Yoga For Stress & Strength ♥ Candlelit Evening Flow

Yoga For Stress & Strength ♥ Candlelit Evening Flow

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  1. At what time should v do at night.? N how much time after eating should be done ?and let me tell u urs voice is so relaxing…..keepit up.

  2. she slayed this routine but this routine slayed me. i'll have to try it again soon, i only make it about 2/3 of the way through. =[

  3. That was the most integrative, most wholesome evening routine I’ve ever tried. My absolute favorite! I love your work 😍

  4. Just did this as the part of Pilates challenge.Thinking that your videos truly deserves more views as people need to know yoga is so powerful yet so peaceful ,that it allows you to maintain the balance , calmness in life.I will do my bit of sharing this video.Everyday I am grateful to you Juliana,Thanks for making me learn yoga.God speed!💝😘😘🎁

  5. Respectfully, for beginners your channel is terrible, you're difficult to keep up with if people have no clue what they're doing. If you're intermediate to advanced then great, you're the gal to watch. So if others feel this way Yoga with Adriene is an absolute delight and walks you through the practice with better descriptions.

  6. Definitely not for beginners! Great workout, but it's way too much for a night time routine for me. Made it through about ten minutes before my legs like died lol

  7. Loved this – inspired me to practice by candle light which I have never done before. Great way to welcome my 40th birthday.Beautiful. Thank you xx

  8. 2 minutes and I've already lost she was do with hip raises and it was too much for me probably if you're really good at yoga you could probably follow along so I guess it's a good video for you but it just wasn't for me

  9. I absolutely love your videos and life style! you should make a Holonis account and follow me @willapuckett when your done. It will give you another way to reach people and share your story! Lots of love. Namaste❤

  10. I work with people who are desintoxicating from drugs, I'm going to try this with them tomorrow, thanks for the content

  11. This is one of my favorite yoga videos ever for an evening practice – perfect balance between strength and release, thank you <3

  12. your flows are just so beautiful and mesmerizing.. how I wish it is a full class! You have such a charming voice and you're a very good instructor as well. Please keep up with this great work!

  13. I absolutely love your channel, I only follow your yoga videos, I also tried on of your meditation video last night and I slept so well. thank you for sharing 😊

  14. What a great class! This was my cool down to an intense workout and it was perfect! Thanks for all you guys do, you’re downright inspiring!! Namaste 🙏

  15. this is like an ASMR video but no whispering! (by ASMR I mean an ASMR role play but with no whispering or triggers

  16. I loved the music and voiceover. I was even interested in some of the more unique positions. However the pacing was so fast that it was hard to me to follow along; I was constantly 3-5 reps or steps behind you because of the timing of the voiceovers and I couldn’t watch you the whole time (placement/size of my screen). I gave up at 10 minutes in 🙁

  17. I love your videos so much I’ve developed such a passion for yoga and it’s helped me overcome my eating disorder and start to get my life back on track. Your videos are so relaxing and are the perfect level of difficulty for me, they challenge me but I am still able to complete them most of the time.

  18. Did this exercise one year ago and I had to stop half way. One year later, this exercise is still one of the hardest for me but I managed to finish it in one go. Thanks Juliana and Mark for a beautiful yoga practice!

  19. I think the ambiance and the music is beautiful. I find you are speaking really fast and this prevents one from really feeling relaxed and stay in yoga and meditation mode and doesn't give time for deep breaths. The rest is great.

  20. THIS is the perfect kind of routine I was looking for! It's very well balanced with both peaceful and strong flow. I always do yoga with your videos and I thought I checked out most of them, but I can't believe I just now found out this video. This will be my sequence for tomorrow (: Thank you, as always! P.S. I see you almost every day (through videos) so it kinda feels like you are one of my family members now lol♥

  21. If it feels like its pinching the whole muscle nerve area,  do you hold it! Off topic I find the downward dog hard to do ! I tried the plank its very hard, but I can last 30 seconds now.

  22. Do what you can stretch to crack all your bones, knuckles and other parts of your body. You don’t. need to follow all the twisting arms and legs before you get fractured.

  23. Hi! I always do weight lifting. I had opinion abt myself that i cant do yoga, but after doing one class of your morning yoga i felt so good. Now i started doing evening yoga too! I love the way you teach every movement of yoga with your Sweet voice.😘😘😘😘😘😘

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