Would Netero’s Training Work in Real Life? (Hunter X Hunter)

Would Netero’s Training Work in Real Life? (Hunter X Hunter)

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  1. 11:55 HAHA I got a shout out bro and I didnt hit ya that hard bro lmfao and you're one to talk bro with ya damn bazooka punch dog lmfao, you got that One hit KO power man. I always told ya if you ever were into fighting pro you'd be a boss at it but I get it does fuckin suck to get broken noses and bruised ribs from constant fighting so no harm here. But you still owe me a rematch once your elbows ;D

  2. Say, I have a very sedentary life and I recently got checked and made sure I'm stilll healthy, but wish to do something before that changes, any tips on where to start? Preferably something I can do at home. I haven't been to the gym in almost a year.

  3. Well I trained like that every single day and, I got into a hundred fights and, I didn’t lose a single fight

    You’re a liar. dislike 👎

  4. Jax, look up Mas Oyama. That psycho is a real life Netero. His training was so freaking hardcore he could do finger hands stands on his thumb, THEN START WALKING ON HIS THUMBS.

  5. fun fact, i used to do heavy bag without bandages, fucked my hands so hard i fixed them by hitting and hitting again and i was crying cuz of pain, fun times

  6. The whole “repetition” of a singular technique that netero does is something I can’t stress enough when I’m instructing, basics are such an important thing in martial arts and shouldn’t be overlooked like they so often do in the martial arts community. With out practising the basics over and over every day you won’t have the the strength or technique to deliver a powerful hit.
    I’ve had students hit on par with a guy almost twice their size simply because they spent so much time practising their basic punches that they were delivering power far beyond what you’d expect from them.
    Really glad I stumbled across this video as it explains how beneficial doing this sort of thing can be.
    Cheers Jax 👍

  7. My weight plateau is 195-205
    I’m fat but I can’t get lower. One time I lost like 20 pounds in like 3 days but gained it back in a single day. Feels bad man

  8. I love your channel bro and if you worried we care about your past it's all good famo we have been bullied too

  9. Haha, not sure if anyone can do 10,000 punches a day. There are 1440 minutes in a 24 hour period. If assume 5-8 hours for sleep and some time for eating, using the bathroom, etc then you're down to 10,000 punches in like 10-14 hours. This would equate to 12-16 punches a minute. That's one punch every 3-5 seconds for the entire day pretty much.

    As to getting stronger, that's a tough call. You're causing a lot of wear and tear on your body and not really giving it time to rebuild. Overall you'd likely have a lot of health issues, especially if you're hitting something. That said, potential is there if you can do it to build accuracy and strength. Not the best way though….

  10. If you stood around and only punched for 2 years, your body would be so off. Is this guy stretching? It would only focus on some of your muscles, and the counter muscles would not be worked on.

  11. 16 years of karate and now at the age of 19 (yes i started at the age of 3 because my dad thought that i am old enough to train) i'm more then ever obsessed to harden my body and achive a greater muscle build… And this just motivates me more

  12. Well if you did 10,000 punches a day it would equal just under 3 hrs if you did them 1 per second…its doable though difficult. If you had a trainer your punching would be fierce but without sparring and a coach it wouldn't amount to anything

  13. I love sparing so much I spar with a friend that does boxing and one that does a jiujutsu I personally have done Greco roman wrestling and Muay Thai boxing and standard American karate

  14. JaxBlade, you should have a topic about a Martial art called (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Because there"s are some interest facts that relate in the science of fitness , so please check it out.

  15. But in the end Netero , despite his training, wasn't powerful enough to defeat Meruem , so he used a bomb implanted in his chest to get the job done. So I guess the lesson here is this, if training doesn't work, get a weapon.

  16. Here is a good training method
    Sit there get punched alot until you learned how to make your body num then go and walk towards and choke your opponent to death that's what I did

  17. I'm not sure if Netero LEARNED nen from his punch training or he was already pretty strong before doing it. I mean sure he was strong martial art wise but was he even an OP Hunter before it? We know after the training he tackled the Dark Continent and was one of the strongest alive but not much is known of him from before 46.

  18. I train taekwondo for 8 years and still doing it and I think there is no better traininng than spar after you learn how to perform properly the moves.

  19. Just did some testing and it would take probably about 8 hours to do 10,000 punches. Doing 1000 just took me 25 Minutes, going through all basic boxing punches. So let's say it'll be like 30 mins per 1000 punches so 10000 would be 5 hours, take some breaks and it might be about 8 hours.

  20. 10,000 kicks once = Robotic repetition (No soul to it, no conscious sculpting no improvement no integration etc) (RR)

    One kick 10,000 times = Conscious repetition (Pro-Active Structured Building, Perfecting) (CR)

  21. Oops had to leave and come back here. almost forgot to ask you if you tried this training? since its possible then you could give a better analysis on it, i came here ofc saw your profile pic and title pic thinking you test these out to some degree

  22. the meaning to the quote is literally the quote, if u practice 10000 kicks once, each will be weak, if you practice one kick 10000 times it gonna hit hard as fuck, nothing super metaphorical, dude was being straightforward.

  23. In seventh grade I joined my foot ball team and we had one 1 stance that we used for literally everything is really important cuz I was a lineman that after on season of foot ball and speed training that I sat, slept, and walked in that stans and could not get my back out of that stand still to this day

    And if you were wondering it is your back up solders back and legs slightly bent and I'm only talking about the back and upper body not the legs

  24. He went to the dark continent and eated some magical rice and I think that rice might make you that so you don't need to eat anymore

  25. Hmmm can it make my punches faster I did it 10,000 times for the first time (I did take breaks) I guess I'll check in a year later if I don't quit

  26. So I shouldn't have started with punching brick walls. It use to hurt but now I takes a few punches to hurt.

  27. Wim hoff s the shit. And works too. I ve don it untill the cold runs.3 degrees outside, and boxershort only run (and shoes) Crazy! and feels great. first 3 minutes are f'd-up hard tho. Cold showers work great for depression, aches, and 'whatever ales ya' It's an instant reality shock. All the best from Antwerp, Belgium

  28. Isaac Netero it’s the symbol of a prodigy. Has been said at the movie that he was all knowledgeable since he born. He wasn’t crying and he born with his eyes open.

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