Yoga for Flexibility | Yoga for a Deep Stretch | 45 Minutes

Yoga for Flexibility | Yoga for a Deep Stretch | 45 Minutes

hi everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler
yoga my name is Rachel today is flexible Friday so we’re gonna be getting a
really awesome full body stretch but we’re gonna be spending a bit more time
than we’re used to in each of the poses so you might be familiar with a term of
yin yoga and if you’re not it doesn’t matter we’re gonna be staying in each
pose for a few moments so bear with me today it’s gonna give you a great
opportunity to just surrender into each pose and into each stretch and just kind
of challenge yourself to just calm your mind down feel your breath and just feel
the stretch that you’re gonna get so with that being said I need you guys to
have a few things if you are able to do so if you’re not able to get these items
today that’s completely fine too you don’t have to have them but I’m gonna
ask that you have a towel if you can so just something to make your arms a bit
longer if you’ve got a strap that you use for yoga you can use an actual strap
but if you don’t use a towel I’m gonna use a towel today and also a cushion or
pillow or if you’ve got an actual block that you use for yoga that’s gonna work
awesome as well so just those two things that maybe you’ve got laying around the
house or the space that you’re in right now so go ahead – and go grab those
things I’ll wait for you before I get started and I’m just kidding
pause the video and then come back but you guys let’s get started so just find
some space you thought you’re gonna be able to move in and let’s get started
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already okay so we’re gonna just start laying
down but we’re gonna move move your strap or your towel off to the side
we’re gonna use it in a little bit here so you’re going to take your cushion or
your block or if you’re just gonna lay flat on your back you can do that as
well so I want you to have your hips on the ground so you’re sitting on the
ground and you’re just gonna bring your back down onto this cushion and it’s so
high up the up your back that there’s kind of some space under the low back
unless your cushion super long and the back of your head or the top of your
head it’s just falling down towards the mat so you’re getting a little bit of
stretch through the top of the neck here the front of the neck so if you don’t
like how this feels with your head hanging back you could take your pillow
and actually place it under your head more so than your mid-back for instance
so just find a the perfect place for that cushion it’s just gonna be up
higher than underneath the hip so I want your hips touching the ground or
touching your mat and then once you’ve decided where you’re placing that pillow
you’re just gonna take your arms and rest them out to the side so nice and
wide palms facing up and take your legs and bring them straight and bring them
together unless that is uncomfortable for your low back then you can bring
your feet nice and wide so just starting off here today and I support it a fish
pose it’s opening up through the chest and the heart a little comfy cuz we’re
laying on a on a pillow if you are using one of the yoga blocks I highly
recommend it if you’ve got one it’s a lot harder and almost feels like
somebody’s fist in your back but it feels really good at the same time so
wherever you are right now let your eyes close feel your breath
you don’t have to change it too much just feel it and just start to soften all of the muscles that are in your face
so your forehead your eyes letting the eyes be closed but letting the eyes be
soft bringing softness to your cheeks as well and your jaw if you’re clenching
your teeth together at all just bring some space between them I’m letting your
lips gently press into one another so we’re gonna take a few more moments
here you can stay exactly as you are or you can start to bend your knees plant
your feet and then bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees
fall out wide so this is soup the baddha konasana just making a diamond shape
with those legs you might start to feel that in your hips and it’s letting your
knees fall out to the sides I’m just continuing to slow things down calming
your mind as best you can just being right here right now on your mat in this
pose and staying for just three more breath
here so very gently sort of bring your knees
together so if you need to help them together you can we’re just gonna come
up a little bit to pull that block or that pillow out from underneath of us so
you can just push it off to the side and then find your back again so lay on down
onto your back so I didn’t mention this before you guys but since we’re spending
a bit of time in each pose at any time your body gives you a signal that you
need to move if something starts to hurt sharp shooting pain or if something
starts to fall asleep tingling numbness anything like that listen to your body
move a bit you can always come back into a pose if we’re still there that’s the
beauty of yin yoga the challenge is in staying in the pose but also respecting
and listening to your body so anyway with all that being said bring your
right knee into your chest so you can hang on to your shin you can
keep the left leg bent and the foot planted or you can straighten that out
