Why The Muscles You Want Won’t Grow

Why The Muscles You Want Won’t Grow

(chill music) – What’s up guys, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another vlog. I’m just getting my bicep workout started with the Heria Pro app and today I’m actually
gonna be showing you why the muscle you want
to grow is not growing. Now a very common issue people have when they start working out is increasing their reps
and weight in an exercise and still not finding their desired muscle like their chest or their bicep growing. The main reason behind this is proper muscle contraction and it should be the first thing that you focus on and train towards before even trying to
increase your reps or weight. But the truth is some
people can take years to figure this out before
experiencing real result, and some currently have
been training for years, and still haven’t figured this out yet. And that is to properly
contract the desired muscle. I’m gonna show you how I do that with this next exercise I
have for my bicep routine: dumbbell curls against the wall. Let me show you what that looks like. (heavy bass hip-hop music) ♪ Heria music ♪ – As you can see, I’m
tryna isolate my bicep in that bicep curl as much as possible. Placing my back against the wall and walking up a little forward so that my arm hangs straight down and has less leverage over
other muscles in my body like my shoulders to
help with the exercise. Not all exercises require
multiple muscle groups to be activated. Even exercises you think are isolated like the bicep curls still
require the engagement of other muscles like your forearms, but the way and how you do the exercise will greatly determine which
muscle you emphasize on and engage more of. And the best solution for this is to have better form and technique, and use the proper reps
with the proper weight. So keeping that in mind
for my next exercise, I have behind the head chin-ups. I’m gonna try to keep
my form and technique as strict a possible
while doing this exercise. As you can see, the way in which I do this is gonna allow me to emphasize and engage more of my bicep. Let’s go for it. (heavy bass hip-hop music) ♪ Heria music ♪ – All right, remember, the better your form and technique is, keeping your body controlled and engaged, the more muscle contractions you can have. If you’re lacking form or
technique during an exercise, you’re a lot more likely
to just be going through the motion and fatiguing yourself, and most likely, using
other undesired muscles to help complete the reps
than actually contracting and growing the desire muscle
as effective as possible, resulting to little or no progress. So be very conscious to make
a mind-muscle connection, applying proper form and technique, squeezing and contracting
properly with every rep. Forget about increasing weight until you can master this and once you have, you wanna
continue to train smart as you begin to increase
your reps and weight. All right, so now we’re gonna
start increasing the weight with this next exercise. We have forearm negative dumbbell curls. Well, we’re gonna continue to train smart, always trying to maintain perfect form and technique as much as possible. And because we’re using heavier weight, we’re gonna use a negative movement to emphasize on the muscle
contraction of the bicep and to eliminate as much help from other muscles as possible. And since it’s heavier, we’re
gonna decrease the reps. We’re gonna go for five. So you’re gonna help up with one arm and you’re gonna allow it to come down. Slow and controlled as possible. (heavy bass hip-hop music) ♪ Heria music ♪ – Weight greatly determines
how much control you have on your muscle contractions. A lighter weight will allow you to focus more on a particular muscle along with form and control. And heavier weight will
require more effort and a stronger contraction which will develop more strength, but will have less form and control, and will definitely require
the help of other muscles to complete the exercise. And that’s why I didn’t even try to curl that last exercise because using the negative can help you increase form and control during a heavy-weighted exercise. So that when you reach the last rep, you reach muscle fatigue
without breaking form and you should be using both
in your workout regiment to ensure that you’re
seeing continued results, but most important, whether
you’re doing five or 15 reps, it’s choosing the right weight that will allow you to
reach muscle fatigue on the last rep without breaking form using the muscle contraction technique. So keeping all this in mind, we’re gonna go for the last exercise for my bicep routine. That’s gonna be bar curls. And remember, you wanna have
perfect form and technique to maximize your muscle contraction, and to ensure that
you’re engaging the most out of your bicep. You can use a straight bar, a low bar, or one of the best one
is do it, is with rings. (energetic bass music) I’m gonna keep my elbow up and forward the whole time. If you bring your elbow in, then you start using other muscles like your rear delt,
your back, and your lats. So make sure your elbow
stays in the same spot, and curl straight up to your head, and right back down. (heavy bass hip-hop music) ♪ Heria music ♪ – (wheezing) Whoo! Ugh, ha, that’s probably gonna
be the hardest bicep curl you’re ever gonna do in your life. Definitely try this exercise and apply it into your workouts if you’re not doing so already. And lastly, additional
to all of this would be, of course, getting the
right nutrient and recovery. Having healthy eating habits and making sure that you’re
eating enough protein to fuel muscle growth. Along with recovery, making sure that you’re
getting enough rest and mobility for your muscles to grow back thicker and stronger. And if you start applying all of this, then you’re definitely gonna start seeing a lot more muscle growth,
a lot more progress, and some real results in the most efficient amount of time. Remember, two people can go into the gym an hour a day, for a year, and end up looking completely different at the end of that year. Remember, it’s not putting in the time, but what you do with the
time that you put in. For all my workouts, I always program them very strategically. Incorporating all these techniques so that when you guys do my workouts on the Heria Pro app, you guys are getting the best results. I post all my personal
workouts and workout programs on a daily and a weekly
basis on my Heria Pro app so if you wanna train just like me and have me as a personal
trainer right in your pocket, then definitely download the
Heria Pro app in the app store and start training today. So I’m gonna go ahead and
finish my workout routine. I got three more rounds to go, but thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoy the video, (gun firing)
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