Wrist Stretches for Yoga

Wrist Stretches for Yoga

hi everyone welcome to Ekhart Yoga, my name is Esther.
and I’m going to show you two stretches you can do for your wrists because these days a
lot of the yoga we do a lot of Down dogs, Chaturanga’s and Up dogs and a lot of arms and wrist work so it’s good to know
how to stretch them out to keep them healty so the first thing to do is to come on hands and knees
and then turn your hands around so the fingers are
pointing towards the knees and that in it self is already a stretch and to stretch it even more you could
very gently move your whole weight back so it’s a stretch on the inside of the wrists now you can move back to your boundaries so it’s not about how far can I move back without hurting myself
it’s about what can i do to make my wrists feel
better it’s a different intention so you really go to there with your intention
while you do this feeling what feels good and then you’re here and I like pressing into my fingers a bit more Ok then you can come out that’s the wrist stretch on the inside, then another stretch you can do is Padahastasana so you can bend forward feel free to bend your knees
sufficiently and then slip your hand underneath your feet and you do that on both sides so your standing on your hands the toes are all the way up to your inner wrists and this is about the wrists it is not
about how far can I straighten in my legs so grand if you do, but that’s not the intention, intention is to
feel a lovely stretch on the wrist so you can almost pull the hands up a little while you really press them down with the toes and breath so these two stretches ,very simple, are easily incorporated into your practice so
slip them in here and there especially if you do a class full of quite heavy wrist and arm work and you wrists will love you for it. Ok, hope this was helpfull for you and thank you for joining me. Namaste.

14 Replies to “Wrist Stretches for Yoga”

  1. The first one works better than the second one for me. I can feel the second one more in my shoulders than my wrists for some reason.

  2. This is going to SAVE MY WRISTS this summer. I am working at an ice cream shop and I was already feeling the wear on my wrists from scooping ice cream after just 2 weeks.

  3. Thank you! I have had a lot of wrist pain for the last few weeks from downward dog and chatarangas, this helped a lot!

  4. Thank you! I especially love the first stretch. I am a college student and constantly writing all the time, and my wrist has been hurting for the past month. I am glad to have a stretch that can make it better for a short time.

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