Why You’re NOT Losing Fat (TRUTH!!)

Why You’re NOT Losing Fat (TRUTH!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. Today I have a very important video for you
because we’re going to talk about, despite all the great advice you’ve been given, why
is it that you’re not losing the fat, or the weight that you’re trying to? I think it starts with a pretty profound statement. That is: good advice, at the wrong time, becomes
bad advice. If you’re getting what others will deem as
‘good advice’ that you’re not ready for then it’s not going to help. So I want to show you what that means, and
how we can fix it. If we look here, we’ve got just a line along
the continuum here. If we look up and we say this I 40% body fat
over there, or about 5% body fat here, we have our 30% line, we’ve got our 20%, and
we’ve got our 10%. So those of us that are struggling with our
body fat and our weight are generally going to be up, in this range over here. So now, good advice. Someone might say to you “Well, geez”, or
you’ve read “I know sweet potatoes are supposed to be better than white rice,” or “We need
to be switching from white rice to brown rice because that’s what I read in an article. Guys, that’s not the problem. The problem is not whether or not you’re choosing
white rice, versus brown rice up here. That’s not what’s keeping you up here, and
you know that. I want to make this as truthful of a video
as I possibly can. What’s happening here is, you’re not choosing
either. You’re choosing French fries which is kicking
you up in this range. So you don’t have to focus on that advice. That advice isn’t pertinent to you. At the moment, what you need to do is start
realizing that there’s better options out there than French fries. We can continue. Some people talk about cardio. Well, I read that fasting cardio is better
for fat loss. Well, is that your problem here? Because what happens is, when you don’t
do the cardio because you can’t do it fasting, because it doesn’t work for your routine in
the morning, then what do you do? You don’t do anything. No cardio gets done because “Well, if it’s
not fasting cardio I’m not going to do any cardio.” When up here, in reality, what you really
shouldn’t be focused on is necessarily the exact type of cardio you’re doing, or whether
it’s even HIIT training, or not. What you should be focused on is doing conditioning,
or cardio work because we know it’s good for your heart, and especially in this condition
up here. That becomes really, really important. But don’t think that is your mechanism for
fat loss because as I’ve covered in a video here before, your ability to burn a significant
amount of calories using cardio alone is going to quickly be eclipsed by the damage that
you do by not paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth. So focusing on that is not the right way to
go about getting down this line. We can go on. Cinnamon has been shown to increase your ability,
or your insulin sensitivity. It makes it easier for you to lose body fat. That’s not your problem up here. If you start sprinkling cinnamon in, or thinking
“Well, I’m just going to eat my Cinnamon Toast Crunch”, you have to realize that Cinnamon
Toast Crunch is what doesn’t’ belong in here, to allow you to get your cinnamon. That’s the bigger move. The bigger move is you making bigger mistakes
up here, than whether or not you’re sprinkling cinnamon on your food, or not. We also have this reliance to think that supplements
can save the day. We’ll say “Well, I know. You’re right, Jeff. I need to fix my nutrition. I’ve heard that a lot, and I know that supplements
are a great way to do it because, hell, everybody in the supplement market tells me that supplements
will fix everything. Well, not me because I always tell my people
‘if you’re in this range, and you think you’re going to fix your nutrition – even with
my supplements – forget it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Trust me. You don’t do it.’ Don’t think supplements are going to save
the day up here because they’re not. Let’s say that the money dries up and you
don’t have the ability to pay for your supplements anymore, on a monthly basis. Then what? What skills have you learned to fix your nutrition? Other than “I can take something out of a
bottle”. You’ve learned nothing. So you’re back in the same position you were
in the first place. Finally, the one other thing that people will
do here is, they’ll go the other way. They’ll say “Well, I know Jeff, because you
preach it, you say consistency is what matters the most”, and you are absolutely damn right. Consistency is what matters most. No matter where you are on this continuum
here. But I’ll tell you this: consistency is a sliding
scale. If you think that you’re going to go from
this area over here, to being 100% consistent you’re setting yourself up for failure, and
you know you have to be truthful to yourself because you’re anything but perfect, at this
point here. I always say “Perfect is the enemy of the
good”. A lot of people, almost artificially, try
to make perfect the goal because they know they’ll never be able to get there, and they
can just quickly fall back into their old habits. Saying “Well, I can’t do that because I can’t
be perfect.” And that’s not the reality because what we
always talk about here is that you don’t need to be perfect up here. In fact, if you went 60% good with your nutritional
choices, and 40% not so good, you’d still be making progress, and you know it. You know you’re probably not making 60% of
the right decisions up here. You’re not. So if you were to get 60/40, well, we know
this is a sliding scale. As we go back in, through here, maybe you’ve
got to be 70/30 with your decisions in order to be able to continue to make progress down
here. Then we go here and we’re about 80/20, right? When we get down to the 5% level you’re going
to need to be 90 and 10 to be able to continue to see progress. Maybe you want to get into the insane, low
levels of body fat if you’re competing, or whatever it might be. You might even need to be more specific than
that. But that’s a sliding scale. Guess what? It becomes a lot easier to do these things
as you slide down here because you get motivated by the results that you see, as you make those
changes all the way down here. If you start off here, at 60/40, if you ignore
some of the minutia, in terms of the advice, if you took the advice that you’re getting
that actually applied to you, and you did that here; you’d start to see changes that
would put you into this category here, and that would inspire you to continue. Then when you see that you can start to make
some additional changes that inspire you to keep going because you continue to see those
changes. That’s where these other things come in here. Maybe fasting cardio starts to become a consideration
as you start to slide down, instead of just doing your cardio after work. Or maybe start to decide whether or not you
are going to switch to sweet potatoes, as opposed to white potatoes, to become more
of a consideration for you. It all depends on your goals. It depends on what you’re training for, but
these are the things that at least start to enter into the discussion. Supplements become much more of an important
issue as you slide down this scale. Whether or not you’re just going to stay very
top level with your supplements – like taking a daily multivitamin – or whether you’re
going to start to add specific supplements concerning workout nutrition before, and after
your workout. Whether that becomes important. It all depends on where you are on the scale. However, all of it is good advice. It just might not necessarily be the right
advice for you, and therefore, at the wrong time it can become bad advice. So guys, I hope you get inspired by this video. If nothing else, realize that no matter where
you are, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can always go this way. Of course, we can always go that way, too. But that, we know when we’re doing that. We know when we’re making wrong decisions
there. But here, if you can get some clarity on the
decisions that you are making it will open up that avenue for you to see the possibilities
of what you can accomplish. And when you can see that, when you can set
your sights on that, you can reach it. And I want you guys to be able to reach it. I have a whole channel here that gives you
guys the tools to be able to reach that goal. But you have to be real with yourself first,
and understand what you need to be focused on in the first place. Guys, if you’re looking for a program that
puts the science back in strength, puts the truth back in everything we do, always – I’m
not going to bullshit you – you can go to ATHLEANX.com. Use our program selector. Find the program that’s best aligned with
your goals, and then guess what? Be prepared to work a little bit because it’s
not going to be easy. It’s always simple, but it’s not easy to do. If it was easy everybody would look perfect,
right? We know that’s not the case. If you want to start getting closer to this
end of the scale here, you’ve got to start making changes little, by little. But you can do it as long as you’re prepared
to work. All those programs are over at ATHLEANX.com. In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
here and I’ll do my best to do that in the days, and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

