Why Everybody Is Switching To Stretched Resolution… (Fortnite Stretched RES – Season 8)

Why Everybody Is Switching To Stretched Resolution… (Fortnite Stretched RES – Season 8)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing stretched resolution in Fortnite. And more specifically, why so many player
are switching to stretched RES now, even though it’s basically been an option since the game
first came out. So over the past week or so, 3 of probably
the top 5 or 10 most popular Fortnite players made the switch from native to stretched RES. And those 3 players are Ninja, which I think
every body would agree is the most popular and influential Fortnite player on the planet. Tfue, which I think is clearly the 2nd most
popular and influential Fortnite player. And then sypherPK, who probably isn’t Ninja
and Tfue level, but I’m guessing the vast majority of you guys certainly know who Sypher
is. And oh yeah, there’s this other really cool
guy named like Gronky or something that also recently switched to stretched, so maybe you
guys know who that is. And one of the biggest reasons why I want
to make this video is because I know that the majority of my subscribers play on either
xbox or ps4. Since it isn’t possible to stretch your resolution
on console, you guys may be a bit unfamiliar with the advantages and general workings of
it. Actually I take that back, it definitely is
possible to stretch your resolution on console, but based on what I’ve heard, it’s done in
kinda a bootleg way, and the quality of it ends up being pretty terrible. So, if you’re someone that’s a bit confused
why all your favorite streamers and youtubers are switching to stretched RES, then this
video is for you. And without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright, so let’s start this video off by
doing an overview of the advantages and general reasons why someone would stretch their resolution
in Fortnite. First off, I wanna make it very clear that
stretching you RES does NOT make the hitboxes of enemies any bigger than they normally are. I believe I read somewhere online that one
of the first games where stretching RES was a really popular thing to do was in counterstrike. And that was in large part due to the fact
that if your enemies were stretched on your screen, their hitbox would literally become
bigger. So, just imagine how huge of an advantage
that would truly be. Luckily though in Fortnite this isn’t the
case. It doesn’t matter how much bigger you make
enemy players look by stretching your RES, their hitbox will still be the exact same
as it is normally. However, I have heard some people say that
even if the hitboxes aren’t actually bigger, it just seems easier to hit the slightly larger
stretched character models. I think it’s probably more of a placebo than
anything else, but I guess it does seem easier to hit some of the bigger skins in-game even
though all skins have the same hitbox, so who knows. What I’m trying to say is that there are definitely
a bunch of advantages of stretched resolution, but bigger hitboxes for enemies is not one
of them. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of stretched
RES in Fortnite is the increased field of view, and specifically the increased vertical
field of view. The normal native resolution in Fortnite honestly
zoomed in pretty far compared to a lot of other video games out there. I’ve actually seen some people say that after
playing Apex Legends for a few days straight, it’s a pretty rough transition back to Fortnite
because it’s zoomed in so far. This has it’s advantages, especially when
it comes to tracking enemies that are very far away, but in close range situations it
can be pretty detrimental. I mean if you’re looking straight in front
of you, it can be a struggle to see enemies that are across from you if they’re even just
1 or 2 levels higher up. And in a game like Fortnite where building
and high ground are absolutely crucial, the extra zoom can be really difficult to deal
with a lot of the time. So, I know a slight increase to field of vision
may sound like something that really isn’t that big of a deal, but trust me, it is. I’d almost compare it to the difference between
aim assist on low frames per second compared to high frames per second. You would think something along the lines
of “Ohhh, how big of a difference can this really make?” And then you try it and you’re just totally
blown away by how different all your gunfights feel. It really is hard to properly put into words,
but the increased FOV from stretching your RES just makes every thing feel smoother and
makes enemies way easier to track, especially in build fights. The other major benefit of stretched resolution
in Fortnite is the fact that it actually increases your frames per second and decreases input
lag. Those 2 positive effects are both due to the
fact that stretching your resolution lowers the total amount of pixels on your screen. Native resolution in Fortnite is 1920 x 1080,
so if you play on some of the common stretched res’s such as 1600 x 1080 or 1440 x 1080,
that’s considerably less total pixels on your screen. Now, what’s interesting about this is that
it’s actually way more of an advantage on PC than it would be on console. And that boils down to 1 main reason. With PC, there’s really no limit on the amount
of frames per second that you can get while playing. Pretty much the only thing holding you back
is just how good your computer is. So, for players that play Fortnite on a cheaper
computer, stretched RES could be an absolute game changer for them. It obviously comes down to PC specs and how
far you’re willing to stretch your RES, but even just an increase from say 100 frames
per second to 120 is a huge difference. Speaking of players that play on cheaper PCs,
I’ve actually heard stories of guys that averaged something like 50 or 60 FPS, switched to a
super stretched RES, and that caused their FPS to almost double. Now that’s the most extreme example possible,
but even for the players with absolutely insane gaming computers, the extra FPS certainly
can’t hurt. Going from 350 to 370 may not be as noticeable
as going from 100 to 120, but it definitely still helps. With console on the other hand, due to the
current generation of PS4s and Xbox Ones, no matter what model or version you have,
you’re totally capped at 60 frames per second. It doesn’t matter if you have an Xbox One
S or PS4 Pro, and you stretch your RES as much as humanly possible, you still aren’t
gonna be able to override that 60 frame limit. Now, the problem with console in terms of
FPS is that even though it’s capped at 60, it can be a struggle to actually stay at 60. So, in theory stretched resolution would actually
be really helpful, especially if you have one of the older models of the PS4 or Xbox
One. But sadly like I mentioned in the intro of
this video, stretching RES on console is definitely not the same thing as stretching RES on PC. I guess you could give it a shot, because
there are videos on Youtube of how to do it, But I’ve had a few friends try it in the past
and they all ended up going back to normal within a few days. So, I know I’ve made multiple videos on this
channel talking about the disadvantages on console compared to PC, and this is just another
major one to add to that list. But the question remains, why now? Why are more top players than ever finally
making the switch to stretched resolution after playing on Native for so long. Well, in my opinion, one of the biggest factors
is how the community views stretched resolution now, compared to how they viewed it in the
past. Even just going back a few months ago, the
majority of players used to absolutely hate watching any kind of stretched gameplay. Maybe if you played on something like 1600
x 1080 you could get away with it, but anything more stretched than that and you were in for
a lot of hate. However, as more and more players, and specifically
pro players made the switch to stretched due to the advantages that it gives, viewers were
kinda forced to become more accustomed to it. If all your favorite pros were playing on
stretched you had 2 options, either watch it and get used to it, or find new people
to watch. I believe it was Faze Sway a few weeks ago
who posted a poll to either Twitter or Youtube, that asked something along the lines of “Do
you guys have a problem with watching stretched res gameplay?” And, the poll finished with something like
88% of people saying no problem and 12% saying yes they dislike it. If he were to have asked that same question
back around season 4, 5, or maybe even 6, it would’ve probably finished much closer
to 50/50. Plus, with Ninja and Tfue especially making
the switch, it’ll only continue to further increase the acceptance of stretched RES in
the Fortnite community. And speaking of guys like Ninja, Tfue, and
Sypher, you can’t discount the effect that the world cup definitely had when they decided
to switch. Is going from native to stretched RES going
to make guys like Ninja and Tfue SIGNIFICANTLY better players? Probably not. But when you’re one of the best players in
the world and you’re competing against the best players in the world, even the smallest
of advantages could make a huge difference. I’ll leave you guys with this recent tweet
from Tfue about the subject as a whole. After playing on native RES for about a year
and half and then making the switch to stretched about a week an a half ago he tweeted “I have
so much respect for people playing on native resolution.” I think that sums every thing up pretty nicely. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. This video was about stretched resolution
in Fortnite and why so many top players are making the switch to it. So I wanna know, what do you prefer as a viewer,
watching stretched RES gameplay or native RES gameplay? And you can explain why if you want to. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want. And I, will catch you guys next time.