long so I find that it just takes things a little bit further if I straighten the
leg so if you want that give it a try and you want to bring the knee as close
to the chest as you can so really big hug of that knee so you can hang on to
your shin with your hands or you could wrap your forearms around your shin or
your knee and then just have that much more help pulling your knee in towards
your chest so just softening through the hips here
you might be feeling this in the hip and the glute anywhere else I want you to
relax your feet relax your toes your shoulders be heavy on the mat let your
head be heavy on the mat and let the eyes closed if they’re still open so as you start to soften into this one
try not to lose that nice big hug that you have of the knee the only thing
really working here those arms keeping that knee coming to the chest and then just take another breath here
and if your left leg is bent right now I want you to straighten it out long we’re
gonna be pulling that right knee across the body so coming into a twist so just
pull your knee across your body letting the right hip lift up maybe you can
stack it right on top of the left hip but then I want you to bring that right
shoulder back down so if lifts up on you just shimmy around adjust those
shoulders so they both stay planted you might want to take your right arm and
reach it out to the side just helped way down that shoulder and you just use that
left hand on your knee just to help keep it down does not have to touch the floor
your big toe mind touch the floor but if that doesn’t touch down either just stay
in the twist as best you can and I’m just remembering that at any time you
need to come out you can come out so let’s take another three or so breath
on this side maybe the knee wants to come a little bit closer to the floor
maybe it doesn’t this being somewhere that feels good or are you getting a
nice twist to that torso you might be feeling this to your glute your outer
quad and then using an inhale when you’re ready to roll onto your back lift
that knee it back into your chest you’re gonna take that left foot and
plant it so bend that left knee right foot is gonna come over top of that left
quad or thigh so you can lift that left foot into the air if you want it maybe
hanging on to the back of the back of the leg or to the shin and just hugging
the legs towards the chest to get into that glute even more and the same thing
the whole upper body is relaxing onto the mat except your arms are being used
to hug the legs towards the chest but taking just a a bit more time here
I’m going to just notice where you’ve got that foot so that left foot if it’s
on the mat it can stay on the mat if it’s really high in the air like mine is
I want you just to drop your foot down towards your glute just just a bit but
you’re still bringing the knees in towards the chest and then if you’ve got
your foot down towards your glute just send that foot up into the air a little
bit more maybe straightening the leg just a bit more and just keep lowering
the foot down nice and slow movements and just notice if that changes anything
for you maybe there’s a little sweet spot where you take things just a little
bit further as you lower that foot down or lift it up so stay for another full breath and then
you can start to lower that left foot all the way down onto the mat just
uncross your legs for a moment we’re gonna walk our feet to the edges of the
mat and let the knees fall together so if they fall together right from the
start really easily bring your feet out wider maybe even off of your mat so
we’re just internally rotating the hips so you might be feeling a little
something in this you might not depending on how how much movement in
those hips or your hips give you and then just letting the knees fall
together so just staying here for a moment I want
you to just figure out where you put your strap or you put your towel and
grab a hold of it if you don’t have any prop to use today that’s completely fine
as well show you how to show you how to do this next hamstring stretch without
it and so if you’re using a towel I like to just roll it so it’s a bit a bit
smaller but it’s really up to you it’s just making our arms longer so we’re
just gonna bring the knees away from each other and then heel to our feet
together again so you’re gonna bring the right knee into the chest and you’re
going to place the strap or the or the towel on the ball of your flip if you do
not have a towel or strap just hang on to the back of your leg with your hands
flex your foot yourself so we’ve got the towel to help us flex our foot but if
you don’t got one you can just flex your foot easy enough all by yourself
so either hang onto the back of your leg or using your strap or your towel on
your foot so I just ask that you place the towel or the strap on the ball of
the foot just below your toes not the middle of the foot but the ball of the
foot that is going to help you flex your foot and it’s just going to deepen that
lovely stretch that you’re getting through the back of your leg so we’re
getting into our hamstring and to our calf all for the back of that lifted leg
and you’re gonna just keep your upper body resting on the mat your head
resting on the mat if you want to take things a little bit further you’re gonna
