Yoga For Sleep ♥ Easy Bedtime Yoga | 5 Minute Miracle

Yoga For Sleep ♥ Easy Bedtime Yoga | 5 Minute Miracle

good evening guys welcome to your yoga for deep sleep this is a 5 minute miracle class that will help you get rid of all the workday and daily stress and tension and allow your body and mind to relax so you can have the most restful sleep this is very basic yoga class that you can do pretty much anywhere even in your own bed so find a comfortable position and join me so were going to begin by coming down to the floor hugging your knees into your chest giving yourself a nice stretch take a deep breath in exhale slowly beginning to rock side to side messaging the lumbar spine you may also draw circles with your knees circles knees away from each other and then back together this is a great movement to massage the hip joints letting go of any stress any tension you’ve been holding in your hips rounding the spine and then slowly coming back down extending the right leg all the way out hugging the other knee taking a moment to breath in then a gentle rock side to side again massaging the hip joint and then switching sides hug your knee into your chest gentle side to side with the leg and then extending your leg all the way out reaching the arms over the head deep breath in hug you knees in one more time and then extending your legs all the way out flexing your feet just giving a gentle stretch for the hips releasing the legs out arms taking a big circle and then from here taking our happy baby pose opening those knees nice and wide pulling them right over to the mat your move than welcome to add that gentle rock side to side we tend to store a lot of our negative energy in our hips so its really important that we take the time to stretch the hips out lets take our spinal twist now crossing right over left leg allowing both knees to fall to the left as you look over your right shoulder switching to the other side left over right back to center and then slowly rolling over to your side fetal position and then slowly making your way up to a seated position on your mat with your feet crossed in front of you taking a moment here release the shulders take a couple of big circles with your shoulders and then a neck stretch to the side right fingers reaching for the left ear pulling the right ear to the right shoulder switching to the other side come back to center deep breath in reach the arms up exhale take your body forward forehead is reaching for the floor extending through your arms through your fingers lengthening the whole entire body and then slowly coming back up looking up to the sky and then chin all the way down to your chest and then very slowly making your way down to the bed head down hug your knees and the slowly from here extend reaching your arms up over your head and then taking your final posture our savasana allowing your body to come into complete relaxation at this time letting go of any heaviness any tension with each exhale allowing yourself to melt deeper and deeper into your bed completely letting go of your body weight feeling light andfree slowly bring your knees to chest if you want to stay in savasana longer u can rolling over to your fetal position continuing on with your sleep thank you so much for watching I hope you guys take as much as you need from this and I hope you have a very restful and good sleep namaste

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  1. Hope this yoga keeps bringing you some relaxation, peace, and a solid night's sleep. Thanks for being so rad everyone.

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    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. thank you for this video. I've been in my house all day studying and i don't think i've been active at all. I've been stuck on the couch all day this just really helped to activate my muscles and release all the stress in my body thank u xx

  3. This helps a lot because I have bad sleep a lot so this helps thank you so much I going to do this tomaro and again now

  4. this is not real! not everyone is like this, care for your body! dont just do this for you ot be skinny! do this for your body!!and this is not yoga!!! this is just stretching , do yoga with adriene she the bomb!!

  5. Love the poses but I find that it’s too rushed. It feels better if you can hold the poses for 30 seconds to a minute a each. This also helps you get in tune with your breath 😊

  6. Thank you! It helped me a lot, I got fully relaxed. Your voice is so chilled, poses making me feeling like I’m levitating and melting at the same time, I can forgot everything and just rest by myself. 😴✌🏻

  7. Couldnt believe that yoga has such effects on me <3 tried it the first time and I'm feeling like a little baby falling asleep right now. You showed me a new world <3 thank you and go on!

  8. i love yoga because of you.and i love your voice . but i don't like your pants.i am not trying to be rude ,i just get dizzy looking at them. 🙂

  9. omg yessss. i'm going to start doing this every night. SO relaxing

    at times like this, i wish i had a bigger bed hahah

  10. I never realize how much stress and tension is built up in my joints until I do my practice every night. Thank you for this awesome video!

  11. I have difficulties with falling asleep and this video really helped me to relax and fall asleep much faster than I used to. Thank you so much for sharing this video

  12. this is my favorite little video ! It is the first one I did to start yoga.Your voice and calm made me fall in love with yoga, I am now truly addicted and can't get enough of it !
    Kisses from Lisbon,

  13. Thank you. As someone who suffers from sleep problems it is really hard for me to fall asleep but this video has helped a lot

  14. The 1st night i did this i fell into a deep sleep. One i haven't experienced since years ago due to stress and school and messed up sleep schedule. I was so relaxed and rejuvenated even with waking up early (so 6hrs sleep). Now i sleep earlier and look forward to this routine. Nearly a week so far n it's helped me so much already ❤

  15. Will you PLEASE do at Least an Hour long yoga session or More??? I LOVE your yoga style , it's just Too short. And , some more yin release yoga would be Great too , for like emotional release n stuff.🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖😘😘💯

  16. Thank you so much for this! The 5 minute morning and night routine is perfect for me. I know I can do anything for 5 minutes and doing these routines makes such a difference!

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