Woman is harassed for being muscular: Part 1 l What Would You Do?

Woman is harassed for being muscular: Part 1 l What Would You Do?

That’s a bit much yeah, she looks like a freak yeah, you mean like a man You’ve heard of fat shaming but what about fit shaming? Fitness gurus are all over social media trying to inspire others But sometimes they also attract internet trolls Even world-class athletes Serena Williams gets heat from the haters Saying she’s built like a man or too muscular I’ve been body shamed basically since I’ve been in the public sink and former MMA fighter now WWE superstar Ronda Rousey the People like say that my body looks masculine terms. Like listen, I think it’s definitely badass Why would a girl want to do that to her body she looks like she’s on steroids So if you overheard these passers-by, yeah, I would never date a woman who could bench press me. This is gross Criticizing this woman for being too fit. What would you do? This Hot Topic hits close to home for our actor Jennifer who’s a fitness trainer and competitor Jan is proud of the body She works so hard to maintain but she’s no stranger to the attitude Our actor paulina is throwing her way every day. It’s trying to be healthy Healthy and when paulina walks right up to criticize Jen, I mean you look like a mad you know that right? Think you should do it this woman steps right in and takes control of the situation That she feels good like that she feels beautiful okay do You want your little girl to look like that someday? Would you want your little girl look like? Yeah, that’s what she wants a look like she wants to look like that. She could look like that She’s gonna look fast you go look back. She went have you on the pendant because you know, sue Don’t like it. You can keep your thoughts to yourself your party. Nice to say you can keep it to yourself I love the way she looks because I want to look like that so you got a problem I mean, I don’t think it looks good. She’s got the perfect solution to Paulina’s problem. You can just walk away Ridiculous and with Paulina gone, she turns her attention to Jan Thank you so much I appreciate it We’re gonna go get her Why did you get involved? Because I didn’t think it was fair that she was telling me that she was ugly mister that she’s balk and she’s nice She’s beautiful women get a lot of criticism But you leave like you don’t have this thin body like our guys by teasing you and you’re not perfect and that’s not true Now if you’re too fit get there’s like criticism from guys We’re at it again add a little higher metrics to our push up with a burpee everybody’s favorite Right. And this time we have our fit woman pretend she’s creating a workout video for her social media followers. Do you see this? No watching. Do you know what it is? This man seems ready to join Jen’s fan club, I’m so not into it Do you think I should say something no, no, hey no one wants to watch your video and when our hater continues Someone needs to tell her. Yes, we met you look like a man I’m so excuse me. I’m just trying to make a video here for my followers. So we think you’re too manly He makes sure Jen knows he supports her level of fitness, thank you. You should keep it up. Thank you Our Opinionated beachgoer seems to find people who share her view about muscular women like a man Don’t you think she looks too bulky. She’s smaller With bigger biceps though he refuses to join in on the bullying. He later told us he was just making conversation But what about his girlfriend I want the legs This guy can’t agree with her I Just don’t like like that type of you know what I mean like thought you look too muscular Yeah, I did what’s wrong with that? Nothing’s wrong with that. It’s not my type Next we meet this mother/daughter duo And without her mother’s help this little girl tries to accentuate the positive I think it’s too much and eliminate the negative Let’s go time to meet this wise young woman and the mom who’s raising her hi there How are you? Janking yonis? Well, what would you do? She was rude, yeah very rude. That’s why I have to do something about it. Why? Because there’s a lot of people in this world. That’s very rude and I wanted to stop that So that’s one way from preventing. What should girls know about their body image? It’s about the inside It’s not what they look like It’s always about from your heart or from what you do in the inside. She’s amazing You didn’t even have to lead her to know I what did you think of the criticism from that young girl? Everyone’s in different shapes and sizes and like what she said, right? Acts of kindness is the golden rule with the golden rule is cheap people the way that you wanted to be treated Thank you the verse

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  1. The last girl is like me, I have a dream that one day we all will care about the world and have peace in life we all can start if we care about everyone don’t judge some because of there size, body or race we all are together as one by Toa_Godz

  2. i dont have an issue with body building,man or woman. not until it becomes artificial using steroids. fake is still fake. work for it. make it real or go home.