42 Replies to “Why Everybody Is Switching To Stretched Resolution… (Fortnite Stretched RES – Season 8)”

  1. If one person plays on native for the world cup, they will be at a disadvantage. I would also have changed to stretched if I were competing
    (edit)I like how I got a heart, edited the comment and it disappeared.

  2. I am in those 12%, i love the graphics of Fortnite and it is so ugly to watch stretched. I didn't bother with it before since i only watch SypherPK but he recently switched and i am absolutely feeling betrayed by that.

  3. because fortnite is full of sweats now,the more stretch on the screen the bigger the hit box on the screen and easy to hit (hit box are the same but easier to hit )also even more perception on a 3rd person game
    truly a game for the unathletic

  4. Gronky plz do tutorial on how to get stretched res on console!!! I’ve literally watched every tutorial on YouTube and they all don’t work!

  5. No offense, but Get ur ass back to ur original Console… So tired of running and jumping across a field and Getting hit 72 72 and being pushed

  6. the problem of streamers playing stretched could be resolved by simply unstretching the image in OBS or whatever software they use

  7. This is now im taking about….
    stretched res are banned in Arena mode. All mode are still here.
    What happen?
    fov is TO high(Fov 100)…the hitbox is thicc…..and you feel like doing 90s…it also improve your frame rate 🙂
    Unlike normal res….the hitbox is normal….your fov is low(Fov 90) ….not improve your frame rate….and better gaming experience 0.0
    if you play the stretched res like this (1080×1080)
    your fov is SUPER DUPER high(Fov 108)……hitbox is to much and easier to hit…..btw this hitbox is way to thicc boi…..
    still improve your frame rate as well.
    This is why Epic Game banned stretched res in Arena mode

  8. I got banned season 4 for spamming my ads on PC just like you. But somehow your a pro. And I'm cheating

  9. I hate stretch res because I play on console and if I want to play squads or duos the game automatically turn op cross platform play. If everyone on pc used stretch then that means I'll always be on a disadvantage and I'm in South Africa so I play with 200 ping. I'm basically done with fortnite. Still enjoying watching your videos.

  10. Man you should go watch you get the L on ninja before you say those things about him he needs to be put in check for the way he acts

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