want to pull your toes towards your forehead so again you might be here you
might have a nice big bend in your knee and you might be feeling that hamstring
stretch you might have your foot falling down towards the bottom of your mat and
your legs straight your strap you might have to be a little bit longer and to do
that one but I want you to play around with it until you find that really
awesome stretch because it’s a good one so I don’t you don’t miss it
so play around with where your leg needs to be whether you need your knee bent
your foot flexed and pulling towards your head or wherever to take things a
little bit further you could straighten the bottom leg as well making some
scissor shapes with your legs so again just figure out where you need
to be to get that hamstring stretch and then settling in and closing the eyes feeling the breath the only thing
working here are your arms once again just to hang on to the leg or the towel and as you start to settle into this one
don’t worry about remaining completely still you can find little movements
through the arms through the leg whatever feels good nice work you guys so just take another
breath here and then you can start to bend the knee take your strap or your
towel off of your foot plant both of your feet a little windshield wiper
movement so just let those knees fall side-to-side we’re gonna just place our
towel on the mat or to the side off to the side wheel use it in a little bit so
bringing the left knee this time into the chest starting with that nice big
hug on that left side deciding if you want to straighten loved the right leg
or keep it bent maybe you wrapped your forearms around
the last side and hung on to your elbows maybe not and then just feeling whatever
you’re feeling through that left hip that left leg and relaxing everything
else so your feet if you’re flexing them just relax them relax your toes close
your eyes so as you become ready to come into the
twist just make sure your right legs straight now if it’s not already and
gently pulling that left knee across your body so there’s moving all your
props out of the way so they don’t stop you from coming into this twist letting
the left hip stack on top of the right one adjusting the shoulders so they stay
planted you can extend the left arm out to the side maybe using the right hand
just to weigh the knee down I’m just surrendering into the twist and
so whatever you’re feeling so staying for another one or two or
three breath I’m using an inhale whenever you’re ready to roll back onto
your back lifting that knee into the chest and then dropping that foot down
you can bring that right leg in as well and we’re just gonna cross the left foot
over top of the right knee and then you can keep the right knee down or sorry
the right foot or you could lift that foot up into the air hang onto the back
of your leg and then say this on the other side but you could take your strap
or your strap or your towel and hook it behind your leg if that helps or use
your hands whichever I’m just feeling this all through that
left left left side really the whole left left leg left hip so noticing now where you’ve got that
foot that’s up in the air and maybe starts to make those very slow movements
as you bend the knee and then straighten it perhaps it changes to stretch for you
perhaps it doesn’t I’m just taking one more inhale and
exhale to release lower the right foot uncross the legs this time we’re gonna
bring the soles of the feet together and let the knees fall out why just for a
moment releasing those hips then as we get ready to go into that hamstring
stretch just locate your towel again roll it up if you want to and then as
your knees come together left knees gonna come to the chest lifting the left
foot into the air placing your strap on the ball of your
foot or just hanging onto the back of your leg with your hands if you don’t
have a strap relaxing through the upper body as much as you can and then again
just playing around with where you’ve got that leg that’s in the air find that
really good stretch it should be quite deep quite intense if you will so if you want to just straighten the
right leg as well you can go for it if you haven’t already I’m just taking a few more breath here
readjusting if you need it nice and slowly you can start to bend
that knee taking your strap off your foot and just planting the feet bending
the knees and letting your knees rock from side to side a little bit and then
you can either roll all the way over to the side or rock yourself up but we’re
gonna be coming on to our hands and our knees so I’ve got one last hip stretch
for you guys before we move into our upper body so it’s gonna be a nice low
lunge I want you to have some padding for your back knee so if you’ve got your
towel or if you’ve got a cushion or anything that can be nice and soft under
your knee or maybe you don’t need a cushion you can place that under your
left knee and your right foots gonna come forward so we’re coming into a
really low lunge so I want you to sink your hips forward or push your hips
forward so if they can come in front of the back knee any amount give that a go
and then adjust your front knee so that it’s over top of your foot or just your
foot so that’s under your front knee so you can bring your hands to the mat
