Why Whey Protein Is the Best Protein You Can Take

Why Whey Protein Is the Best Protein You Can Take

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  1. The authors of the study: "Effects of whey protein and resistance exercise on body composition: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials." are from Exponent Inc. a company that is hired by industries (such as meat and dairy) to conduct corporate research. Unfortunately, corporate science becomes a way for industry to be able to sway the data in their favor.

    Conducting research, trials, using meta-analysis, etc and the methods they use are important to understand. You have to wonder what information they left out in order for them to find the data in their favor.

    This is the list of references and I wonder if you've gone through and determined any other factors that weren't taken into consideration for their findings: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/ref/10.1080/07315724.2013.875365?scroll=top

  2. if you're gonna use whey protein for weight loss, then when should you take it? Given that you're exercising as well.

  3. Unfortunately whey can spike insulin quite drastically plus as documented in numerous studies (see Dr Greger), whey can increase cancer risks by raising IGF1

  4. Well we know drinking milk is a risk factor for type 1 diabetes and it kills insulin producing beta cells. Is whey really good in terms that are not muscle growth?

  5. if you're taking whey protein for weight loss, take the more effective approach and go vegan. Vegans are the only dietary group (as opposed to omnivores and vegetarians) that naturally have a healthy BMI 🙂

  6. What are your thoughts on grass fed cow milk and the nutritional value it has opposed to non grass fed cow milk?

  7. I'm still a little unclear on taking 100% whey protein and weight lifting for weight loss.

  8. According to Lyle Mcdonald;s book "the protein book", the problem with whey isolates is that it gets absorbed too quickly, and with its quick absorption, its amino acids are forced to be oxidized instead of used. Which is why it is only superior before and during your workouts. Casein is superior post workout, since casein actually stays in the gut by "clotting" itself.

  9. I just need better references to believe in you. I dont know if those internet references are okay. If you answer i will be glad and keep my suscription.

  10. Would whey protein be ok for a 10 year old healthy kid that has trouble putting on weight and eating enough to grow because of a fast metabolism, being a picky eater, and generally gets bored eating? We've had all other medical issues ruled out. He just doesn't eat enough.

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