Women Model With Their Stretch Marks

Women Model With Their Stretch Marks

– So I tried on the green bodysuit. And I’m not even gonna lie,
I feel kind of uncomfortable. I guess I have no choice
but to go out there and see how these pictures turn out. (soft music) – I do have stretch marks and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. – I think stretch marks
are completely normal. The majority of people have them. – Can’t remember the
first time I noticed them. Probably in high school. – Mom herself would constantly talk about her stretch marks on her stomach. She would talk about how she
wanted to laser remove them or whatever because the media had put it into her head that they were just not how your stomach should look. – There’s definitely a
stigma about stretch marks not being pretty. Even in magazines, people Photoshop their stretch marks out, which I think is kind of unhealthy. – Being in high school, having to change in the locker rooms, I would hear girls just kind of snicker,
say, what are those marks? Or, why does she have those? – And because it’s vilified in the media, you just look at it as
something that’s damaged and it’s not perfect anymore. – Definitely hope that this makes me a little more proud of my own skin. – Time to show these tiger
stripes to the world. – I guess I have to put this on now. – I’m changing, getting
ready to do this photo shoot. We’re gonna do this topless. – My stretch marks are stretchy. (groans) – I guess this will be fun. If you look at it, it’s
really, really high up. I don’t know. There’s a lot of skin showing. A lot. – I feel really uncomfortable. I don’t want to take this
sweatshirt off my waist. – So we’ll be taking my
picture now, topless. Which is a little nerve wracking. Which will be different
from the other girls because I think I’m the only one who won’t be wearing anything. (upbeat music) – If more people start showing
off their stretch marks, their flaws, then it’s
something society can normalize. – I hope to gain more self
confidence at the end of this. I hope I look at that picture and I think, wow, you actually look fine. – I’m definitely excited to
be doing this photo shoot to hopefully help girls
that were in my position, to show them that they have
nothing to be ashamed of. – I was a little
intimidated at first because I never actually showed
off my stretch marks. – Wrapped up the photo shoot. It was a lot more exposed than I thought. It was very interesting to slip that far outside of my comfort zone
and I’m very happy that I did. – I’m excited to see the pictures. Hopefully I’ll learn to
appreciate them a little bit more. (soft music) I was kind of uncomfortable
during the photo shoot because the focus is kind
of on the stretch marks that I have, so I was like, wow. This is even more embarrassing. – I don’t usually wear stuff like that. And most of my stretch marks don’t show. And now it’s all gonna show. – During the photo shoot,
I did feel a little awkward while being topless around people that I didn’t know. But then, it felt pretty comfortable. – Oh dang. We should have more photos
like this in actual media. In magazines and articles. – Oh wow. That is really, that came out really nice. It definitely is a very, I
don’t know, moving photo. It’s a little emotional. – Oh wow. This is actually kind of cool to see. We’re all perfectly flawed. There’s really nothing wrong with this. And we shouldn’t be so
critical of ourselves because those things kind
of make us who we are, as cliche as that sounds. – The top part of the
photo is super modelesque, super photo shoot, and the bottom half is like I’m a real person. – Just go out there and embrace yourself because it’s hard, it
is, but everyone else has the exact same underlying problems. – I’ve never really been depicted as the standard beauty or anything like that. So to see this photo, it’s, I don’t know, it makes me feel pretty badass. (soft music)

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  1. These women and their pictures are beautiful. Stretch marks included. To be real I couldn’t see them until they pointed them out.your beauty is beyond your skin

  2. i dont see anyone here with stretchmarks….I WANTED TO SEE THE DEEP, LONG, SUPER OBVIOUS KINDS…. I should have modeled to show what REAL SAD LOOKINFG STRETCHMARKS ARE… but im too embarassed of mine 🙁

  3. I try to embrace them, ,I have my purplered stretch marks because i was severely over developed and was very upset over them ,Some times i still am i some day i wish i could show them off like this !<3

  4. I honestly have no idea why stretch marks are seen as a bad thing. I’ve always found stretch marks beautiful and cute. Overall humans should really change their views on so called “imperfections” that are really just a sign of being a human. Simple as that.

  5. I started having stretch marks on my thighs when I was ten, I then concluded that I was fat and started losing a crap load of weight that added to the stretch marks….

  6. I still hate my stretch marks. I wish they were anywheres else on my body except where they are (the front of both breasts) they're red, pink, purple and white, and indented into my skin. I wish they were flush with my skin and translucent/white like these ladies. I try to embrace them but everytime I put on a bra/top/swimsuit/shirt I see them and so can everyone else.

  7. Unfortunately, I’m very insecure about my stretch marks. I had them since I was a teen and and can’t do anything about it. I really want to love and accept my body and skin.

  8. What? You can barely see those! I'm 14 and pasty white with dark red/purple stretch marks that you could see from 200 feet away! Do they look like that after a while or are mine just really bad?

  9. These people hardly have stretch marks, y’all should see mine. My whole body is covered in them, arms, butt, thighs, hips, and knees🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. I have my stretch marks on both butt cheeks but it's a white stretch marks. at first I really want to get them off my butt cuz I feel uncomfortable but after watching this video I think I'm gonna embrace this stretch marks and just take good care of my skin and health.

  11. Their stretch marks are white and so it does not look bad but I have mine on my legs and they are so red, that is why I am not going to swim and I never wear skirts, bikinis or dresses 😭

  12. I’m white and my stretch marks are dark purple and red like their’s so not compare to other people’s that are actually colored

  13. Has anyone tried Femalix Secrets? (just google it) I've heard many awesome things about this popular stretch mark erase method.