sinking the hips forward I want just to pretend like you’re trying to pull this
foot and your back knee towards each other and as you just kind of pull that
foot it’s not really moving but just that little motion of thinking about
pulling the foot backwards should bring some more length to that hip flexor to
that left quad the top of the left quad so then you can keep kind of pretending
to pull the foot back and keep that nice deep stretch but if you need to just
relax completely you can let go of that pull that you’re doing with your foot
that’s just to take things nice and far for you so hopefully you’re are you are
feeling this with your hands on the mat regardless of your hands being on the
mat so you can stay there having your hands support you you can even rest your
chest on that front knee but if you wanted to take some of that weight Oh to
the hands you can lift on up and I say to maybe rest your hands on your knee
but I don’t really mean to push into the knee so if you could actually do the
same thing by just letting your arms rest at your sides your some completely
surrendering into those hips so nothing is holding those hips up you just have
to let go let them go as low as they want to go
I know it’s intense you guys so find your breath maybe close your eyes if you
can keep your balance just relaxing through the shoulders even the jaw and as we stay here just a few moments
longer if your body’s telling you you need to come out you come up mm-hmm and
as much as you want to push into your knee to let the hips come up a little
bit just try to resist that urge just let the hips melt towards the mat awesome job you guys are going to take
three more breath and then very slowly bring your hands
down to the mat you’re gonna want to send those hips backwards to completely
get rid of the stretch you had in that hip flexor and while we’re here we’re
just gonna straighten the front leg for a half split so you can pull the toes
towards the forehead if you want it but hamstring calf stretch here so you can
let your upper body fold forward or maybe you’re staying up here just a
quick counter stretch nice job you guys so bending back into that front knee
just enough so that you can slide your knee back underneath so get rid of that
foamy block for a second and before we go into that other hip flexor I just
want you to bring your knees together you can either sit on your heels or you
can stand on your knees but just rest your hands at your sides or in your lap
close the eyes and just notice all those sensations that you’re feeling through
that left hip maybe even the right one whenever you’re ready that hip kind of
stops to talk stops to talk to you you can come back up we’re gonna be
switching sides so that right knee will be on top of your cushion or your towel
if you’ve got one so placing the right knee on top and then bringing the left
foot forward so sinking those hips down and forward so as much as you need to
just start to feel that stretch because I want you to feel it no matter where
you have your hands so adjusting the front foot so what’s under your front
knee and we’re going to start by bringing the hands down and just finding
that little very very small movement as you try and pull that front foot back
towards your back knee and just that little motion you can’t even you can’t
even actually see it you just have to feel it as you just pull that foot engage a little bit and just notice how
that feels on that hip flexor and then maybe staying here the entire time
maybe bringing the hands up to the knee but then again once you’re up here try
to resist pushing into the knee maybe for a few breaths just have your arms
dangle at your sides I’m just finding your balance allowing your body just go
as far as it wants to go it’s not gonna go too far just continuing to feel your breath relaxing through your upper body Oh some job you guys just three more
breath on this side feel that quad top my hip flexor and then nice and slow
bring your hands down and send your hips all the way back well just pack far
enough that you straighten the front leg you can pull the toes towards the
forehead if you’d like maybe drop the chest but just getting into that
hamstring nice work you guys so bending into that
front knee and then sliding that foot all the way back so that you can sit on
your heels or stand on your knees just for a moment to notice all those good
feelings rushing through the hips so bring your towel or strap or whatever
out of the way we’re gonna be coming onto our hands and knees again so moving
into our upper body into our shoulders finally hey let’s give those hips a
break so finding your hands and your knees your right arm is gonna reach
forward or your right hand I’m going to slide your left arm under your chest and
just drop it down so keep the hips nice and high let your head come down let
that left shoulder come down I’m just using your body weight here gravity to
just pull the chest down laying on that arm just take another breath on this side I’m use an inhale to lift yourself back
up walk your hands in under your shoulders we’re gonna switch sides
so left hands reaching out arms nice and straight and then the right arm is
coming underneath your chest this time I’m just relaxing the head wherever it
falls keep those hips nice and high taking your last full breath on this
