Why You CAN’T Muscle Up | THENX

Why You CAN’T Muscle Up | THENX

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  2. This guy is an awesome natural teacher. I teach martial arts and you can immediately see somebody who is good at communicating how to move your body vs. somebody who struggles to break down the movement. I would love to work out with this guy. 
    I would also love to find an affordable gym with decent bar equipment so that I could practice these things properly… I'm 6'2" and I struggle to find bars tall enough for me to do these movements in a conventional gym.

  3. i'm 20 and i was a gimnast, i love your teaching way, i started training again 1 month ago since i found your videos, i don't know how to thank you really

  4. not trying to be negative but this guy is not a fast learner, he couldnt comprehend to use his legs with the boom

  5. That guy was so strong yet it was technique that got him the reward. Brilliant to see! First time I'v ever been happy for a ginger.

  6. It's not easy to teach muscle up technic. You need to have explosive muscle power which teacher call 'boom'.

  7. Its almost scary how I am currently at exactly the same level as Jason in the beginning of the video… all the more amped to get it now💪🏽💪🏽

  8. Why I can't muscle up, hmm weak arms, weak back weak abs weak legs…. Generally just weak. I'm working on it tho!

  9. Brilliant to see throughout all of his videos how motivational he is especially when hes there teaching someone giving the support and complimenting!

  10. its literally not even strength involved its all about momentum which you can get your brain to wrap around that fact, after a few simple tries and commitments, then its super easy.

  11. I think they did each other after they filmed this video. Chris was getting a bit grabby with him there xD

  12. Try the Chicken Wing Technique by putting one hand (opposite of dominant hand) over the bar and to put your chest on the bar in order to feel what it is like to get your first muscle-up. From their, it is simply just practice and repetition.

  13. First video witout no half naked boyz. 😅 About time. Also its gettin easier to explain to my girlfriend while watching workout videos on youtube..

  14. I am not downloading the app because I have a 2010 nokia with windows that even stopped giving updates for whatsapp. But I made a playlist with some of your cardio exercises, I wanna get that stamina before building strength. No Excuses.

  15. The most genuine and accurate fitness channel on youtube. You give excellent elaborate advice that even outright beginners who have never worked out can understand. You're quite honestly the only one of your kind. Everyone else is so focused on their brand and it seems you're the only one focused on being informative

  16. this year I dedicated myself to training
    been in it for 2 weeks now, and today I did my first ever muscle up/ feels good man 🙂

  17. Professional athletes don't waste time with ineffective or high-risk exercises. Muscle-ups are both ineffective and high-risk. Don't waste your time with them.

    Don't believe me? Find me an olympic athlete who incorporates muscle-ups into their training. I'll wait…

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