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  2. I think some people at about 30% bodyfat have the mentality of those at 5% and eat overly clean foods that they don't like which is why it never really lasts.

  3. It's not just fries v. rice rather than white rice v. brown rice. Even if you like healthy food, the problem might be a decent portion of brown rice v. a whole friggin plateful (and seconds) of brown rice

  4. Wow! That is sooo true man! If I can't do it perfectly I'll take this break today. That is what kicks my butt. Your true and authentic approach is very appreciated. I do believe 60/40 is a good goal and more attainable. I need your help seriously.

  5. I wish this were all true…BUT I record all of my food, workout HARD 2hrs a day 6 days a week and have for 20years…I am a former college football player and power lifter and I have never been able to get ripped…I can get bigger and massively strong BUT not ripped…

  6. ,,,,,hey fat gal with abbs here,,,
    ,great info,,,
    ,,I do & have fell off the wagon ,,but I get back on ,,
    ,it's a. LIFE CHANGE I've made ,,,
    ,,but I have portion control issues,,
    ,& since changing to a one meal a day ,,,,it's WONDERFUL ,,,,& learning to work out the right way has made all the difference,,,,,

    ,it's like my body is in 2 layers,,the soft squishy flesh on top ,( that juggles around)
    & the inside ,,where there was nothing be for,,I feel my muscles moving & connecting where I was just HUGE ,,,,iv been keeping pic s of the incredible shrinking
    ,,,,,,, FAT GAL WITH ABBS,,,,,

  7. Great info on nutrition and training. Would you do a video on the mental health benefits and what's going on with the brain as we exercise?Thanks

  8. "what skills have you learned to fix your nutrition?" resonates very much with me! Thanks for sharing your Knowledge!

