Would BAKI Hanma’s Training Work in Real Life?

Would BAKI Hanma’s Training Work in Real Life?

100 Replies to “Would BAKI Hanma’s Training Work in Real Life?”

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  2. 7:13 No I don't know what you mean you should make an example video to let me know in greater detail what this "fun cardio with a special person" is

  3. I know that this is an anime but I wanna look like baki. This dude is (I would say) younger than me (I guess) but I'm 14 btw. I still wanna be jacked as hell though.

  4. I'm with ya' on the physiques in this manga, man. I know they're supposed to make Yugiro's trapezius muscles are supposed to look like they've popped out, but that just makes the other muscles around his shoulder blades look collapsed. It hurts a little to look at.

  5. When u ordered those dragon balls were they the size of earth's dragon balls in the picture?? They were for me. Then they were tiny when I got them lol

  6. Out of all the teachings one can learn here during life. Martial arts is by far the most beneficial physically mentally spiritually. Which is the reason I am 100% convinced. That martial arts is the fastest and most efficient way for one to become physically fit mentally sound spiritually balanced being able to express physical freedom. Which will allow one, to be able to live up to the pleasure potential responsibility of femininity and masculinity. is the fundamental way to demonstrate that you are being true towards love honor and the creation of life. I know that if it was not for the end results of martial arts. I would have not made it back to my body from death! With the peace of heart, that I needed" to be able to live with injuries that nobody else in the world can handle! And still be able to live a highly productive independent strong successful healthy confident way above physically active life. That brings security happiness loyalty devotion love stability to my household in the way of being a father.

  7. Eh, I think that if Yujiro was in the universe of One Punch Man or Dragonball that he would destroy everyone. The world of Baki Hanma doesn't have anything explicitly supernatural; more just extreme exaggerations of what is possible in the real world.

    Except for Yujiro. The dude stopped an earthquake by punching the ground, can hold his breath underwater for a month, and that's just in the anime. The manga is way more batshit.

    But, given that Yujiro is on a different plane of existence in this "real world," it is not a stretch to think that in other universes that he would have the same status.

  8. 10:46 These characters do the weirdest things with their feet. How are you seriously going to kick someone like that? You'd break your ENTIRE foot. Also, the near-death focus is exactly what happens when a lot of adrenalin is released into the brain also. You don't need to try to kill yourself in order to activate it — just get your adrenaline REALLY flowing.

  9. hey guys, is there any anime similar to baki? cuz i really like this, but idk too much about anime

  10. In the manga Baki carried six 15kg plates along with his bench into the mountains. THAT'S ALMOST 100KG!!

  11. Yujiro is definitely not human
    I'm mean seriously hes stopped an earthquake with punch struck by lightning without flinching
    Hold his breath for long periods of time
    Injected with so much tranquilizer
    To kill a blue whale
    cut glass with his fingers and
    His attacks break the sound barrier
    Yujiro is just not human

  12. Would Jack Hanma Workout and Training Works In Real Life?

  13. I never knew near death focus had a name, but I did notice that no matter how much I practice, I can never dodge as fast as I do when it's the real deal.

  14. Go to the jungle and face the gorilla.. And
    Go to the jungle again and fight murderous soldiers..
    And go to the hood and fight all the thugs on your neghbourhood all vs you..

    Well.. Thats part of baki's training. Just sayin..

  15. looking at this vid im starting to question rock lee's perseverance and effectiveness in training…wtf is he doing training everyday and still be looking like a stick

  16. I'm not sure who would win? Batman vs. Baki? I mean Batman with no equipment. I would probably say Baki would win, cause he just is stronger

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