side in that right shoulder and these an inhale to lift yourself back up so we’re
gonna be coming forward to lay on our stomachs but once you get there just
find your forearms find your forearm so that your elbows are underneath your
shoulders and your palms are pushing into the mat so take your feet move them
to the edges of your mat this is the Sphinx pose but wide legged so we’re
just gonna push our forms into the mat to drop the shoulders away from the ears
so if you’re really collapsing into this ear completely relaxed
I want to activate push your forearms into the mat pulling the shoulders away
from the ears and then check in with your legs your lower body keep
everything nice and soft so your glutes your quads your calves your feet
everything’s completely relaxed the only thing working here are those arms and
those shoulders you might be feeling a lot through your back here maybe even a
stretch through your abdominals we’re gonna stay for a few more moments so if
you do need to come down just come down nice and slow
if you want to take this further though bring your hands out to the corners of
your mat but one palm width so the elbows are still tucked in just the
hands are coming out and then you could come up for seal so lengthening or yeah
straightening your arms pushing into your palms your hips are really heavy
into the mat so soften your your entire lower body so the legs and the glutes
drop the shoulders away from the ears you’re just lifting your chest nice and
proud so you might be feeling this a lot more through the low back
so listen be gentle if it’s too much if it’s pain I want to come back onto your
forearms or just lay down if it’s not if it feels good perhaps you can stay here
and if you want just a little extra who wants a little bit
or you could walk your hand still in the edges of your map but about one palm
with closer to you so your hips didn’t move they’re still pushing into the mat
your shoulders are just now a little bit higher than they were before but they’re
still pulling away from the ears nice job you guys take another breath in
and very very slowly as you exhale lower your chest all the way down just stack
your palms rest your forehead on top you can rock your hips from side to side a
little bit and bring it all all the length back into the spine then from
here whenever you’re ready to go back into your shoulders just gonna slide
over to the right side of my mat you can do the same if you’d like but your left
arm is gonna come out nice and straight and in line with your shoulder you’re
gonna bring your left cheek to the mat so you’re looking away from your arm and
then you’re just gonna start to roll over so you’re gonna lift the right side
of your body like you want to roll onto your back but you’re only gonna go as
far as you need to to feel that through that left chest shoulder that arm you
can bend your knees you can plant your feet and just relax your head if this
does bother your elbow of that left arm you could turn your palm to face up but
still keep it nice and straight if you can so just take another few breath on this
side or roll back onto your tummy and if you’re still in it you can start to come
back onto your tummy rolling out nice and slow you can bring that left arm in
we’re gonna go to the other side so again make sure none of your props are
in the way like mine are so I’m just gonna shimmy to the left side of my mat
this time right arm is coming out nice and straight in line with the shoulder
bringing the right cheek down and then lifting the left side of your body so
that left hip and then you can bend the knees you can plant the feet whatever
helps take you further but to go further it’s all about dropping that left hip
towards the mat so take your last few breath on this
side and then slowly roll back on to your stomach so if you’re on the edge of
your mat just scooch to the middle bring your hands and front just rest here
cheek or your chin so noticing how good those shoulders feel now and whenever
you feel ready for it we’re just gonna roll over on to our backs we’re setting
up for shavasana or final relaxation so just roll on over make sure you’re still
laying on your mat though hmmm bringing your legs out long
feet nice and wide resting your arms beside you turning your palms to face up I’m just continuing to feel the breath
moving through your body I’m just starting to let go of control of it I
just let your body take take control of breath staying in shavasana as long as you’d
like I feel like I could stay here for a while very relaxed right now so if you
feel the same way just take as much time as you have and if you have to get on
with your day have a really great day enjoy whatever it is that the rest of
the day has in store for you and until we meet again II guys namaste

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  1. Looking for an amazing deep, full body stretch?! This yoga for a deep stretch will stretch out your entire body, leaving you feeling oh so good – it is flexible Friday after all! This yoga for flexibility practice is longer than we are used to but still do able in our busy lives. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks so much for this yin practice. It'd be nice to have some more maybe focusing on different body parts. Have a great weekend! 😊

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