  3. I love this lady . That's a real Latina right there . That's my people . Looks like she ready to fight and can fight . Thank God for real people like you .

  4. 1. It's okay to have preferences
    2. There's nothing wrong with not liking the way someone looks
    3. Being muscular is not feminine.
    4. I'd ask for her number if she was white.

  5. Im so glad this episode was made because I get these comments on a regular basis for being a muscular female. It's sad that I get more negative comments being muscular then when I was quite overweight

  6. Her body is more buff than the average, but her face is pretty she looks nothing like a man smh. Only a real man can handle that. 😛

  7. Here's a story about my aunt

    She likes to go to the gym almost everyday and she looks just like Jennifer!! So when my aunt came picking me up from school because my parents have to work extra hard because of financial problems. Other parents, who are way too judgy, ask me if that was my mom and I said no that's my aunt. They would ask if I was ok with an aunt like her and I was angry and confused, I was like the hell u talking about!?!? They would always respond, oh you know she looks like she could kill anyone easily. Well here's a plot twist, my aunt may look like she could kill anyone but she's actually a big softie! Like the biggest softie I've ever seen!! She once joined the animal support group at a park, just feeding and taking care of animals and she once won a lottery ticket of $4000 and she donated to the poor!! My aunt will always try and spoil me and my lil brother non stop!! She's the best aunt I could ever ask for even if she looks like she could kill anyone!!

    Looks can be deceiving but don't judge too quickly!! Who knows that person who looks a bit 'different' is actually a softie and a kind person!!

    So please don't but into people's lifestyle's with zero knowledge of them because who knows they could be a hero even if they give a bit of kindness to anyone!!

    That's all I wanna say! Thank you and have a great day everyone!!

  8. That guy who said ‘Heyy, why are you being so mean ?’ and ‘I don’t know you.’ to that woman is so sweet. He deserves a hug and a Kit Kat

  9. Tbh i dont find it attractive and alot wouldnt but what does that matter? Your not forced to date her. There is nothing wrong with her being more muscular then guys.

    As i said im not attracted to that but she has a great ass 🤣

  10. What’s wrong with what the guy at 5:04 said? He said “nothing wrong just not my type”. Big deal? Is he not entitled to that? Do you women date every guy who walks up to you? What a disgusting double standard and a horrible way to judge someone simply because they have a preference. Before you judge someone for having a preference make sure you look in the mirror. Dude said absolutely NOTHING wrong.

  11. It's not about being too fit. You're never too fit, being fit is fine, it's just that this girl looks too bulky, unhealthy and has a huge hgh gut.

  12. Wait but aren’t you supposed to be fit ? I’m somewhere in the middle – I’m not fat nor skinny fr tho why does this exist?

  13. If it's all about the inside and the kind of person you are, then be a beautiful person, not a person who looks beautiful, so why working so stupidly hard on physical appearance

  14. No offense, but the women DO look like Men; and that's a fact. But some can just be delusional if they wish I guess. But I do think it's disgusting. A Woman was not meant to build up muscles like that. Not at all.These People that say she looks beautiful are out of their mind!!! She DOES look like a man and that is a FACT.

  15. When John says alright let’s go get her, it would be funny if they jumped out with giant net and caught them like a wild animal.

  16. 1) Serena is fat for an athlete even for a normal person she is a little bit fat
    2) a woman too muscular is ugly as much as a guy too muscular is……
    But that’s not a reason to be mean is their choice

  17. "if she wants to look like that she can look like that. and if she wants to look fat, she can look fat." ok so the last part is the only thing i disagree with, but otherwise the first lady was amazing.

  18. You know daing well in real life nobody gonna tell her nothing!!! She’s a beast fashow!!!
    She would knock half the people that walk by, out!!! 👊🏻💥

  19. Just cause your fit doesn’t make you healthy 😂😂, fitness and health are two different things mate this is a fact

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