  14. I actually don't care having stretch marks in my tight but in my knees why when I'm doing PE I always have to hide it with my hand 😢

  15. I’m 12 and I have super dark purple stretch marks on my thighs and butt, and people constantly ask me about them. A lot of people think theyre cuts or bruises, and when I say that they’re stretch marks they comment that I’m too skinny to have them. EDUCATE PEOPLE PLEASE EVERYONE CAN HAVE THEM, THEYRE NOT ALL THAT LIGHT HJGKFJF

  16. i've had stretch mark on my outer thighs since 6 or 7th grade and im always being really skinny, i've never gained or lost weight, so i think i have them because i grew really fast becuase they are all horizontal.

  17. Has anyone tried Femalix Secrets? (google it) We have heard many awesome things about this popular stretch mark remover secrets.

  18. I filled out really fast from super thin to curvy and I have so many stretch marks but like everywhere on my legs.. the back of my thighs right under my butt are tons of deep white ones that like are a visible groove and the lower down darker stretch marks and then I have them on the back of my calves and on my hips and my butt… I hate it so much and it makes me so self conscious

  19. I wish my stretch marks where like these mine are dark purple all over my butt and boobs. I’m not ashamed of them but does someone have tips to make ik less if that’s possible?

  20. I started getting stretch marks at 14 on my thighs, butt and breasts. I'm 22 now and only my mom knows I have. I'm trying to accept it.

  21. I’ve always had a problem with the strech marks on my butt but after this video I am more confident. (But still tho I have a lot lol)

  22. I’m model actress & Author aka Keera Ashton I have stretch marks after having 3 babies hey listen it’s fine they fade away with age & they become like a tattoo of life we need to start embracing all our imperfections coz that’s what makes us all unique & perfect 👌

  23. I have strech mark on my hip and butt lock, Becuase I use to be really skinny but I suddenly again alot of weight and I hate it, I feel disgusting 😭😭😭😭 and being a 15 years old teenager I feel even more insure

  24. I remember when I got them on my thighs when I was 12 I was sad for a long time but as I was getting over it it then appeared on my boobs,and I was so scared and I cried to my mum and I knew there was nothing I could do.I was never fat but I gained a lot at Christmas time and then I lost loads,and they popped up everywhere and I was scared to get changed for pe and I don’t think I will ever have the same amount of confidence as before I was 12 ever again.🤷‍♀️but I’ve just got to get over it I suppose.

  25. Im 12 and have them on my arms they go down alot i have them also on my stomach and my sides and my butt and im starting to have them on the back of my knees

  26. https://bit.ly/2BEFDSA?-ERASE-YOUR-STRETCH-MARKS

    Կանանց մոդելը նրանց ձգվող նշանների հետ

  27. I have to kids .. and age 21
    My partner recently left us .. and hr would always comment negative words about my body and stretch marks on my tummy

  28. I always felt intimidated by my streach Mark's and hated when people noticed them but this made me feel so much better about them

  29. I have stretch marks because i had anorexia , so i lost so much weight and now I have my normal kilos again. I think I'm fine with this

  30. I would say the worst part of stretch marks is when there new and pink I don't mind the white looking ones but for me the pink and new ones to me which I have look weird and really sucks in the summer.

  31. Can someone tell about theur story with their boyfriend when they know that you have stretch marks ?I m just curious because I have and Im afraid to have one😣

  32. I’m decently skinny And still have stretch marks. They look nothing like these, they’re raised and purple, and I just want them to go away. I really want to get to a point like these girls with their confidence but ugh

  33. I need advice, I'm a teen and my shretch marks are new and pink, I have broad shoulders and they got broader in a short amount of time and now I have stretch marks on my shoulders, it is summer time and I want to go swimming but I can't find a swim suit that covers them up. Do you know any swim suits that cover them up?

  34. My stretch mark show what I've been through and how I'm trying to right back with my health. I'm insulin resistant and when my parents found out it was really late so my levels were six times over normal. And is I tried to right back, it pushed back harder so now i have these long purple ones on my thighs and some pink one on my stomach. But I'm finally getting better and taking control. My stretch marks are me, and if I don't love them, who Will? Everyone is unique. So love yourself, bc no matter what, you are perfect in all ❤

  35. Im only 13 and I have quite severe stretch marks on my upper legs. None of my friends have any and i hate them, even though some people embrace them. Its summer and I want to go swimming with my friends but I'm embarrassed and i dont want boys to see 😭😭😭😭

  36. My stretch marks make me suicidal because they will never go away and I can’t live with them. I can’t wear what I want. Seriously I’m looking at these girls and their stretch marks aren’t even bad looking. But I’m covered in stretch marks so I hate my body. I wish there was something that can actually work but nothing I’m depressed and tired of looking at them everyday.

  37. After I watched this video, I've got more confidence bout my stretchmarks almost on my whole belly, thighs n back legs..

  38. It sucks because you are showing stretch marks that are not really visible or offensive in the eye. There's so many stretch marks look to be featured

  39. I’m 14 and noticed some stretch marks on the side of my butt, in the past month they have gone down my legs and to my thighs, my friends always complain about their stretch marks and how they hate them but I kinda like my little friends

  40. My sister always complains to me about her stretch marks and says I'm lucky I dont have any. She assumes that i dont have any because I'm not overweight like her but i do i haven't told her that i have any because she wont believe me

  41. I can lern to love them but as a 13 y/o my friends and classmates haven't seen that ever in their lives so when they first saw that they asked if i were sick or something, idk if i'll ever love them. I just wanna get rid of that sh**😔

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