Why & How “Hanging” STOPS Shoulder Pain & Surgery

Why & How “Hanging” STOPS Shoulder Pain & Surgery

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  1. I had some discomfort in my shoulder before I started indoor rock climbing, but afterwards my shoulders felt far and away better. I may have over done it because now the tendons in my elbows have discomfort.

  2. I have this pain in my neck after I saw Team USA lose to Australia, France and Serbia in the basketball recently, any help?

  3. I had shoulder pain and couldn’t lift my arm for over 4 months. I went to a physiotherapist, a chiropractor and even had acupuncture though the pain would not go away. I saw your original hanging video, ordered the book and started hanging daily at the gym at work. At first I couldn’t even bring my arm high enough to reach the bar, but I stuck with it and within a couple of weeks, I was hanging for 3-5 seconds at a time (doing 4-5 reps)and my arm felt so much better. For me, I feel the major stretching that happens when hanging is what helped my pain. I tell people with shoulder pain about hanging but they are all so sceptical and feel that their shoulder pain must be so much worse than mine. Thank you Bob and Brad for introducing me to this!

  4. Once I had a frozen shoulder and after all the physical therapy was done I still practice hanging so I hope to never again have a frozen shoulder! You guys are both great! Thanks for this video!

  5. Hanging unfroze my shoulder. I try and hang every other day. If I don’t, I start losing range of motion in that shoulder. I also do leg lifts from a hanging position. I was working out with weights, doing all kind of stretching, but I was still losing serious range of motion. I wrapped some tennis racket tape to cushion the bar and I use weight lifting gloves. I love hanging now. I also do leg lifts from a hanging position. I’m 66 years old.

  6. Am I the only one who can't hold onto a pull up bar for even a second before dropping off? So irritating! I want to get back to this exercise–I started using the assisted pull up machine a few months ago (the assisted pull up machine is the only option that works for me) but then my workout time suffered a lapse & now I need to start from the beginning. No way I was able to do that for 15 minutes. But I would do about 5 reps and just barely managed to squeak out 5 rounds of 25-30 seconds, then I'd end by doing significantly weight-assisted pull ups. Like Bob & Brad and commenters mentioned, it also helps the back feel better-kind've like stretching out a slinky. 😎 P.S. Thanks to whomever the viewer/patient is that first brought this book to Bob and Brad's attention. Much appreciated.

  7. Hey guys, love the vids….you may have said it a million times already , but who makes the chin up bar and where can i get it?

  8. Great video as always guys.
    I was wondering if you have any videos for turf toe. I see you have many for arthritis, but I may have missed it when searching for them.

  9. I started going to the gym 1 month ago; frozen shoulder pain gone! I was hanging from equipment & simply allowed my arm to stretch until I was able to raise my arm without tightness. If I miss 2 days at the gym, tightness in shoulder & arm returns. The key is stretch your arm & shoulder until it's upright again. It hurt like heck & would pop in the beginning, but my shoulder feels great & I have zero pain. 9/12/19 @ 9:53P.

  10. Very good presentation Brad! Maybe y'all should have his book as one of your giveaways!? Just a thought 😉
    … you too Bob😉

  11. I have been having shoulder pain in the same area that you pinpointed on the skeleton. But not when I raise my arm in front of me. It hurts when I reach back behind me or up to my side but mostly when I reach back. Should this hanging help me or do you think that I have a different issue? Thanks

  12. great channel needed this so bad im an overhead athlete and ive taken a 4 week rest time against my inner will to try heal a shoulder from possible overuse and no improvement has come of the rest so gne start working against this impingement witch i diagnosed with your test your pain video

  13. GREAT VIDEO!!!…i hang from bathroom door EVERY morning…more for my back…but good to know about shoulders too

  14. As a young man I would pushups and I would get shoulder pain when I tried to sleep and the only way I could sleep was with my arms above my head then I got an idea and did some chin ups and my pain went away and I could sleep with my arms down in a normal position.

  15. Hi guys. Love your vids. Could you review the book “Explain Pain” by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley where they basically believe that all chronic pain is “in your mind/brain.” Would appreciate your feedback regarding your opinions. Many thanks.

  16. I tore my labrum from a shoulder dislocation during april. It's been healing pretty well since then, and it was a small tear too…
    however lately, i've been getting back into dancing and notice that with each practice, my right shoulder(the one that dislocated) feels loose sometimes.

    Could hanging from a pullup bar potentially help me??

  17. In the future I want to become so famous that I have a song of my own as: Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the internet.

  18. good to know, started doing hangs this week as a progression to doing pullups, knowing there is a health benefit just gave me extra motivation!

  19. I wish I could do this. But for all the bendy hyper mobile EDS folk. Don't hang man! Unless your specialist says it's OK. Your joints will sublux. I wish I could. My body is falling apart, if I didn't know better I'd say its a conspiracy as every video you guys do replicate my body 🙄

  20. Hanging was the only thing that worked for me and I went through the gamut of other PT exercises/stretches that did not take the pain away. Hanging finally provided relief and I have been pain free ever since. It saved me from endless pain filled sleepless nights!

