,000 people to sign up using the
link in the description will get their first 2 months free. We’ve all been there, at least those of
us who are the proud owners of testicles. Whether it’s a purposeful strike to the
balls from an attacker or a stray tennis ball getting you in the sweet spot, you know that
it can cause excruciating pain that can leave you on the floor. In worse cases, it can actually do a fair
bit of damage, or at least make you throw up. According to Snopes, who asked the question,
“Is It Possible to Kill a Man with a Swift Kick to the Groin?” The answer is no, getting a blow to the privates,
gonads, nuts, stones, bollocks – there are more terms – won’t be the end of you. But let’s find out why it’s so painful,
in this episode of the Infographics Show, Why does it hurt so much to get kicked in
the testicles? Ok, so let’s just clear up a few things
up first. We know we said you couldn’t die from getting
kicked in the ding-dangs, but there is some literature in Germany from the 19th century
that said a custom used to exist in which quarreling men would basically squeeze each
other’s balls. It was written that in one case a man was
“seized with violent convulsions, and died in a few minutes.” There have been a few very rare cases in recent
times when someone died after taking hit, but there was always a secondary cause as
to why they died. So, it’s not gonna kill you, or make you
stronger, but it will hurt like hell. Why? These sperm factories and testosterone makers
are a man’s crown jewels, but unlike the real crown jewels they are not exactly heavily
fortified. They hang outside your body, and are not surrounded
by bone or muscle as other important organs are. It’s almost as if nature gave men an Achilles
heel, except put it right under their body’s piece de resistance, their highly-valued penis. Your junk of course is your most valued treasure
because without them you wouldn’t be able to procreate. In the cold eyes of mother nature, that’s
the only reason you exist. For that reason, there are lots of nerves
around your cojones so you will take better care of them. Pain to some extent is our friend, it helps
us to take care of ourselves. People who feel no pain, those suffering from
the very rare condition of congenital analgesia, often die young and live miserable lives. So, look on the bright side, your sensitivity
is good for you. Another good thing is the fact that the large
number of sensory nerve endings means it can feel quite nice having them touched. Squeezing though, might be a bit much for
some people. There is another reason why nature put these
highly sensitive organs on the outside, and that is because sperm likes a nice climate. If it was too hot or cold the sperm would
die before it could get to its destination, the female reproductive tract. Your body is amazing, it regulates the temperature
of the balls using the cremasteric muscle to pull them up to the body when conditions
are too chilly, and letting them dangle down on a toasty day. Your lucky balls have year-round climate control. When you get hit in these glands, as we said,
there is nothing to protect them. They are soft so can absorb much of the blow,
which would be much better than if you could actually break your balls. But how does the pain manifest? As you boys and men will know, it doesn’t
just stay down there in those little sacks. The pain moves into your stomach, which is
what we call referred pain. The feeling travels like a little pain-train
up through the perineal and pudendal nerves, and that train’s destination is all the
way to the groin, the abdomen, up the spine and sometimes with a last stop at the buttocks. The stomach plays an important part, as your
Reese’s Pieces actually developed near to your kidneys, and from there they moved down
until they reached your ball sack. On the way they connected with lots of nerves,
which make up the spermatic plexus. For this reason, getting a direct shot to
your walnuts can make you feel nauseous or actually make you puke. One doctor described it like this, “It’s
due to the vagal reflex, in which a nerve signal from your testicles travels up your
spinal cord and brain stem and activates the nausea and vomiting centers in your brain.” He went as far to say that this has another
evolutionary purpose, and that is if you are sick you will give up the fight and no more
damage will be done. He gives the example of animals of the same
species getting into a scrap; often if the testicles are hurt the victim gives up and
the aggressor moves off. Humans, though, can sometimes be a little
more barbaric. So, what else can we expect when we get hit
in our plums? Well, the pain should last anywhere from 10-15
minutes, and as you know, there is not much you can do about it. But it can be worse. You might just get a bit of bruising, which
can be managed with some ice. You might also hit them so hard that you get
something called trauma induced testicular torsion. That doesn’t sound good, and it isn’t. We found a research paper that told the story
of a 14-year old boy that did a somersault off a springboard and hit the water baubles
first. His pain didn’t go away and he was taken
to ER, where he was diagnosed with a traumatic scrotal haematoma (blood forming outside the
blood vessels). But the pain and swelling just kept getting
worse even with pain medications. He ended up going back to the hospital five
days later and it was discovered that one of his testicles was gangrenous. He had immediate surgery and kept the injured
apricot. You could also rupture your apples, which
means basically you tear them on the inside and the testicular contents get spilled. This can be very painful, and only usually
happens after extreme trauma, such as your bangers hitting the gear stick of your car
as you smash into a tree at speed. You’ll need an ultrasound to see if you
have ruptured them. The rare outcome is you losing one or both
balls, but the testis or testes can be salvageable. Although, your goolies might not be quite
as good at making semen as they used to be. The good news is that 90 percent of these
ruptures leads to a full recovery and a working set of healthy nuts. There is another thing we should talk about,
and that’s the missing bean. This is what one person wrote on Reddit when
the topic of worse testicle hit was raised. “Riding a bicycle in the rain. Feet slip off the pedals. I land on the cross bar. One of my nuts ends up inside me.” What happened to him was he suffered a testicular
dislocation, wherein a lone marble can get hit so hard it ends up going into your abdomen
or even close to the pubic bone over the penis. According to one health site, indeed this
often happens when riders of bicycles or motorbikes hit their nads on the frame or a gas tank. It is rare, but if it does happen you’ll
need surgery and a bit of testicular repositioning if you want your egg to keep working. We hate to tell you this, but there is also
something called being degloved, which is your scrotum just being torn right off. But we are talking about hits today, and it’s
not likely you’ll get degloved from a blunt force trauma unless you are involved in some
kind of vicious accident. The rule of thumb is that if your pain doesn’t
go away in say 20 minutes, you might want to get your testicles looked at. Also, if you start peeing blood after a hit,
of course get that checked out. Taking a swift kick to the unmentionables
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