Worse Than We Thought

Worse Than We Thought

[MUSIC] NARRATOR: In 1964, the first
Surgeon General’s Report found that smoking
caused lung cancer. Today, we know the impact of
smoking on health and well-being is even worse than we thought. RADM LUSHNIAK: We keep finding
brand-new diseases–diabetes, arthritis, erectile dysfunction,
macular degeneration that causes blindness–all directly
associated with smoking. DR. SAMET: We see smokers
being more absent from work; we see them saying their
quality of life is not as good. And of course this just
continues on into older ages, where all these diseases
that people get–sometimes even if they didn’t
smoke–become very common causes of death among smokers. DR. FRIEDEN: Since the
first Surgeon General’s Report, more than 20 million Americans
have been killed by cigarettes. Most were adults who smoked, but
2-1/2 million were nonsmokers killed by secondhand
smoke, and another 100, 000 were babies
who died from SIDS, prematurity, or other health
conditions after being exposed to cigarettes, either
before they were born or after. DR. KOH: We know exactly what
the future may bring if we don’t act more aggressively. We know that kids will be
addicted at an early age. We know that many of them will
become adults who want to quit and become tobacco-free, but
can’t because it’s a devastating form of dependence. And then we know that they will
fill hospitals with preventable illnesses, and drive
up health care costs, and then lose years
of precious life. So we know what the
future might look like. And we have the
power to change that. And it shouldn’t take another
50 years to get to a society where we are tobacco-free. NARRATOR: This video is a
production of the Office of the Surgeon General and CDC’s
Office on Smoking and Health. [MUSIC]

13 Replies to “Worse Than We Thought”

  1. FACT:  More successful ex-smokers quit smoking cold turkey each year than by all other methods combined.  Discover the keys to "Smart Turkey" quitting.  Visit WhyQuit. 

  2. I am trying to start an anti-smoking campaign to help teen smokers at my school quit. Does anyone at the CDC have any advice on how I can make the campaign better?

  3. It means that the CDC wants you to continue smoking. They make a tremendous amount of profit from cigarettes which by the way,do not cause cancer.
    They don't want to admit that the CDC,FDA and the govt. in general have been lying to citizens for decades!

  4. Diabetes, erectile dysfunction come on…let's get the diseases that kill people…note: he also said non smokers….to many people making too much money….let's cure them. This is a stigmatized disease, that if it was smoking every single smoker would have it…Dah? let's move into the 21st century and really do new research and cure this disease of the 14th century at least. They must not put the smarter researcher in this, that's evident, and they should be very ashamed. They keep doing the same research over and over…wait till you have it too, from the air you breath or a genetic thing, not Alpha 1….this is pure ignorance.

  5. Ex- Health and a Humans Services disgraced Secretary Tom Price….father died from emphysema, he Tom Price took the Hippocratic Oath as a Doctor….he bought stocks in tobacco…. CDC…stop the dying cure this now….we are learning truths everyday. CURE COPD NOW….YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT…..FINALLY….STOP THE DYING STEP UP WITH THE CURE. Do you actually think we believe a disease diagnosed from 1796 is still not cured, as you work on other diseases….we have our eyes on you…

  6. State R&D for new pharmaceuticals and the scientific research papers need to have a anonymous scientist doing the papers on all of them. We know the CDC and FDA are complocit in fraud now.

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