  21. Jesus christ, why not mix two topics in one video instead of promoting social media for 3 min to stretch the babbling to 10 mins? Sorry, gonna unsub.
    Good content, but the stretching is so painful to watch after a few videos

  22. I've been doing this for a few weeks now, my shoulder impingement has really improved, however, it does hurt my fingers! I will now add in the swinging motion. Thank you for your informative videos

  23. Hanging to me is a cure all and one of the best exercises/stretches you can do

    Decompresses spine; fixes shoulders; stretches chest and lats; great for grip strength… and it’s a low impact exercise so very little risk of injury

    If your an athlete or fitness person you can progress to harder variations once you’ve hit a good hang time. One arm hangs; hanging off towels etc. Great for building grip more

  24. i concur. bought a simple pullup bar on amazon which easily installs in a door frame. i can hang up to a minute now although i doubt that is necessary. multiple sets of 30 seconds will do. you WILL get calluses on your hands and it does really work your forearms but you can always start with your feet on the ground / varying levels of support. It REALLY has helped me. watch B&B's other videos on shoulder rehab / impingement exercises. These guys know what they're talking about. it will save you a lot of money and time going to a PT person. Thank you again, gentlemen!

  25. Hi guys, What do you think about hanging with shoulder blade retracted and depressed. Will that make it more beneficial in order to suck the humerus in socket ? Thanks

  26. Wish I'd known about this a gazillion years ago, before I had an acromioplasty. Now having problems with the other shoulder, so will definitely try. Hopefully no surgery needed🤞🤞

  27. This absolutely works. I had pretty severe pain. It took several months of hanging every day, but the pain is gone and I have full range of motion. Thanks for cluing me in tot this technique.

  28. bob&brad thanks for this video and all the others that have helped me. I bought this book after seeing it mentioned in a previous show. My question is that John Kirsch MD recommends weight lifting exercises immediately after hanging but they appear to be ones with range of motion that is often is associated with the cause of impingement. Could you guys do a video some time with Shoulder exercises that you would recommend following hanging that I could use as part of my workout.

  29. I wonder how necessary being relaxed and having a pronated grip is. I thought this was interesting, because when I started doing chin-ups, my left shoulder pain also disappeared.

  30. Speaking of a motorcycle accident I had one and first wondered how my hand got out of the jacket sleeve because the sleeve was all mangled, but then noticed a hand at the end of the sleeve. Only 6 weeks in a body cast so it could have been worse. Was in denial until the surgeon came at me with a needle that was maybe 8+ inches long. I asked if he had a pill instead and he told me to shut up.

  31. I bought the book last night and I am halfway through it. It makes so much sense when you can see the body parts and how they work together. I did a little hanging at the gym this morning and plan on doing it regularly along with the light weight exercises. I like the fact that you take a conservative approach as you educate us. Great job!

  32. I am so excited to try this! I have some issues with limited range of motion in my shoulders during my yoga practice and have been trying to free up the area. Thanks guys!

  33. I bought the book and have been doing this for about a month. Shoulder pain has improved a bit but not completely. I’m 42 with arthritis in both shoulders and I have several small tears in my right shoulder (rotator cuff). Is there anyone who has arthritis or tears that feels this has improved their condition? I’m wondering if the hanging will help the tendonitis in my shoulders?

  34. That’s a great book! I got it about 4 years ago but unfortunately the damage had been done for me. I wound up needing surgery but have been incorporating hanging since I recovered in order to avoid needing the other shoulder done. Thanks for spreading the word fellas!

  35. Absolutely true, I’ve had SIS for years and a slight tear was detected after a fall on the ice last winter. You had mentioned this book in another video and I downloaded it about 6 months ago and I’m 98% better. It’s so easy! The book also has some light weight exercises to do to further strengthen the surrounding muscles. I’m amazed, I thought I was headed for surgery I was in so much pain. I’m 63 and this works, simple as that!!

  36. DAILY Back extension (press up/cobra) and a version of this hanging motion on the spine keeps me from having lumbar fusion surgery. IT was a game changer. Keeps the jelly in the donut!
    I use this wall mount from amazon – excellent quality. https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Body-Press-Mounted-Vertical/dp/B008EQHOQU

  37. I really, really love your videos. I find you both to be entertaining and you seem to be genuinely caring people. That said, I humbly wish you would pay more regard to those of us who have EDS or other hypermobility spectrum disorders. I realize that no video can be catered to every condition at once, but if someone like me who didn't know better tried this method to fix their pain and/or mobility then they could end up in the ER with a dislocation. I apologize if this sounds crabby or nitpicky; I just had my 8th surgery 2 days ago and trust me when I say I would rather go to PT than the OR! I have the greatest envy for those people who are able to do these exercises and you could be doing a big favor for someone by just quickly mentioning that the exercise ot movement being featured is not safe for EDS/HSD. I appreciate your work and hope you will continue making videos for a long, long time!

  38. Not sure I understand the logic. Hanging increases the space. Yes get that. But doing rotator cuff strengthening is supposed to help stabilize the gleno humerus joint so the humerus doesn’t get misaligned with the glenoid. Seems contradictory or am I missing something?

  39. Would using an "inversion board" also be a gentler way of getting started? I use both from time to time as I have been told I need shoulder surgery due to bone on bone due to arthritis. My daily paddleboarding probably doesn't help, but it's my "go to " exercise and I love it and will not give it up. I still have some pain and soreness (especially if I sleep on it wrong) BUT my devotion to exercise I think has really helped and I can continue to do what want to do. I will increase the time hanging using my ski rope and handle attached to my ceiling and see if it helps. Enjoy your videos and advice.

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