  9. I have been on intermmiting fasting for 14 months now and I workout regularly5 to 6 times but my scale hasn't moved much am frustrated what am I doing wrong???

  10. i watched one punch man 7 months ago and it inspired me to go to the gym. ever since then i workout intensely 6-7x a week.

    whatever gets you going lol

  11. Hi I'm losing weight on the fast 800 diet but want to start at the gym to build muscle, am I best losing all the weight first then go to the gym or should I up my calories and start going now?

  12. This video is great. He is like the honest Uncle we all need who will lovingly say “come on..we both know what the real issue is” 🤣🤣.

    I’m getting convicted lol!! Super inspired by him. I’m on week 3 of my lifestyle change and this is resonating with me so much

  13. "Perfect is the enemy of the good." Holy shit that is easily in the top 5 of best advice ive ever heard. That is mind opening

  14. Can you help me i have a healty life and I barely eat junk food i tried doing exercis, I tried diets but nothing happend with my body

  15. This is seriously great advise. I think the best thing he touched on is consistency and our expectations on ourselves. It’s easy to start something, and think that you will be perfect, but then when that honeymoon phase is over, it’s easier to give in and make a mistake. You need to know that you will not be perfect in the journey. You just need to keep going even when you slip, keep going. That’s all

  16. How do you get rid of hanging lower belly fat the mom apron! I'm 224 lbs most of it in my tummy and am 50 years old. All gained in the last 15 years! I know I won't get back to what I was but I'm all stomach and it's gross!!!

  17. In summary: Stop trying to do the BEST thing and just do something!! Also, be realistic about how much and what kind of crap you’re putting in your body. If your eating shit, you can’t complain about looking like shit.

  18. I have been having this fat loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a few days today and so far I adore them! I have the power I would like without controlling my appetite without making me feel jittery. I haven`t changed everything else I`m doing and also have shed 7 pounds. .

  19. Real helpful as always Jeff. I been watching your vids a good couple of years now but only recently made a concerted effort to eat right and train. I’m eating at a caloric deficit in an attempt to burn a small amount of fat and hopefully increase muscle but what I’d like to know is:

    When you start being active for real, your appetite increases, Ive quite often been finding myself unable to sleep due to hunger, not only the discomfort but the fkin noise my stomach’s making lol! Where do you stand on eating say midnight maybe 1am? I ain’t been going crazy, a bowl of not very nice tasting cereal with cinnamon on or something similar.
    Appreciate you mate and thank you for the knowledge! Love from 🇬🇧

  20. Jeff, this video is definitely for me. I'm at 42% body fat. And tried all the wrong advice things you just said and dropped off the wagon just like you said.

  21. You know this is the true when he say: dont even take my supplement if you are 30-40% fat lol reverse marketing its when you know this is the truth!

  22. I'm 5'6. 146 lbs. 16% fat. I want to lose more fat. To get a six pack. What should I do? I lift weights and do cardio workouts 5 time a week.

  23. Thank you for this, made me realize that its ok to do your best when money is no longer around, it has been working for me. Thanks again.

  24. 60/40? Hit those numbers and your a star,,,,even in MLB the .300 is considered a great hitter. At 70 years old 6' 0" at 220, I'm going for it. See you in 6 months.

  25. Coffee is going away…. It makes me sad but also my stomic hurts so its got to go. My eating habits have changed abit my stomic was hurting so bad and so often that i thought i had a ulcer but after adding rice to most meals the pain and gas have gone down alot. Just got to figure out whats next to add.

  26. Jeff iam gaing fat with muscles😰not lean muscle, evertime i try to get muscle only by reducing my intake calory,i lose muscle😰

  27. I came from 27 to 11% bf..then i try to gain lean muscle, but as get muscle i get fat..i refuce intake, i lose bith fat and muscle gained😰

  28. I new Jeff had a lot of skills but i didn't know he had a magic finger to write on glass. First time I've seen this. # totally spun out.. lol. great vid Jeff. You know he's a good guy when he puts your progression over his interests… GG

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