WORST Back Stretch EVER. Stop This Today! Can Cause Back Pain & Sciatica.

WORST Back Stretch EVER. Stop This Today! Can Cause Back Pain & Sciatica.

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  1. Years ago my chiropractor told me to never, ever arch my back like that. Recent physical therapy told me to never, ever arch my back like that. How does one filter out the phonies from the legitimate on YouTube?

  2. I bought a pair of walking poles, want to use for walking. Circulation should help with my disk degeneration wont it? Thanks for great videos

  3. Oh my goodness you guys always crack me up and you’re so informative. I would have totally been your friend as kids!

  4. I often do a spinal twist using a chair. Is it good or am I doing some damage to my spine in the long run? 🥺

  5. Is standing forward fold in yoga too much pressure on your low back as well? We do it in class and usually fold from the hips with a slight bend in the knees so your belly touches your thighs, then you would grab opposite elbows and hang.. it feels like a relief to the back rather than a strain doing it this way. Thoughts?

  6. Wow! I feel so proud of all those years not doing that awful stretch as the "teachers" ordered, and even later on when these exercise guys would visit us at the office (don't know how they're called in english) Trust your gut feelings!!!!

  7. Why does my back feels better when I do forward folds with my low back pain? Especially if I forward fold and stay like that for like 5 minutes with a chair in front of me and a pillow so I can rest my head…

  8. Thank you. I had no idea my quadratus lumborum on my right side was the tight muscle all along of my sore back. This stretch worked.

  9. totally awsome…..watch u guys…jeff cavelier athlean x…dr, ford brewer and dr gregor nutritionfacts.org and dr rhonda patrick thats final…i dont even need a general practitioner…best health of my life at 45. because of all of these special people i have 9 herniated disks and can still walk…thanx all of u…and all for free…this will change medicine in the future

  10. These are the exercises my physical therapist. Is having me do. Lol. And I hurt my back exercising to much, things I should not be doing

  11. Im slightly confused now. U recommended the last exercise in this video without further notice. But in this video u said otherwise: https://youtu.be/sTre4xSTuto
    So is the hip flexor not so bad at all? Thanks for your help.

  12. Don’t see how bending your spine backwards is ok (like a sphinx) but bending it forward is taboo.

  13. Questions Guys. I have a lumbar issue in my lower back. I have good back days and bad back days. I like to stretch everyday and I do Pike stretches for Hamstrings and other like stretches. Thoughts?

  14. I used to bend straight over and let the weight hang down from my head and shoulders to relieve the pressure on the disc in my back. Cuz the compression and the numbness was horrible. Was this wrong?

  15. I love you guys 🙆🙆🙆 God bless u changed my bad ways of sleeping I nolonger get back pains

  16. But but but, I am flexible in that dimension. Once I'm warm I can touch my face to my knees. As a female who did ballet class in my youth, I have flexible hamstrings. I do some yoga now too, and there are all kinds of proscribed (by you guys) moves in a yoga class.

  17. My chiropractor said there's nothing wrong with bending over trying to touch your toes. He asked me to try it. I told him—– no freaking way

  18. I’ve been doing toe touch stretching for over 30 years almost daily and I’ve never had any problems from it. My back is strong and flexible. There was even a research study done that showed people who could touch their toes (researchers believed) had better elasticity of their arterial walls.

  19. Hmmmm… I have been roofing for 27 years. And that movement is what I have been doing my entire life. Makes sense.

  20. That "chhhhhhhhh" sound is thousands of yoga class cards being torn up at once.
    Seriously, no standing forward bend, ever?

  21. I'm confused. If I understood correctly, it's ok to do the last stretch, which looks to me to be the same as the IT stretch, which you've previously said not to do because the hip joint could become too lose.

  22. This back stretch may not be so good for the out-of-shape old duffers you look after, but I can assure you that for physically fit dancers, it is great.

  23. Your videos are indescribably useful. Thanks

    I have a couple of things going on at once. I think we’ve identified most with PT and a deep tissue massage. I’m going to list them below (not sure if you take requests or made some or any of these already).

    *Teres minor + major
    *Tricep attachment
    *IT band at the knee attachment (I watched your new knee video today)
    *Trapezius at shoulder attachment or supraspinatus

  24. Look at the Big Brain on Brad…. he's a smart mudder f%#$*%….. Joking a side… Brad's stretch is the ones I've been doing for decades. Thanks fellas, love your channel

  25. What if you had an stroke and the right side is effective. What stretches can a person do? PLEASE HELP. Thank you😊

  26. @5:28, the back extensions. Excellent demo! And also highlighting keeping the pelvis down. These may seem strange to anyone who has not done these before, but definitely try them.

  27. I’ve been told by numerous physical therapists that my issue is short hamstrings. How do it fix this problem? I have never been able to actually lengthen them, no matter how much pain I’m willing to endure in stretching them. Help!

  28. Grammar geek again. First day of PT school they should teach LAY v. LIE. Things lay things. Chickens lay eggs, etc. People (and chickens) lie down.

  29. When you’re bending back to stretch (like that chair w/ a ball stretch), your spine compresses, and it ruins the natural curvature. Bending forward, decompressed the vertebrae by elongated the spine, that’s why yoga “cat stance” pose is supposed to help.

  30. Thanks for the great back stretches!
    I know ice is supposed to help when you first injury your back, but when I do heat after that, it doesn’t really seem to help.
    Which to use?

  31. Good advice…. I -pulled or popped my back just the other day by sitting on my couch and leaning forward to put on my sock as my leg was draped over the opposite knee. BE Careful With Your Back. After several days of walking like an old man from getting up from a seated position….Which is all you want to do, I feel much better after walking around for extended periods of time. with modest back movement.

  32. I'm rather impressed with Brad's flexibility, musculature, and posture. You'd never guess he had spondy-whatsis.

  33. I usually bend over with straight legs in order to stretch my hamstrings. I’m assuming that’s a no no?

  34. Question! Would a straight leg dumbbell deadlift be just as bad then? I saw just bending and touching your toes is bad, so would that exercise i mentioned contribute to similar issues ??

  35. I come watch your video because my back and shoulder hurts, and I’m looking for relief. But in every video you guy just keep telling me everything im doing is wrong! LOL

    Seriously though, I can’t believe so much of what I’ve been doing for years to keep healthy is what has actually caused my injury.

    Thanks for good advice.

  36. “You are only as young as your spine is flexible”… Joseph Pilates. Always be VERY gentle with yourself and have a good teacher! True, people who have been sedentary, with a lot of sitting, poor diet, perhaps poor posture, and dehydrated should not be touching their toes! (at first!)..

  37. I perform this stretch for a hamstring stretch, not my back. After 15 years in the military that is what it was used for by everyone (in my community) as well. So what would you recommend as a replacement for hamstring stretches?

  38. Hey suit dude what’s up? I can’t watch u demonstrate with that suit on it looks so unprofessional but mostly so uncomfortable and then you’re all wrinkled up!! I’ll respect u even more if you wear the right work out suit!!

  39. Spine can move. If you are healthy there is nothing wrong with bending over. If it gives you issues then you have already a broken body. And yeah, if someone has back problems I would advise against that stretch. Just like I would tell a person with a broken leg not to walk on it. But a healthy person? Zero problems.

  40. What are the odds of back injury from those stretches when you are <50 and not overweight? I would think that has a lot to do with it.

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