Yoga for Muscle Recovery | 25 Min Yoga Stretch for Sore Muscles | ChriskaYoga

Yoga for Muscle Recovery | 25 Min Yoga Stretch for Sore Muscles | ChriskaYoga

24 Replies to “Yoga for Muscle Recovery | 25 Min Yoga Stretch for Sore Muscles | ChriskaYoga”

  1. Hey there!! Thanks so much for practicing yoga with me!! If you enjoyed this class please hit that like button below the video. Also, subscribe to the channel if you aren't already!! Let me know how you enjoyed this style of class with the music and voiceover as opposed to my "usual" style of video without music and speaking in real time. I may add these types of videos into the mix every once and a while, but I'd love to know your feedback!! Hope you have a great day! 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Christina,
    Great class. I look forward to videos like these as I use them at night before bed, and sleep better. The music made it more difficult to hear your voice.

  3. Christina, thank you. I just stated doing yoga and the last 3 days have left my muscles a little sore. I contemplated skipping today. And then I spotted this video in my inbox, perfect timing. So I still got my yoga in for today. Thank you.

  4. Good morning Christina! I didn't have time to stretch after my morning workout session but just did this routine now a few hours later. I needed this routine so much! Muscles and whole body feel so good and better now! Thank you so so much! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  5. what a great routine after a really hard week of exercise, definitely one of the best yoga stretcting routines​

  6. Thank you very much this yoga practice helped me a lot from aching joints and muscles I wish I could buy you a coffee 😊

  7. I just did an OTF HIIT workout yesterday and I’m dying. I searched recovery yoga and found this. Omg loooove it! I will be subscribing!

  8. Just recently started going to the gym, dont have this kind of flexibility yet but I liked the way you did this video.

  9. This is wonderful. With my current level of soreness I really didn’t want to do any standing poses, this was just right. I just subscribed, thank you 🙏

  10. I really like this class – thank you for the good stretch. I do like the voice over and music, but your usual way is also very nice.

  11. I’ve just found your videos Christina, and I really enjoyed this one. I feel very stretched now. Thank you for your clear instructions and then for your silence, allowing a peaceful practice. Will definitely do more of your online classes.

  12. I just found your channel, and I really needed this. I just did a MADFIT workout yesterday on YouTube and I was sore before I even went to bed so I knew I would need something like this this morning so I could continue to function as a human. lol.

    I really like the music and voice over, I will definatly be checking out more of your channel.

    Also, I think you do an amazing job explaining each pose I think I only had to look at the screen 2-3 times to make sure I was in the correct position.

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